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    Makkari is an Eternal who specializes in speed.

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    Makkari is the son of Verona and Mara, born approximately four and a half thousand years ago. He is a member of the Eternal technologist’s guild, specializing in building high-speed vehicles. The Eternals are a genetic offshoot of humanity created after tampering by the space gods the Celestials many centuries ago. They were created parallel to the Deviant species, the two groups of humanoids becoming foes and warring often. Makkari had involved himself in the affairs of Homo Sapiens more often than most Eternals, he had learned from Plato, served as a charioteer to Darius of the Persian empire, he witnessed the Trojan War in 13th BC, as well as the Great Fire of Rome in 64 AD, and the Battle of Alamo in 1836, the rise of Dracula, and even reportedly taught Elvis Presley a few cords on the guitar. Makkari was an active member of the Eternals as well however often warring against Eternals enemies the Deviants, also created as a result of Celestials genetic engineering. Makkari also stood out from his fellow Eternals in being fascinated by speed. Supposedly Makkari as a child could run before he could walk, or at least that goes the story as far as underlining his fascination with speed. Makkari has even been mistaken for Olympian god of speed Hermes. Although he would also attempt to impersonate that very same Greek god on more than one occasion as well. Makkari's fascination and appreciation with speed would lead him to the Eternal and philosopher Master Elo who would teach him how to increase his natural ability for speed. The Eternal's physiology granting them the ability to adapt and refine themselves on a molecular level would be put to great use by Makkari who would prioritize his desire for speed losing some of his other typical Eternal abilities in the process. Makkari would also eventually be revealed to have a special connection with the Dreaming Celestial, formerly known as Tiamut the Communicator. The rogue Celestial explaining that he had personally created Makkari and opting a preference to communicate through Makkari to the other Eternal's.


    Jack Kirby, the King of Comics, created Makkari in his first appearance in the Eternals vol 1 issue 5 (1976). In 1998, a story arc in Marvel Universe #4-7 retconned the history of Makkari. This retcon revealed that the Roman god, Mercury, who appeared in Red Raven Comics #1 (8/1940) was Makkari using a different alias. The same retcon also revealed that the hero, the Hurricane, who appeared in Captain America Comics #1-11 (1941) was also Makkari. Jack Kirby was also the artist for Red Raven Comics #1 and Captain America Comics #1.

    Character Evolution

    Makkari is a member of the Eternals, and one of the more distinguished and popular members at that. His history is intrinsically tied to his fellow races, but he also is as well known for his role as a premier Marvel speedster character. Typically when matters of speed are being discussed concerning Marvel characters, it would be a great omission not to mention Makkari. Another large development for the character came approximately 20 years after he was introduced with a retcon that established the character as also being the same as the Marvel character known as Mercury and another known as Hurricane both who were originally introduced in the 1940's. Makkari and his fellow Eternals were recently reintroduced into the Marvel Universe at the climax of the 2012 miniseries Thor The Deviant Saga.

    Major Story Arcs

    Among Humans

    During the 1940’s, Makkari worked secretly among humans, protecting them from Deviants under the aliases of the Hurricane and Mercury. One experience in particular would be when Zuras, the leader of the Eternals would task Makkari with countering the actions of the Deviant Kro. Later, he took on the less flamboyant guise of National Security Agent Jake Curtiss, forming the Monster Hunters alongside Ulysses Bloodstone, Dr Druid and Zawadi. The group would also successfully thwart another one of Kro's schemes involving unleashing monsters. His association with the Monster Hunters would eventually also lead to his involvement in the superhero team the First Line after team ups with the team and then being asked to join by a fellow Eternal who served on that team Pixie. Later, Makkari would be among the Eternals who introduced themselves at City College during the Forth Celestial Host. He was probably the first Eternal to pick up American slang; he used it liberally among his fellow Eternals. He participated in battles against the Deviants and assisted in the defeat of Ghaur.

    The Fastest There Is?

