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Powered Mutants Post M-Day

A list of mutants in the Marvel Universe who have retained their powers after the Scarlet Witch cast her spell of "No More Mutants." This list also contains mutants who have somehow regained their powers. Mutants who retained their powers but are currently deceased will not be included. The list is organized alphabetically.

March 2011 updates (spoilers:

Added: Melter (confirmed mutant), Namora (previously missing from list), Namorita (time-displaced version), Tangerine (confirmed powered), Toro (resurrected), Ultra Girl (Kree mutant)

Removed: Alex (death), Alyosha Kravinoff (death), Apocalypse (death), Bishop (stranded in the future), Bob (death), Loca (death), Maw (death), Nekra (death), Paradigm (death), Profile (confirmed not mutant), Russell (death), Scab (death), Shauna (death), Timothy (death), Toko (death).

April 2011 updates (spoilers):

Added: Apocalypse (not dead), Scarlet Witch (powered)

Removed: -

May 2011 updates (spoilers):

Added: Chamber (repowered)

Removed: Anteus (deceased), Elysia (deceased), Jaeger (deceased), Junction (deceased), Rax (deceased), Salvo (deceased), Tempo (deceased)

June 2011 updates (spoilers):

Added: Feral (resurrected), Klara Prast (previously missing), Rictor (repowered)

Removed: Feral (ghost)

July 2011 updates (spoilers):

Added: - Stacy-X (resurrected/repowered)

Removed: Fantomex (mutate, not mutant), Ghoul (deceased), Razorback (depowered)

August 2011 updates (spoilers)

Added: Wiz Kid (resurrected/powered)

Removed: - Mystique (deceased)

March 2012 updates (spoilers)

Added: Astra (revealed alive), Genesis (new character), Genocide (new character), Joseph (resurrected), Skinless Man (new character)

Removed: Apocalypse (deceased), Death (deceased), Jamie Braddock (deceased), Mimic (confirmed non-mutant), Zero (presumably deceased)

July 2012 updates (spoilers)

Added: Blob (Age of Apocalypse version), Mystique (revived), Puff Adder (confirmed mutant), Sabretooth (revived)

August 2012 updates (spoilers)

Added: Blockbuster (resurrected), Prism (resurrected)

Removed: Gateway (deceased)

November 2012 updates (spoilers):

Added: Christopher (new mutant), Eva (new mutant), Eye Boy (new mutant), Iara dos Santos (new mutant), Ilya Koblev (powered), Ioakim Koblev (powered), Issa Koblev (powered), Jean Grey (past version), Jia Jing (new mutant), Leonine (new character), Mudbug (new mutant), Remus (new character), Tithe (new character)

Removed: Blob (AoA) (deceased), Daken (deceased), Dark Beast (back in AoA), Dazzler (X-Treme X-Men), Professor-X (deceased), Skinless Man (deceased)

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