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    Moondragon is a powerful telekinetic and telepath, as well as the daughter of Arthur Douglas (better known as Drax). She once possessed the Mind Gem, one of the six Infinity Gems. Although she is a cold, shrewd loner at heart, she was almost always a member of a superhero team.

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    Heather's origin as Moondragon
    Heather's origin as Moondragon

    Heather Douglas was only a child when the villain Thanos came to Earth, and killed her parents because they witnessed his arrival (her late father would later be turned into Drax the Destroyer). She was found by Mentor, an Eternal of Titan, and was brought to Titan to be raised. Intense study of mental and physical disciplines under the Shao-Lom Monks allowed her to tap into her latent mental powers, making her the equal of a Titan in combat, and superior to most. The cosmic entity known as the Dragon of the Moon secretly played on her arrogance and mentally influenced her, causing her to believe she was a superior being, above morals. Even without the Dragon's influence however Moondragon suffers from a bit of a superiority complex as, while she seems to be on a team more often than not, she is never a popular member and is always talking down to her teammates; which is all a big part of what has made her a fascinating character. Throughout her superhero career, she would repeatedly be involved with Adam Warlock; sometimes loosely and sometimes integrally.


    Moondragon was created by Mike Friedrich and Jim Starlin and first appeared in Iron Man #54.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Iron Man

    "Madame MacEvil"

    None of her upbringing on Titan or her heroic tendencies are touched on in her first appearance, nor is she even appearing under her proper name. When she first appears in Iron Man #54, she is a one-off villain going by the preposterous name of "Madame MacEvil" and she somehow instigates a conflict between Iron Man and Namor. Appearance-wise, everything about her is exactly as it would be later on when she joins the Avengers only her outfit is all red rather than Green. No mention of her as 'Madame MacEvil' is ever made after this. No mention is really even made of 'Madame MacEvil's" capabilities as in this one appearance she doesn't really demonstrate any powers and is merely a schemer.

    As Doctor, her only interests is in experiments. She was studying Namor as lastest subject in a study of human hybrids. She was created some machines with AI, a submariner, missiles, sattelites. She possess wealth and fame, they are meaningless for her. There is only the thrill of knowledge explored and discovered. She used her technical knowledge for introduce into command link with Iron Man's armor.

    Avengers & Defenders

    On Earth, she joined the Avengers. During one particular mission with the Avengers and Captain Marvel, Adam Warlock and Thanos killed one another. Her ego finally led her to mind-control the Avengers and conquer an alien planet known as Ba-Bani. She mentally controlled the entire planet, enslaving them and making herself the unquestioned leader. When the Avengers came to liberate the planet from her, she killed her father Drax the Destroyer with a fatal mind-wipe assault while he was allied with them. Moondragon gave up the conflict after this and was taken into custody, her powers diminished.

    The Avengers sent her to Asgard to learn better ways; she was put "on probation" as a member of the Defenders. Somewhere in the midst of this, Moondragon was a member of a scouting mission alongside The Thing, Starhawk and Her/Kismet that brought them to the gravesite of Adam Warlock where Her/Kismet sought to bring Warlock back to life to be her mate, but failed to do so. During her time with the Defenders, she taught Hellcat some Titanian martial arts and even helped her develop some minor psychic powers. The Dragon of the Moon again began to control her, however, leading to the deaths of the Defenders team, Moondragon herself included (although being superheroes, they all eventually got better).


    The Titanian supercomputer ISAAC grew her a new body, and for a short time she traveled space with her cousin Sundragon; She tagged alongside Quasar for a time, with the ulterior motive of trying to become his mate. Failing in this, she went off on her own for a while; eventually resurfacing on a decrepit spaceship about to run out of oxygen, only to be saved by Adam Warlock and offered a spot in his new team, the Infinity Watch alongside her revived, though mentally stunted father, Drax the Destroyer.

    Infinity Watch

    As a member of the Watch, she was given the task of guarding the immensely powerful Mind Gem, which intensified her already great mental powers. The group split from the beginning and she sought out to test her new abilities. One of her first actions was to help the Silver Surfer find the lost planet of Zenn-La. An incredibly powerful being known as the Great One had taken the planet into his mind. She was able to test her mental abilities and eventually remove all the planets the Great One held.

