Character » Ghaur appears in 70 issues.

    Ghaur is a Deviant Priest and later de facto ruler of the race.

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    Ghaur was the religious leader and priest of the Deviants of Lemuria. When Brother Tode led the ruling class against the Eternals they  suffered a disastrous defeat.

    Ghaur became the leader of the Deviants and took the power of the Dreaming Celestial upon himself. He went from priest to god. He attacked and defeated the Eternals in Olympia. But the Dreaming Celestial was distressed over this and it began to affect Ghaur. He was drawn to unwillingly to the mountain where the Celestial slept. He brought the Celestial out to the light and awakened him. He then placed his final judgement on Earth and attempted to destroy it.

    The Eternals formed together to become the Uni-Mind and with this power separated Ghaur from the Celestial, casting his soul from his body to become a cloud of consciuos gas in outer space.

    He managed to gain control of his scattered mind. When the Silver Surfer passed through the clous, pieces of Ghaur attached themself to the Surfer's board. Curiousity got the best of the Surfer and he used his Power Cosmic to reform the gas into any form it may have, reanimating Ghaur. In his weakened state he was no match for the Surfer but he managed to escape.

    He then traveled to Earth and his past home of Lemuria. He frees the trapped Llyra and offers to team up to obtain one of the greatest powers in the universe, the Serpent Crown, which he had learned of from a ancient and evil mind that passed him in space. Together they sought the crown out to become the true rulers of Lemuria once again.


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