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    Quasar » Quasar #34 - The Scorched Sun released by Marvel on May 1, 1992.

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    Quasar has the near-impossible task of diverting the explosion of the Nega-Bomb, so that its blasts don't destroy Earth. Binary must make a decision that will determine the fate of millions. The stakes have never been higher, as Operation: Galactic Storm enters its final throes!

    Back at the Sol system star gate, Her is standing guard as the immense Nega-Bomb comes through the gate from the Shi’ar end. Thinking fast she creates a chaotic latticework covering the star gate, hoping it’ll give the captain of the Skrull starship leading the Nega-Bomb through some pause.

    [[Super-Skrull:char:21332]] emerges from the starship and attacks her, she disperses his attack but as she distracted he punches her with Thing’s strength through the star gate. It is just then that Quasar jumps back to Earth’s system. Super-Skrull tries to surprise him as he did Her, but Quasar detects Kl’rts attack and encapsulates him. Noting that the Skrull starship about to depart, Quasar moves to shear off its payload, but is interrupted by a hologram of the ship’s captain.

    He tells Quasar that if he does not allow the Nega-Bomb to leave Earth’s solar system undisturbed the captain will detonate the bomb right there. Quasar seems nonplussed by the threat, but when he notes the Sun get dimmer because of all the sunspot activity caused by the gates in close orbit. He allows to the bomb to go, and deal with the more immediate problem of the Sun. He vows to jump to the Kree empire as soon as he’s dealt with the sun-spot activity.

    He contacts Epoch for assistance, who physically materializes and samples a solar flare that erupted from a sun-spot and detects anti-matter. Epoch considers her next move and Quasar detects someone at the star gate and q-jumps there and finds Her fighting with Binary. He breaks up their fight. Binary, apparently under orders to stop the Nega-Bomb admonishes Quasar for not stopping the Nega-Bomb, but Quasar explains that the sun is in its death-throes. Binary seems shocked. Quasar takes Her and quantum-jumps back to Epoch. Binary is forced to choose between saving the Kree Empire and Earth.

    As they return Epoch explains that the anti-matter must be removed and/or contained away from the sun. Quasar realizes that the only way they have to do that is to open up an aperture to the Quantum-Zone within the sun’s corona to suck in all the sun-spots. Epoch explains that it might work, but it would take days if not weeks and that Quasar would probably not survive to finish the task.

    Quasar requests Epoch to contact other cosmic entities to save the sun, and that Her go back to Earth to contact Dr. Strange to see if he can help. Then, heedless of the dangers to himself, Quasar flies deep within the corona. Her begins to ask Epoch of the likelihood that Quasar might succeed or survive; Epoch interrupts saying: “Not good.”

    Binary suddenly appears and asks Epoch where Quasar went and Epoch tells her and she disappears into the corona as well. She finds Quasar’s energy vortex and creates one of her own far more powerful than Quasar’s. Quasar detects this and assumes it’s a cosmic entity that Epoch was able to contact.

    Finally, with all the anti-matter and sun-spots gone, Quasar moves to leave, but then realizes that the entity is still there and making no attempt to escape. He moves to it and recognizes the energy signature of Binary. Too weak to escape she is consigned to burn up within the sun. Quasar wraps her within his cape and flies out of the corona as fast as he can. He immediately q-jumps back to earth and brings her to the hospital at Avengers headquarters. There he finds out that Binary was once known as Ms. Marvel and was an Avenger.

    Quasar then sets out to the Kree Empire to stop the Nega-Bomb, but he would be too late.

    Note: This issue was reprinted as #3 for newstands.



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    Sacrifice and a Sandwich: To Go 0

    Throughout the crossover, various characters have asked whether the needs of one little planet such as Earth outweigh the needs of an entire galaxy. Quasar finally has to answer that question as the Skrull ship attempts to enter Kree space. The Super-Skrull makes a cameo appearance, but Quasar is able to dispose of him quickly. The Skrulls make it a clear choice: either let them tow the Nega-Bomb through the gate or they will blow it up next to Earth. Quasar, thinking he will be able to stop the...

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