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    Formerly the leader of the Serpent Society, Sidewinder is a retired villain with the ability of teleportation.

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    Originally an employee working for Hugh Jones, Seth Voelker was chosen to become the field leader of the Serpent Squad due to his intelligence. As a former college professor, Sidewinder proved to be a formidable foe for the Thing during his first mission with the Serpent Squad. His group managed to obtain the mystical object known as the Serpent Crown, and returned it to Jones. Sidewinder later propositioned his former teammates, along with several other snake-themed villains, to join his new organization, the Serpent Society.


    Sidewinter was created by Mark Gruenwald and George Pérez and first appeared in Marvel Two-in-One issue 64 (1980).

    Major Story Arcs

    Serpent Society

    As founder of the Serpent Society, Sidewinder promised its members the ability to never stay imprisoned. If they were caught by the authorities, he would simply teleport them out later that night, as he proved when he teleported Anaconda out after a battle with Captain America. Sidewinder was eventually betrayed by the majority of his allies in favor for Viper. During the invasion, Sidewinder was injured and taken to a hospital, where Viper's forces searched for him. He survived the encounter, but abandoned the Serpent Society.

    Later, he aided Diamondback in her escape after she betrayed the Society, though he wanted nothing else to do with her after that. He also sprang Cobra from prison, though he was immediately taken back into authorities. Although he gave up crime, Sidewinder began stealing to pay for his daughter, Amelia's, medical bills. He was apprehended by Captain America.


    Most recently, Sidewinder was seen being interviewed about his thoughts of the Thunderbolts.

    Other Versions

    Marvel Adventures

    Sidewinder would be involved in a story taking place in the Marvel Adventures comics which are standalone stories and does not take place in the current Marvel Universe continuity.

    Sidewinder and the Serpent Society would kidnap Dr. Curt Connors when they learn the truth about his Lizard formula and forced him to experiment on innocent civilians. The Serpent Society had Dr. Connors modify his formula and had plans to contaminate the water supply in New York so everyone would transform into humanoid lizards. However their plans were thwarted by Spider Man so Sidewinder teleported the rest of the Serpent Society away when Connors ingested his own formula and transformed into a giant Lizard.


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