    After the Man Beast tried to use the Watch against themselves, they finally agreed to work together. This was temporarily broken by the Goddess, who used mind control to gather heroes from across the universe to serve her in the Infinity Crusade. Moondragon was made high priestess of the Holy Guard and coordinated the Guard with the Goddess. When the control was broken, Moondragon was upset at the thought of being used and was upset with herself that she could be controlled. Near the end of the Infinity Watch's run, Moondragon was injured on a mission and was stuck in a full body cast for a time. After the Watch disbanded, Moondragon and her father confronted Chronos, the Titan entity that had created Drax twice over and insisted that he restore Drax's mental faculties and Moondragon's health. Chronos agreed, but slightly depleted Drax's physical prowess in doing so.

    After the Watch

    Later, Moondragon floated around the galaxy on her own, resurfacing here and there, eventually becoming an active Avenger once more for a brief time as a member of the Avengers Infinity subgroup. After Avenger Infinity, Moondragon returned to Earth seeking out Genis-Vell / Captain Marvel in the hopes of offering her aide in training him. Moondragon and her father, Drax the Destroyer both became parts of Genis' life (Moondragon much more so than Drax), as well as that of Rick Jones, who was molecularly bonded to Genis. While essentially living with Genis and Rick as their roommate, Moondragon struck up a lesbian relationship with Rick's estranged wife Marlo and the two of them went off together to explore their relationship. Their love proved short lived and, on the rebound and on a whim, Moondragon was picked up by Genis' sister Phyla-Vell and the two went off together to pursue what would actually be a healthy and happy relationship that would take them into the Annihilation war(s). Moondragon got her wish to be Quasar's lover, but not the way she originally planned; when, at the end of the first Annihilation war her girlfriend Phyla became the new Quasar when she retrieved the late Wendell Vaughn's quantum bands from Annihilus.

    Annihilation Wave

    During the first Annihilation war, Thanos kidnapped Moondragon and humiliated Phylla by defeating her with ease. Thanos tried to use her to get a reading on his temporary ally, Annihilus, which showed Thanos that he could not help Annihilus any more than he already had. As Thanos set about trying to undo his mechanations that had imprisoned Galactus and the Silver Surfer for Annihilus, his old nemesis Drax the Destroyer arrived, ready to finally complete his destiny of killing Thanos. Moondragon tried to deter her father but was unsuccessful, and Thanos was killed; though luckily Moondragon and Drax still managed to set Galactus free, reversing the tide of war in the resistance's favor.

    Annihilation Conquest


    After the Annihilation war, Moondragon and Phyla provided aide to Kree fringe colonies ravaged by the war. Their humanitarian aide and romance is interrupted by the second Annihilation war and their mission to search for a savior of the Kree Empire, which turns out to be a reborn Adam Warlock. During this event, Moondragon discovers she has the power to become a literal Dragon, more powerful than ever, although she cannot return to human form; which puts stress upon her relationship with Phyla, though they manage to work through it. In an epic battle against the alien Phalanx and Ultron not long after becoming a dragon, Heather is killed in action by Ultron while defending Phyla. Towards the end of the war she is seen by Phyla one last time, though this is more than likely just in Phyla's head.

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Rescued From the Dragon
    Rescued From the Dragon

    After a Skrull infiltration of their headquarters on Knowhere it was revealed to the Guardians that Mantis had used been asked by Peter Quill to use her mind-control powers on the team's member in order to help the team function better. As a result of this news, Quasar and Drax go of in search of of the earth girl Cammi (who was lost in the Annihilation War) only to find out that Moondragon is still alive. This brought them to Mentor who promptly murdered them!

    Phyla and Drax found themselves on a borderland called Oblivion, where the Quantum bands fell of Phyla's wrists seeing as the bearer was now dead. Not long after she was faced by her own demons but Drax soon send them packing. They however were joined by Maelstrom whom used Moondragon as bait to lure them for his master Oblivion with the intent of then using them to cross back over into reality. After his apparent defeat he agreed to lead them to her but he led them to the Dragon of the Moon where he said Moondragon was supposed to be within the dragon that was regaining its strength after Ultron dispatched it back to Oblivion. Maelstrom however regained the upper hand once the Quantum bands re-bonded with him and quickly encased Phyla and Drax with the intent of feeding them to the Dragon of the Moon in exchange for the Dragon using its energy to release Maelstrom from Oblivion.

    Then, Maelstrom dropped Phyla into the Dragon's mouth, who was rising. After a short battle with the original Quasar, Phyla tore herself out of Dragon of the Moon, carrying Heather in her arms. With the Dragon dispatched and Maelstrom gone Quasar tried to return the bands to her but Phyla declined stating that she had powers of her own.

