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Quasar vs. Neutron in one of the most pivotal battles of Galactic Storm! Binary pulls the wool over Wendell's eyes, leaving him vulnerable to yet another battle with the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. And boy, are they angry from that earlier defeat!

Quasar and Kismet later pursued a Shi’ar starship that held a captive Captain Atlas and the Nega-Bands, but the ship releases Neutron and Starbolt of the Imperial Guard to give the ship time to make it to the stargate. Quasar finds that Neutron is more than capable of destroying his Quantum-Constructs with his brute strength and seems to feed of his energy-blasts. In his concentration is nearly fried by Starbolt if not for a timely save by Kismet.

They trade sparring partners long enough for Quasar to encapsulate Starbolt in an energy sphere and then they both concentrate on Neutron. Finally Quasar is able to charge Neutron and Quantum-Jump with him. In the Quantum-Zone, Quasar manages to leave Neutron there trapping him indefinitely.

Quasar manages to jump to the location of the starship, leaving Kismet to defend the stargate. He drills into the ship’s hull and demands the return of Captain Atlas and the Nega-Bands. When Shi’ar question why they should give up either when they greatly outnumber him, Quasar points out that he is more than capable of doing more damage to the ship’s hull. The Shi’ar fearing the destruction of their ship (since the vast majority of them cannot breathe in a vacuum) releases Atlas, but had transmitted the Nega-Bands to a Shi’ar world already. On the way out Quasar damages the ship’s star-drive.

Later, as Quasar and Captain Atlas (who is now Quasar’s prisoner) attempt to locate the Nega-Bands they encounter Binary who is currently serving the Shi’ar Empire, she claims that Quasar’s actions may cause the deaths of millions of lives and serves to distract Quasar long enough for members of the Imperial Guard (who are still angry over their earlier defeat) to ambush him and gate him to an unknown sector of space. Captain Atlas is later rescued from the Shi’ar by Shatterax.

Note: This issue was reprinted as #2 for newstands


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Half-way through the epic crossover, Quasar is given another transitional episode. His repeated failure at preventing the Shi’ar and Kree from using the stargates causes us to wonder why exactly he was left behind, since he isn’t doing much good – not that we blame him or doubt his efficacy as Protector of the Universe: one being against two interstellar fleets is a bit much to ask. With Her’s help, though, he does effectively defeat Starbolt and Neutron, though too late; using what is becoming ...

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