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    Created by the military, Deathlok is a Cyborg from the future in the mainstream Marvel Universe, and several alternate universes as well, whom wishes to regain his lost humanity.

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    This is a page for the cyborg intelligence known as Deathlok. Much like the Venom page, for it's specific hosts see their individual pages.


    The Different Deathloks

    The First Deathlok

    Luther Manning was the first Deathlok. He came from a different reality in a future timeline. He first appeared in Astonishing Tales #25 (1974). This Deathlock eventually was sent to present day earth 616, where he clashed with a few superheroes such as the Thing and Devilslayer. Years later, a fellow employee of Luther Manning named Mike Travers became another Deathlok. Some time later Deathlok was recruited by X-51 (Machine Man) of Earth-9997 into his group of Heralds. At the end of their mission, this X-51 used a device to create a new body for Manning from his DNA and offered him a chance to regain his human life.

    The Second Deathlok

    John Kelly was the first Deathlok from Earth 616 (or main Marvel Universe). He was put in the Deathlok body and first appeared in Marvel Comics Presents #62.

    The Third Deathlok

    Roxxon employee Michael Collins was the third and more well-known Deathlok whom starred in his own ongoing Deathlok series in the 1990's. He first appeared in Deathlok #1 (1990).

    The Fourth Deathlok

    SHIELD agent Jack Truman was the third person from Earth 616 to become Deathlok. He had a very different appearance from the other Deathloks. He first appeared in Cable #59 (1998).

    Some months later, another SHIELD agent named Larry Young, a corrupt agent, became trapped in the Deathlok body when Jack Truman, the body's current host, swapped bodies with him.

    The Fifth Deathlok: Deathlok Prime (Unit L17)

    Not much is known about the current Deathlok, first appearing in Wolverine: Weapon X #11, but it comes from an alternate reality and has recently joined X-Force. The Deathlok that has joined Uncanny X-Force seems to have a noble running AI system, however his human half is that of a vicious serial killer. He was created by Roxxon in the year 2030.


    The original Deathlok, Luther Manning, was created by Rich Buckler and Doug Moench in 1974 and first appeared in Astonishing Tales #25 (1974).

    Character Evolution

    Since the cyborg entity has been hosted by various individuals it's evolution is dictated by whomever is in control at certain times. See each character's page to learn of the differences in hosts and their experiences as Deathlok.

    Major Story Arcs

    Uncanny X-Force

    Deathlok arrives just in time to save Fantomex who is being pursued by Deathlok Troopers that have stolen the World from Fantomex. Together they are able to steal it back from Captain America-lok and are picked up by X-Force. Deadpool immediately assumes Deathlok is like one of the other troopers but Wolverine vouches for him based on their previous experiences. Deathlok plugs into Captain America to get more information. They learn the Deathlok Troopers are from a future where super heroes have gone too far and have been hunted down and merged with Deathloks for their own good. Apocalypse had an architect, the Father, create Weapon Infinity (the Deathlok Troopers) to come back and kill Fantomex. Deathlok accompanies X-Force into the World to stop the Father which will eliminate the Deathlok Troopers. Once they enter Wolverine pairs off with Deathlok in search of Father. They are ambused by Wolverine and Deadpool merged Deathlok Troopers. Deathlok pops laser claws, similar to Wolverine's and takes out Deadpool while Wolverine struggles with himself. Deadpool is ultimately able to get to Father first and kills him, erasing the Deathlok Troopers from the timeline. Deathlok urges that Fantomex destroy the World to prevent any future misuse however Fantomex disagrees.

    Deathlok remains on the team serving as a guard to the World as it is housed at Cavern X, though he is compromised rather easily when Magneto enters their base in aware of their existence and in need of their assistance.

    When X-Force travels to the Age of Apocalypse to obtain a Life Seed to cure Warren, Deathlok remains at the base. Upon the teams return they find the base broken into by Warren and his horsemen and Deathlok subdued. Deadpool frees him as the team makes a run for it. Deathlok states that Warren will kill thousands of innocents if they do not stop him. Deadpool, Fantomex and Deathlok tend to a severely wounded Wolverine while they plan their next move. They enter the World where Warren has accelerated time and evolution to create a new civilization. They are attacked by Archangel, Famine and Death. Deathlok's AI has little capacity for violence so he switches over to his human half who takes great pleasure in it. Death tries to infect him with a disease, not realizing his flesh is dead, before Deathlok cuts his head off. They capture Famine and Deathlok brutally tortures and interrogates him to find Warren's location. Deathlok is sent after the World while Fantomex and Deadpool look for Archangel. In the World, Deathlok finds Dark Beast, Genocide and War. War strikes him with his ax, which takes over his human mind. His AI overrides War by reasoning that love requires intellect and is therefore evolution. He snaps out of it and takes down War. Dark Beast takes War and Pestilence and flies off. As Deathlok regroups with his team after Warren's defeat he tells Fantomex he needed to learn to love to defeat War and loves them all.

    Wolverine and The X-Men

    Deathlok lectures a class on the future at Wolverine's school. He initially states that almost half of the class will die before adulthood and tells Idie she has almost an equal chance of leading the X-Men and being killed by the Hellfire Club in the next six weeks. Deathlok also states that Quentin Quire is likely to burn the school down. When Deathlok turns to Genesis he ends the lesson abruptly. Genesis stops him outside of class begging to know what his future holds. Deathlok flashes to a future where Genesis has become Apocalypse and has killed many of the X-Men. He returns to full consciousness and tells Genesis that he is at this school to learn what his future holds. Deathlok then speaks with Wolverine regarding whether or not to tell Genesis of his true origin. Wolverine thinks it's best not to and Deathlok hopes he is right.

