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Very little is known about Coachwhip's past. She was presumably outfitted with her electro-whips by Viper before her plans to take over the Serpent Society. Although Viper's plan failed, Coachwhip remained a member of the Serpent Society and even became King Cobra's lover.


Coachwhip was created by Mark Gruenwald and Kieron Dwyer in 1988 and first appeared in Captain America # 341.

Major Story Arcs

Viper's Takeover

Coachwhip was an agent of Viper's who infiltrated the Serpent Society. Although she was defeated by Captain America during Viper's takeover, she continued to serve with the Society after Viper had abandoned the group. Cobra, having taken leadership of the Serpent Society, gave Coachwhip and her allies Puff Adder and Rock Python an initiation test, which put them into battle with Falcon and Battlestar. Coachwhip suffered defeat, but was allowed to stay with the Serpent Society.

Atlantis Attacks

Coachwhip battles Falcon.
Coachwhip battles Falcon.

Cobra would take a job from Ghaur and Llyra to obtain four objects containing arcane mystic powers. Cobra would split up members of the Serpent Society and send them to various locations to retrieve these objects. Coachwhip, Anaconda, Black Mamba and Rock Python would encounter Rogue, Colossus and Havok of the X-Men when they travel to Lima, Ohio to retrieve a tiny carved American-Indian totem. Coachwhip attacks Rogue with her chain linked whips but the X-Man grabs them and tosses Coachwhip into a concrete pillar. T he X-Men are teleported away into Mr. Jip's lair when they find all four mystical items. Coachwhip and the rest of the Serpent Society are double crossed by Sidewinder and Diamondback, leaving them broke and battered.

Trial of Diamondback

Coachwhip battles Moon Knight.
Coachwhip battles Moon Knight.

Coachwhip decides to go hunting for some heroes during the Acts of Vengeance and would join forces with the Ringer and Killer Shrike. The villains are having trouble finding superhuman targets so they decide to hunt together and tag team against any costume hero they find. The trio run into Moon Knight and try to ambush him. Moon Knight jumps onto Ringer's hovercraft and causes him to crash into a car. Ringer would recover and shoot his rings towards Moon Knight who was engaged with Killer Shrike. The Ringer's aim was a bit off and ended up ringing Killer Shrike. The Ringer fled the scene while Killer Shrike and Coachwhip were defeated by Moon Knight.

During the trial of Diamondback, Coachwhip served as prosecution. She successfully convinced the majority of the Serpent Society of Diamondback's guilt. Coachwhip also began a romantic relationship with Cobra at this time. After Diamondback escaped from her punishment, Coachwhip was ordered to search Sidewinder's apartment. When returning to the Serpent Citadel, she encountered Diamondback and Black Mamba, but was defeated when stabbed in the forehead with a needle. She was then taken to prison.

Super Patriot

Coachwhip electrocuting Diamondback and Black Mamba.
Coachwhip electrocuting Diamondback and Black Mamba.

Puff Adder, Bushmaster and Asp of the Serpent Society ambush Steve Rogers and Rachel Leighton inside the super soldier's apartment. Asp takes down Rogers with a venom blast and Puff Adders knocks out Leighton with a strike from behind. The two captives are taken back to the headquarters of the Serpent Society and shackled in their uniforms as Captain America and Diamondback. Cobra wanted to punish Diamondback for defecting from the group and had plans to sell Captain America to the highest bidder which consisted of several dangerous villains. Puff Adder and Anaconda started to escort Captain America to the lower chambers when he managed to kick his shield away from Cobra's clutches and break free from his shackles. Captain America would free Diamondback and Coachwhip is taken down with a shield strike to the face. The duo easily defeat the rest of the Serpent Society and they are taken into custody by SHIELD.

Brand New Day

Coachwhip among several other villains mind-controlled by the Abyss.
Coachwhip among several other villains mind-controlled by the Abyss.

Coachwhip is hanging out at the Bar With No Name with other villains when a low-life baddie named the Basher calls out Spider-Man on a website. A man called the Bookie begins to take bets on the fight and a number of shady patrons become angry when they realize the Spider-Man that fights the Basher is an imposter. However, the real Spider-Man shows up and discovers that the imposter is the woman known as Screwball. She tells Spider-Man that the Bookie could be found at the villain bar hangout. Spider-Man shows up and a brief scuffle occurs. The bartender stops the fight and Spider-Man leaves when he gets the information he needs on the Bookie.

During Fear Itself, Coachwhip was often seen among the other super-villains. At one point, she was seen making out with Thunderball of the Wrecking Crew. She was also taken over by The Abyss with several other villains. After the Avengers defeated the Abyss, Coachwhip regained her senses.

Serpent Solutions

Coachwhip was present when Viper took over the Serpent Society and re-branded it as Serpent Solutions. When the group battled the new Captain America, she was defeated and incarcerated.

Abilities & Weapons

Coachwhip wears gauntlets that are attached to chain-link whips that are electrically charged. She uses these as deadly weapons.

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