    Together with Drax and Phyla, Heather returned to Mentor's place. Then, Drax and Phyla rejoin the rest of Guardians of the Galaxy back on Knowhere accompanied by Heather. Upon learning of the upcoming war between the Shi'ar Empire, with their new Emperor Vulcan, and the Kree, now led by the Inhumans' and their King Blackbolt, all of the Guardians reunite and make a plan to stop the aggressions before they destroy the very fabric of reality.

    War of Kings

    Adam Warlock returns with Gamora to the Guardians and informs the team of the War of Kings. Starlord and Rocket Raccoon decide they should split in 3 teams to avoid this war growing out of proportions:

    1. The Kree Team with Starlord, Bug, Gamora, Jack Flag and Martyr (Phylla-Vell)
    2. The Shi'ar Team with Rocket Raccoon, Drax the Destroyer, Adam Warlock, Major Victory and Groot
    3. The Coordination Team with Moondragon, Mantis and Cosmo the Spacedog
      A Monster Inside
      A Monster Inside

    The Kree Team asked Blackbolt to stop the war, a request he denied. The Shi'ar team becomes separated from Adam Warlock, who is transported on to a Shi'ar vessel and is attacked by Vulcan, emperor of the Shi'ar. The rest of the Shi'ar Team works with the Starjammers to free Lilandra from Emperor Vulcan. In her short time with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Moondragon has seemed to discover a sense of belonging. She has become close friends with the rest of her Coordination Team and enjoys being able to interact with other telepaths. But Moondragon only has a short time to be reunited with her love, Phyla. Phyla had made a deal with the Dragon of the Moon and had changed inside. Moondragon noticed this change but before they could really talk about it, Phyla was killed in battle with the Magus, along with many other team members. This left Moondragon even more confused and empty since her resurrection.

    When the Luminals investigated a rip in space-time known as the Fault without the cooperation of the Guardians, they released a strange creature from within it. Once it came on Knowhere, all havoc broke loose. Moondragon's mental abilities were the only weapon they had to battle the creature. In order to stop it's destruction, Moondragon took the creature inside of her self, making her appear to be pregnant with the creature. She used her mental powers to keep the creature from destroying her.

    Cynosure demanded the creature pay for its crime of killing one of her Luminals and tried to convict it while inside Moondragon. Meanwhile, the creature was sought out by the Universal Church of Truth and they kidnapped Moondragon and Cynosure, who had handcuffed herself to Heather, and planned to force her into labor and release the creature. The Guardians and the Luminals arrived to save their people, and Moondragon was able to overpower the creatures mental influences after she had a vision of Phyla. Back on Knowhere, the creature was safely removed and sent back into the Fault.

    Infinity Wars

    Heather and Phyla flee their universe
    Heather and Phyla flee their universe

    Variants of Moondragon and Phyla-Vel were attempting to keep their Reality Stone safe from a villain named Requiem, who already collected the other five. As they are about to lose and their world is destroyed, Moondragon is able to telepathically control Requiem long enough to use the stones to send her and Phyla out of their home universe. They land on “Warp World,” a world created by Gamora on her quest to retrieve the part of her soul left behind in the soul gem. This world is full of souls grafted together by Gamora to be fed to Devondra, the being within the soul gem.

    Both Heather and Phyla fell in with the other heroes that Loki, who avoided being merged with anyone, had rounded up to fight Gamora. When they are able to open a portal back to Earth-616 and separate all the souls, Heather and Phyla tag along with no other home to go back to.

    The Final Gauntlet

    The new Guardians
    The new Guardians

    Somehow, the variants of Heather and Phyla were invited to the will reading of Thanos, where Thanos revealed he implanted his consciousness in another body in case he died, his “Final Gauntlet.” The reading was attacked by a weaponized Knowhere controlled by the Black Order. They stole Thanos’ body and opened up a rift in space and time with a black hole gun. Many of the heroes in attendance were pulled through.

    Heather and Phyla were rescued by Star-Lord and Groot, who were late to the meeting and avoided the black hold gun. Along with Beta Ray Bill, the five became the new Guardians of the Galaxy, banded together to protect Gamora from the other survivors of the will reading who believed she was the Final Gauntlet.

    The Guardians catch up to the Dark Guardians, but they had been played by Starfox, who turned out to be the Final Gauntlet. He was taken by the Black Order to Hela, who had reconstructed Thanos’ body and planned to transfer Thanos’ consciousness from Starfox back to his original body. The two teams combined into one super Guardians team to stop the transfer. Gamora kills Starfox, but Thanos’ body awakens with pure instinct. That’s when they use the black hole gun on Thanos' body, destroying it yet again.