    Powers and Weapons

    Deathlok possesses superhuman strength that allows him to lift over a 150 tons, though he does not match the strength of true powerhouses such as Hulk, Hercules or Thor, he is still very strong. Deathlok's cyborg enhancements also give him superspeed which allows him to run up to 268 mph, Deathlok also has the power to manipulate and blast energy from his hands (similar to Iron Man) Deathlok blasts energy waves or energy balls, Deathlok's gauntlets also allow him to shoot tiny nano-bots that hack into computer systems. Deathlok also has built in jet boots which give him the power of flight, Deathlok flies fast enough to break the sound barrier. Deathlok also has nano-second reflexes, superhuman stamina, and agility and he is tireless due to being a cyborg. Deathlok has an impressive healing factor, his healing factor allows him to replace damaged organs but that is normally not needed for obvious reasons. Deathlok is invulnerable to many conventional weapons such as guns, knives, lasers etc. only things like missiles have the potential to harm him. Aside from physical powers, Deathlok can create force fields similar to that of the Invisible Woman. He can blast electromagnetism in the league of Magneto and Doctor Doom. Deathlok also has telepathy which allows him to communicate telepathically with other telepaths. He has demonstrated telekinesis, which he uses to move objects and people. Deathlok has a special ability to time travel, he opens a wormhole with his own powers which allow him to time travel. Deathlok has a sophisticated computer system similar to that of the Iron Man Extremist suit, Deathlok's computer tells him about threats and such that it is in the league with Iron Man's computer, one of Deathlok's eyes have the ability to shoot lasers and it has X-ray vision and it also allows him to zoom in and scan the weaknesses, properties and strengths of an object, being, person and weapon.


    Deathlok carries a powerful pistol that shoots energy blasts and once connected to Deathlok it shoots plasma energy and it has an interesting fact, it can only be used in the hands of Deathlok because Deathlok's hands produces unknown energy that is believed to power his weapon.

    Alternate Realities


    Luther Manning of the Mutant X reality, made a brief appearance fighting agents the Beyond and Dracula. Along with many other heroes he lost his life in the struggle.


    Ultimate Deathlok (Luther Manning) makes a brief appearance in Ultimate Spider-Man #70.


    In this alternate reality Deathlok (Luther Manning) became infected with the Vi-Lock virus and transformed into one the Vi-Lock Prime.

    Other Media

    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

    John Garrett and Mike Peterson
    John Garrett and Mike Peterson

    After losing his job and wife due to a work place injury, Mike Peterson (J. August Richards) became a test subject for a super soldier program called Centipede. After an encounter with Phil Coulson and his team, Peterson joined S.H.I.E.L.D. During a mission he was caught in an explosion and presumed dead. However, it is revealed that he survived and was recovered by the Centipede Group. They implanted him with a backscatter x-ray eye-implant which allows him to see through solid objects when his eyes are closed and to receive instructions from The Clairvoyant (Bill Paxton), the Centipede Group leader. Later on he was equipped with a cybernetic leg and a forearm rocket launcher. Several other Centipede soldiers have been similarly equipped as part of HYDRA's Deathlok Super Soldier Program.

    Project Deathlok
    Project Deathlok

    Later on it is revealed that John Garrett was the first test subject in Project Deathlok after stepping on an IED in Sarajevo in 1990, which left him mortally-wounded state. HYDRA and their allies at Cybertek Corporations recovered him and equipped him with cybernetic prosthesis, saving his life. However, decades later, Garrett's organs eventually started to fail, his biomechanical parts the only thing that keeping him alive. In the finale, Peterson turns against Garrett and badly injures him after Skye rescues Mike's son, Ace. Garrett subsequently tries to upgrade his Deathlok components in order to transform himself into a more advanced model, but is unceremoniously killed and vaporized by Coulson. With HYDRA thwarted, Mike leaves for parts unknown, telling Skye that he plans on using his powers to try and make up for the horrible things he was forced to do while under HYDRA's control.

    Mike returns in Season 2, where he is revealed as Coulson's secret operative. He saves Coulson and Lance Hunter from arrest and manages to hijack a Quinjet by using his data processing abilities.

    Hulk And The Agents Of S.M.A.S.H.

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    Deathlok appears in a self-titled episode of the series, voiced by Kevin Grevioux. In the series, he initially appears to be an an antagonist, as the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. find him trying to murder a young girl. However, the child turns out to be the Super-Skrull in disguise, and Deathlok reveals that the Skrulls are planning a genocidal invasion of Earth. Deathlok seemingly perishes after he activates his self-destruct sequence to destroy the Skrull ship.

    Video Games

    Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage

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    Deathlok appears as an assist character.

    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    No Caption Provided

    Deathlok appears as a playable character.

    Marvel Future Fight

    No Caption Provided

    The Mike Peterson version of Deathlok appears as a playable character.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • ToyBiz released a figure of the original Deathlok in the 90s.
    • Deathlok was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Bowen Designs created a Deathlok statue and bust.
    • ToyBiz released a Michael Collins Deathlok figure as part of the Marvel Legends Galactus Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Hasbro later released a Marvel Legends Deathlok figure as part of the Sasquatch Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Hasbro later released a Marvel Legends X-Force repaint of Deathlok as an Amazon exclusive.

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