Viper (Dixon)

    Character » Viper (Dixon) appears in 32 issues.

    One of the founders of the Serpent Squad and brother to Eel. He was eventually slain by Madame Hydra who usurped his name.

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    The first Viper was Jordan Stryke but used the alias Jordan Dixon to help conceal his costume identity. His brother Leopold Stryke was the Eel and both of them worked together as criminals for the group Crime Wave. Crime Wave came into conflict with Captain America and the Falcon and both brothers ended up in prison. They eventually escaped and formed the first Serpent Squad with King Cobra. The trio had numerous encounters with Captain America and the Falcon but were always defeated.

    While being transported to stand trial before a grand jury by US Marshals, he was ambushed by Madame Hydra. She killed the guards and then shot him, assuming the name and leadership of the Serpent Squad.


    Viper was created by Steve Englehart, Steve Gerber and Sal Buscema. He first appeared in Captain America #157.

    Powers and Abilities

    Viper has no superhuman abilities but he is a very intelligent individual and skilled fighter. He was skilled enough in chemistry to create his own venom. He wore venom-tipped claws and used venom-tipped darts as weapons.


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