    In the wake of this, Quill pitches to the new roster that they should stay together.


    Heather gives Drax his memories back
    Heather gives Drax his memories back

    The Guardians received a distress call from J’son. He said the Nova Corps was wiped out by a version of the Universal Church from the future, and now Spartax is at war and losing. The Guardians go to investigate but most of them are brainwashed into believers. Moondragon and Groot were able to escape, and they asked Rocket for help. The problem is, Rocket was dying, the reason he abandoned the Guardians in the first place.

    Before they could take the fight to the Universal Church, Rocket takes them for one more recruit: a young Magus, reborn during the Infinity Wars. When they confront the Church, they are attacked by an army of Drax clones, created by the Church. When Rocket freed everyone from the faith-generator that powers the Church, the generator grabbed all the Drax clones, leaving just one.

    Moondragon forced everyone’s collective memory of Drax into the clone’s body, transforming him into the Drax they all knew. Rocket also re-engineered the ship to travel back to the time it came from. With the threat ended, the team was able to get Rocket to a hospital where he can finally be healed, thus reuniting the team once again.

    Two Moondragons Become One

    Merged Moondragons
    Merged Moondragons

    Nova sought out the Guardians when Olympians from Earth were plaguing the universe. They were reborn after being exterminated by Nyx. Heather and Phyla, still outsiders among these Guardians, immediately volunteered. Gamora turned him down on behalf of the rest of the Guardians, but Quill and Rocket snuck away to join the fight anyway. They planned on using a black hole bomb on their ship, but the plan went south rather quickly. The gods were able to steal the black hole bomb and disable the timer forcing Quill to choose to manually set it off, killing himself in the process. Gamora took the news of Quill’s death pretty badly and as a result the Guardians split into two teams.

    Heather and Phyla stuck with Nova, who was short-handed trying to keep peace in the universe. They were investigating a casino run by Gnawbarque that was made out of Galactus gear that Gnawbarque was using to extort energy from the planet. Unfortunately, Gamora’s half of the Guardians took a job with Blackjack O’Hare to become Gnawbarque’s new security. Among their members was the 616 Moondragon, who had heard about these variants and wanted to confront them. After a brief fight in the mindscape, the two Moondragons ended up merging into one entity, much to Phyla’s chagrin. She doubted if this new person is actually her Moondragon.

    The merging of the Moondragons led to an uneasy truce between the two teams that was immediately solidified in the wake of both the Cotati and Klyntar invasion of Earth, the mysterious resurrection of Star-Lord, and the forming of the Kree-Skrull alliance. With no other option, the Galactic Council deputized them as the new official peacekeepers.

    The Official Peacekeepers of the Galaxy

    Heather chosen by Doom's tarot
    Heather chosen by Doom's tarot

    Now, as the peacekeepers of the galaxy, the Guardians required a bigger roster, so that they could split up and take on various cases. Heather’s psychic abilities made her an invaluable member of the team, especially when a Skrull cult performed a blood ritual on Ego, which ultimately allowed the planet to be possessed by Dormmamu and release Mindless Ones on five strategically placed planets.

    According to Doctor Doom, a reluctant new recruit who sensed the growing supernatural influence, the planets Dormammu was targeting make a pentagram on a star chart, thus implying a bigger ritual incoming. Moondragon was an important part of Doom’s plan, as she was chosen by Doom’s tarot deck. His cross universe spell set the stage for Nova, Star-Lord, and Gamora to combine their strengths into one killing blow against the possessed Ego.

    Although, ending Dormmamu’s plan ushered in a relative peace, Heather and Phyla stayed on as active Guardians and were thus available during The Reckoning War and the targeting of Kree super soldiers by Vox Supreme.


    Guardians reborn
    Guardians reborn

    Heather and the Guardians were building their reputation as official peacekeepers when they were joined by Nebula. She wanted to prove herself and put her probability machine to good use finding problems for the Guardians to squash. One of her first targets ended up being Groot's dying homeworld where he received a god-like ability to cultivate his people, causing him to go feral and attack a region called the Manifold Territories. The Guardians tried to stop him, but they suffered heavy losses, including the seeming death of Moondragon. The Guardians later learn Groot hasn't killed anyone or destroyed anywhere. It has all been embraced by Groot and waiting to bloom.

