Captain America #337

    Captain America » Captain America #337 - The Long Road Back released by Marvel on January 1, 1988.

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    Nomad, the Falcon, and D-Man finally track down Steve Rogers and convince him to get back into costume— but it's not the Captain America costume!

    The team of Steve's former partners Nomad, Falcon, and D-Man set out to find their leader. They eventually find his van that fell into a chasm prior to his fight with Brother Nature last issue. D-Man offers to pull it out in an effort to impress the others. Meanwhile, a group of snake-themed villains inspired by the Serpent Society rob a hotel, take hostages, and commandeer a room. Back at the van the group of former partners discusses their opinions of what Steve should do with his future until Steve ends up showing up. He's greeted well and he decides that he'll be a hero even if he isn't Captain America. Instead he opts for the name "Captain" and wears a black version of his previous costume that D-Man had made. The team hears about the situation in Vegas through the Captain America Hotline and D-Man uses his vast resources to get them their in a handful of hours. When the team arrives they are not greeted well, instead they are pushed to the side and, although it pains Steve, the team decides to go against police orders and attack the serpent villains. After the battle the team is arrested and Cap reflects on his new responsibilities he has since he is no longer Captain America.

    The cover of this issue is an homage to the cover of Avengers Vol. 1 #4 which marked the first appearance of Captain America after WWII.


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