    Later on, Makkari befriended the human hero Quasar, even becoming roommates with him in Manhattan. He would take on the name Mike Khary as well as team up with the universe's Protector Quasar to face the off against the likes of the Deviants, the Soul Eater and Maelstrom. During this time he also participated in a race to decide who was the fastest speedster of Earth; arranged by the Elder of the Universe The Runner, Makkari losing to an extra-dimensional speedster who called himself ‘Buried Alien'. Despite coming in second, Makkari technically proved he was the fastest speedster. Other participants in the race would include Quicksilver, the Whizzer and Speed Demon. Makkari was later killed by the Inhuman/Deviant hybrid Maelstrom, but later revived by the cosmic entity Infinity. Recently, the memories of the Eternals were lost when Sprite petitioned the Dreaming Celestial to change Sprite into a normal boy who would eventually grow up. Makkari has lost most of the natural abilities of being an Eternal as he’s has focused his energies solely into his speed, he cannot fly and many of his other powers are greatly weakened. He is however currently the fastest man alive in the Marvel Universe. Makkari would earn the ire of Ajak after the incident with the Dreaming Celestial as Ajak would grow offended at Makkari's special communication with the golden Celestial. As he had always been the default communicator with their Celestial creators Ajak would be threatened with Makkari's new role and he would seek to find a way to destroy Makkari.

    Powers and Abilities


    Makkari is a member of the race of superhumans known as Eternals. His powers enhanced and augmented by cosmic energy Makkari possesses superhuman strength, stamina, speed, durability and reflexes. He is especially fast even for an Eternal, typically considered the fastest of them all, his great capacity for speed allowing for many extra abilities. For example he can create cyclones by running in circles, and can run up walls and across water. Makkari's body eventually accumulates fatigue poisons and is susceptible to injury. Although in most of his appearances Makkari has the typical powers of an Eternal, his obsession with speed, starting in the Quasar series, causes him to focus most of his body's Cosmic Energy into enhancing his running speed. As a result, he lost his ability to fly and many of his other powers have been weakened in the process. Makkari possesses none of the psionic powers of the average Eternal (levitation, ocular force projection, and molecular rearrangement), having purposefully focused all his specialized cell enclaves to speed and running-related attributes. At present he can run at light speed for extended periods, but his physical strength (while still far greater than human) has been reduced by half, and he seemingly cannot project energy or manipulate matter. Makkari still maintains standard Eternal durability which allows him to survive and regenerate from almost all types of conventional injury and damage. Control over his physical body on a molecular level means Makkari does not age and he possesses resistance to extreme temperatures. This level of control also allows Makkari to have control over even the most subtle aspects of his appearance, allowing for changes in skin pigmentation, muscle appearance, eye and hair color. Makkari does have the ability to teleport but generally avoids it due to the discomfort it holds over him. Makkari's level of strength is not as considerable as it could be, since his primary training focus is the increase of his speed. He does still have the ability to lift/carry roughly 20 tons.

    Makkari occasionally wears a protective crash helmet, though he does not truly need it. He wears synthetic stretch fabric, specially treated to resist the rigors of high velocity movement. Makkari has great mechanical aptitude, and the ability to pilot most land and air vehicles. He has moderate experience at hand-to-hand combat; his fighting style incorporates his superhuman speed. He has finished the standard Eternal higher education, and underwent special tutoring in the applications of speed.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 5' 11"

    Weight: 175 lbs

    Hair: Strawberry Blonde

    Eyes: Blue

    Alternate Versions


    Makkari appears in the Zombiverse reality, where many of the Marvel Universes biggest and most iconic characters appear as undead zombies.


    Makkari appears in the Marvel Apes reality, where much of the Marvel Universes biggest and most iconic characters appear as simian versions of themselves.

    Other Media

    Eternals (2021)

    Lauren Ridloff as Makkari
    Lauren Ridloff as Makkari

    Lauren Ridloff portrays Makkari in the live-action Eternals movie, making this version of the character a woman of color, as well as deaf. This development would subsequently be backported into the comics during Kieron Gillen's relaunch of the Eternals franchise. In the film, as in the comics, Makkari is depicted as the Eternals' resident speedster, with her inability to hear protecting her from the sonic booms caused by her powers. Some time after defeating the Deviants thousands of years ago, Makkari retired to the Eternals' ship, the Domo, where she read countless books. She is reunited with her team in the present due to the reemergence of the Deviants.

    Video Games

    Marvel Future Fight
    Marvel Future Fight
    • Makkari appears as a playable character in Marvel Future Fight.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Makkari was featured in the HeroClix figure game as part of the Mighty Thor assortment.
    • Makkari was featured in Funko's Pop! line of bobbleheads.
    • Makkari was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Gilgamesh Build-a-Figure wave.

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