Quasar #25

    Quasar » Quasar #25 - All -- Or Nothing released by Marvel on August 1991.

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    Battle in Oblivion! Both serving as avatars of two powerful cosmic beings, Quasar and Maelstrom must duke it out for the fate of the universe. And when the dust settles, one of Quasar’s closest comrades stands to be resurrected…

    Quasar then realizes his previous attempt would not be enough and throws himself into the maw of the black hole and attempts to release all the power at his disposal which could start a reaction that might reverse the flow of the black hole. However he is shunted to Oblivion’s realm, he is greeted by Oblivion and his new Avatar, Maelstrom. Maelstrom is quickly augmented by Oblivion, and Maelstrom declares that they will thrash the Infinity-force out of him.

    It is then that Infinity makes her presence known she augments Quasar so that he and Maelstrom are on even terms; Oblivion tells her that it is time that a new deal must be struck between the forces of life and death and decided by the outcome of the battle between Maelstrom and Quasar as their proxies. Infinity regretfully agrees.

    The battle is met and they find that they are indeed too evenly matched, which means that there is no one to stop the black hole. Finally after several minutes Quasar realizes that his retroactively changed costume makes him more of an anomaly than Maelstrom, this minor fact throws off Maelstrom’s concentration and he is destroyed by the Quantum-bands, causing a chain reaction which causes the black hole to reverse itself.

    Eternity and Death arrive on the scene to strike a new deal with their siblings. Quasar realizing that Eternity, Infinity, Death, and Oblivion make up the cosmological compass of the universe. Quasar, unable to glean a single word of the conversation, returns to Earth. He restores the Earth’s rotation, freeing all of Earth’s mystics who were holding off the detrimental effects.

    Quasar returns to his body and merges his energy avatar with it, placing the Quantum-bands at the end of the severed arms. He resurrects himself and restores his hands. Creating a new costume. Infinity appears before him and explains that a new deal has been made; Quasar returns the power she lent to her. She says that the universe is in his debt.


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