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    Puff Adder is a member of the Serpent Society. He has the ability to expand his size and musculature. He also can spew an acidic cloud from his mouth at a very close range.

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    Not much is known about Gordon's past before he became known as the super-criminal Puff Adder.


    Puff Adder was created by Mark Gruenwald and Tom Morgan in 1988 and first appeared in Captain America # 337.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Atlantis Attacks

    Cobra would take a job from Ghaur and Llyra to obtain four objects containing arcane mystic powers. Cobra would split up members of the Serpent Society and send them to various locations to retrieve these objects. Puff Adder, Asp and Boomslang would search for a stone idol in the Savage Land when they run into Dazzler in Diamondback's body and Wolverine. Dazzler locates a ship near an excavation site when Puff Adder sneaks up behind her. Dazzler realizes she cannot use any of her light powers because her mind is in Diamondback's body and gets zapped by Asp. Wolverine would sneak inside the ship and free Dazzler. Wolverine quickly dispatches Boomslang and Asp. Puff Adder ambushes Wolverine from behind and tries to squeeze the mutant with his super-strength. Dazzler slings the stone idol into Puff Adder's face and knocks him out cold. The X-Men retrieve all four mystic talismans and are teleported into Mr. Jip's lair. Puff Adder and the rest of the Serpent Society are double crossed by Sidewinder and Diamondback when they teleport into Mr. Jip's lair and steal back the mystic objects.

    Infinity War

    Puff Adder became a member of the Masters of Evil being led by Dr. Octopus who plotted to storm the Avengers Mansion. Many of the heroes on Earth were occupied because of the Infinity War that was taking place and Dr. Octopus wanted to invade the mansion so he can steal their advanced weaponry and machinery. The initial group of Dr. Octopus, Jackhammer, Titania, Absorbing Man, Powderkeg and Yellowjacket met resistance from the Guardians of the Galaxy. During the battle, Dr. Octopus had a contingency plan and had Puff Adder, Gargantua and Shocker join his group. Puff Adder initially engaged with Major Victory but was taken down with a psychokinetic blast. Suddenly the evil doppelgangers appeared so the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Masters of Evil decided to join forces. The doppelgangers were defeated and began to vanish so Dr. Octopus wanted to continue with his original plan of taking over the Avengers Mansion. However, Puff Adder, Shocker and Gargantua were thankful that the Guardians helped save their lives and turned on Dr. Octopus.

    Deathlok- Super Deluxe

    Former SHIELD agent, Jack Truman is the new Deathlok and would come to Los Angeles to see his sister Lillian. Truman reluctantly does a favor for his sister and agrees to take her model friend named Tanya Sealy out to a Hollywood banquet fundraiser. Truman goes to the restroom when Tanya notices something wrong with his face. Truman returns to the banquet and sees Puff Adder in civilian clothing talking to Tanya. The two men begin to exchange words and Truman punches Puff Adder in the gut. Puff Adder retaliates and spews his caustic venom over Truman and reveals his true metallic form. The fight spills out onto the streets and Puff Adder gets hurt when Deathlok strikes his shoulder with a laser beam. Tanya stops the fight and tells Deathlok that she is Black Mamba of the Serpent Society and she has history with Puff Adder. Tanya tells Deathlok that Puff Adder was experiencing some separation anxiety and was just trying to convince her to come back to the Serpent Society.

    Super Patriot

    Puff Adder, Bushmaster and Asp of the Serpent Society ambush Steve Rogers and Rachel Leighton inside the super soldier's apartment. Asp takes down Rogers with a venom blast and Puff Adders knocks out Leighton with a strike from behind. The two captives are taken back to the headquarters of the Serpent Society and shackled in their uniforms as Captain America and Diamondback. Cobra wanted to punish Diamondback for defecting from the group and had plans to sell Captain America to the highest bidder which consisted of several dangerous villains. Puff Adder and Anaconda started to escort Captain America to the lower chambers when he managed to kick his shield away from Cobra's clutches and break free from his shackles. Captain America would free Diamondback and the duo defeated Puff Adder and the rest of the Serpent Society.

    Brand New Day

    Puff Adder is hanging out at the Bar With No Name with other villains when a low-life baddie named the Basher calls out Spider-Man on a website. A man called the Bookie begins to take bets on the fight and a number of shady patrons become angry when they realize the Spider-Man that fights the Basher is an imposter. However, the real Spider-Man shows up and discovers that the imposter is the woman known as Screwball. She tells Spider-Man that the Bookie could be found at the villain bar hangout. Spider-Man shows up and a brief scuffle occurs. The bartender stops the fight and Spider-Man leaves when he gets the information he needs on the Bookie.

    Industrial Revolution

    A Los Angeles criminal organization called the Pride would offer a contract to the Serpent Society and hire their services to eliminate Tony Stark after he starts to build a company in the neighborhood of Imperio. Geoffrey Wilder, the leader of the Pride wanted Sidewinder and his crew to kill Tony Stark because his presence in Los Angeles could threaten their criminal empire. The Serpent Society locates Tony Stark inside a junkyard as he looks for a motion sensor. Rattler ambushes Stark from behind with a sonic blast but soon discover he is wearing some of his old armor. Stark manages to fight off members of the Serpent Society until he sneaks into a shack. The Serpent Society surround the shack and Puff Adder planned to spew his poison but the wind threatened to blow back his poison at his teammates. Sidewinder teleports inside the shack and it suddenly explodes. Puff Adder and the other members of the Society are out for the count. Sidewinder's cloak powered up Stark's improvised kinetic field when he opened up a wormhole and the feedback caused the explosion.

    Avengers vs X-Men

    Puff Adder and several members of the Serpent Society break into the Isotope Bank in San Francisco and hold several people hostage. Hope Summers responds to the police call and flies to the bank on her own. Puff Adder is burning through the vault door with his spewing acid when Hope takes out Bushmaster and throws Asp through a wall. Hope would mimic Puff Adder's mutant powers to increase her mass and size. Hope would knock Puff Adder out with one powerful blow and the rest of the Serpent Society are easily defeated.

    Powers & Abilities

    Puff Adder is a mutant that has the ability to increase his size and mass. Puff Adder has superhuman strength, endurance and high resistance to injury. He can also spew some venom or gas from his mouth that burns like acid and it's acidic enough to melt various metals.

    In Other Media


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Puff Adder was featured in the HeroClix figure game. Due to being a repaint of Cottonmouth, the figure lacked the character's signature bulk.
    • Puff Adder was the subject of an Avengers-themed Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro.


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