Four Freedoms Plaza

    Location » Four Freedoms Plaza appears in 243 issues.

    The old HQ of the Fantastic Four on 42nd and Madison Avenue in New York City.

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    This had been the homebase of the Fantastic Four for quite some time, until the team returned to their original headquarters at the Baxter Building.


    The headquarters of the Fantastic Four after the destruction of the Baxter Building original at the hands of Kristoff Vernard, occupying the same lot as the Baxter Building itself. It was the team's main base of operations until his apparent death at the hands of Onslaught. After the disappearance of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, it became the headquarters of the Thunderbolts until the destruction of the building, when a vacant lot was left. Over the years it was the target of different attacks against the First Family, such as the one that occurred in the Infinity Wars, which destroyed the upper floors of the building. After the reconstruction of the same, with the arrival of Onslaught they were demolished again and later readapted by the Thunderbolts until the destruction of the building and the move of this team to a new base of operations.


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