Quasar #27

    Quasar » Quasar #27 - Attack of the Quantum Banders released by Marvel on October 1991.

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    The Quantum-Banders versus Quasar! Meanwhile, Earth’s heroes deal with the fallout from Eon’s funeral.

    As a parting gift, unbeknownst to Quasar, Thanos has opened all the portals from the Eonverse to the universe and turned Eon’s immense body inside-out. This has caused Eon’s body to come pouring out of each of the portals, including the one in Four Freedoms Plaza.

    Inside the Eonverse, Quasar is trying to converse with the previous wearers of the Quantum Bands (Stygian Starbender, Ree, Trantra, and Marvel Boy), but they are hungry for blood. Quasar manages to down Marvel Boy and In a brief exchange of Quantum-constructs, Quasar manages to hold his own, but realizes he’s far too outnumbered.

    He flies off to put some distance between himself and the other Quantum-banders, which the three remaining consider quite cowardly.

    Meanwhile, Her discovers that her genetic twin is still alive, she finds him, but he (being Adam Warlock) is deeply embroiled in the Infinity Guantlet affair and has no time for mating at the moment. He tells her to join the effort or begone. Elsewhere many of New York’s heroes (Sleepwaler, Darkhawk, the Squadron Supreme… etc…) are attempting to save inncent bystanders from the green flesh that has erupted from the FF headquarters.

    Back in the Eonverse, Quasar attempts a “total energy drain” but is caught by surprise when they slam a pair of Quantum-slabs the size of trucks in an attempt to crush him. They briefly discuss which of them will win the honor of being the last Protector. Trapped, Quasar briefly considers giving up, but he overcomes it and manages to escape after hearing a call for help that sounds a great deal like Eon.

    He Quantum-Jumps into the Quantum-Zone andwaits for them. He figures that if the ‘background noise” of the Q-Zone can cover what he is attempting then he stands a chance. He begins concentrating on his connection with all fourteen gems on the bands and opens them to their fullest. The three remaining Banders come and he surprises them by overloading their Quantum-Bands with too much power. They get disintegrated and Quasar returns to the Eonverse.

    There, Quasar begins to notice how sparse the Eonverse is of Eon’s body and again hears the call for help. He is however attacked from behind by a recovered Marvel Boy. Quasar quickly makes clear that Marvel Boy is not in the same league with a Protector of the Universe by swatting Marvel Boy away.

    Quasar finds and plugs-up the portal to Earth and quickly finds where the calls for help are emanating from. He finds an egg-like object. From this egg comes a small Eon-like entity. Calling herself Epoch, she tells Quasar that she is Eon’s daughter and successor as the guardian of all life in the universe. She thanks Quasar for saving her life and shows him a message from Eon which says that Eon considers Quasar its greatest champion.


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