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    Captain America is on his own at last, in the comic that started it all, the Super Soldier's story begins.

    Continued from Tales of Suspense issue 99. Tales of Suspense was one of several horror-like anthologies that Marvel was publishing in the early 1960's, but just like its counterpart Tales To Astonish, after nearly one hundred issues the series changed its name, after it already went a completely new route featuring characters such as Iron Man and Captain America instead of horror stories. So it was that in 1968, the series became Captain America Volume 1 with its hundredth issue. Captain America ran on for three more decades much like its Incredible Hulk counterpart. The series concluded with issue 454, when the series was relaunched as Captain America vol. 2. After issue number 50 of Captain America vol. 5, that series returned to its original numbering started here in Volume 1, celebrating it's 600th issue.

    This is the first solo Captain America series published by Marvel Comics, the previous series, Captain America Comics, had been published by Marvel’s predecessors Atlas and Timely respectively.

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    Issue #230 has been translated into Spanish.


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