    The Guardians were able to hold off most of the Galactic Council thanks to their relationship with Hulking and Wiccan, but the Spartoi wanted revenge for an earlier war party that was repelled by The Guardians. The Guardians managed to buy enough time for Moondragon and the rest to bloom, although it meant the ultimate sacrifice from Drax.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 6'
    • Weight: 150 lbs
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Blonde
    • Citizenship: American, Titan (naturalized)
    • Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
    • Marital Status: Married
    • Occupation: Official galaxy peacekeeper with the Guardians of the Galaxy; formerly priestess and adventurer
    • Known Relatives: Phyla-Vel (wife), Drax the Destroyer (father), Yvette Douglas (mother, deceased), Sundragon/Pamela Douglas (cousin)

    Powers & Abilities

    Moon Dragons
    Moon Dragons

    As a result of her training by the monks of Shao-Lom, Moondragon has vast psionic powers. She has telepathy, which enables her to read minds, communicate mentally with others, control of other people's minds, alter personalities, and erase specific memories of others. She also has telekinesis, enabling her to move, lift, and manipulate most forms of physical matter using only her thoughts; she can levitate herself and others upwards into the air into flight, create shields and barriers of pure psychic force, and fire blasts of concussive psychokinetic energy, with sufficient strength to crack steel. She can combine her telepathic and telekinetic powers into bolts of sheer psionic energy as concussive blasts that can stun an opponent (or even render them brain dead), and induce mental illusions in other people. It has proved sufficient to control the entire population of the planet Ba-Banis, allowing her to become their ruler for a time. Moondragon developed these through her training from the monks of Titan.

    However, Moondragon's powers are not without weaknesses. Her powers are dependent on her concentration. For instance, Rick Jones was able to stop Moondragon's telepathy by taping her to a chair, covering her eyes and mouth with duct tape, and placing headphones on her ears which blasted loud heavy metal music. This caused Moondragon to lose touch with her senses and concentration, thus leaving her powerless.

    Moondragon is also a highly skilled martial artist and again has been taught various mental disciplines by the monks of Titan, allowing her to have complete control over her body, including autonomic functions such as heart beat, bleeding, and breathing, as well as awareness of pain. She can examine herself internally down to the cellular level. Her martial arts skills have acquired victories over the Celestial Madonna Mantis and Captain America.

    She is also highly knowledgeable in various areas of advanced Titanian scientific disciplines such as biology and genetics. She is also a highly skilled starship pilot. She was educated in Titanian science, philosophy, martial arts, and the use of her psionic powers by the Titanian monks of Shao-Lom. However, Moondragon often suffers from emotional instability.

    In her dragon form, she appeared to have all her old mental powers plus those akin to the legendary dragon, including flaming breath, great strength, claws, and winged or interstellar flight. Her lover, Phyla, had been using Moondragon in this form as a Knight would use a steed.

    For a time, she possessed the Infinity Gem called the "mind gem," which enhanced her psionic powers to an unknown, perhaps potentially unlimited degree. Adam Warlock had apparently instituted some unknown safeguards within the gem to prevent her from misusing it.

    Alternate realities


    Moondragon of Earth-398 was known as Priestess and was a member of the Queen's Vengeance.


    In the Ultimate universe, the original Moondragon is deceased since years, but during the Gah Lak Tus invasion, the Earth is invaded by thousands of her assassin clones, both in male and female version.

    Other Media


    X-men: The Animated Serie

    Moondragon in X-men: TAS
    Moondragon in X-men: TAS

    Moondragon is among the psychics kidnaped by Apocalypse in the saga "Beyond Good and Evil" with Xavier, Jean Grey, Stryfe, Rachel Summers, Typhoid Mary and others.


    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Marvel: War of Heroes
    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Moondragon appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [Telepathic Monk] Moondragon
    • [Infinity Watch] Moondragon
    • [Estranged] Moondragon
    • [Born Guardians] Drax & Moondragon

    Marvel Heroes

    Moondragon is a non-playable character in the game. she is voiced vy Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Marvel Avengers Alliance
    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Moondragon is a playable character in the game. She can be recruited by completing the Covert Task: De-Lunacy.

    Her bio in the game says: Heather Douglas survived an attack on her family by Thanos. Raised on Titan, she studied both mental and physical disciplines under the tutelage of the Shao-Lom Monks. Tapping into her latent psychic abilities, she was drawn to the cosmic entity known as the Dragon of the Moon. Seeking to use her as its host, it resides deep within her mind as a contestant source of temptation and corruption. Heather took on the name of Moondragon and sought a way to combat Thanos eventually returning to her home planetof Earth where she reunited with her long-lost father, Arthur Douglas who had become Drax the Destroyer, and and joined the Avengers. She would later become a part of the Defenders, the Infinity Watch, and finally, the Guardians of the Galaxy.


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