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    A former SHIELD scientist working to create superhumans on the Olympus Project. He applied his methods to himself and became a super-strong giant at the cost of his intellect.

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    Cobert as Leviathan.
    Cobert as Leviathan.
    Edward Cobert was once a brilliant SHIELD scientist and was named head of the Caribbean-based Olympus Project which was dedicated to the development of a new breed of super-human answerable directly to the President of the United States. Cobert and his associates felt the nation would be better served by super-operatives with more direct governmental ties. However Cobert wanted to go one step further and create a new breed of hero to eradicate the old heroes. Cobert volunteered for the first experiment and was transformed into a superhuman giant but his intelligence regressed to a child like state. He was dubbed Leviathan and SHIELD shackled and sedated him. They kept him in a cell a mile beneath SHIELD's Manhattan complex for three years.

    Leviathan would be later freed from his cell by the Secret Empire and Professor Power which lead to conflict with the Defenders but is eventually defeated. Leviathan would serve as a henchmen for the Secret Empire and Professor Power on numerous occasions. Leviathan was defeated by the former Captain America and Bucky who later became known as the US Agent and Battlestar when the US Government sent them to take down Professor Power.  


    Gargantua was created by J.M. DeMatteis and Alan Kupperberg in 1983 and first appeared in The Defenders # 126.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Acts of Vengeance

    Edward Cobert later became a pawn of the Mad Thinker and was given a new costume and dubbed Gargantua. The Mad Thinker opposed the Super Powers Registration Act and devised a plan at Cobert's expense. Gargantua was given instructions to attack Wonder Man and the Wasp when they were guest speakers at the Capitol Building in Washington DC talking about the Super Powers Registration Act. Gargantua was defeated as planned and the Mad Thinker helped sway the public opinion slightly into the heroes favor and against legislation.

    Infinity War

    Gargantua later became a member of the Masters of Evil being led by Dr. Octopus who plotted to storm the Avengers Mansion. Many of the heroes on Earth were occupied because of the Infinity War that was taking place and Dr. Octopus wanted to invade the mansion so he can steal their advanced weaponry and machinery. The initial group of Dr. Octopus, Titania, Absorbing Man, Jackhammer, Powderkeg and Yellowjacket met resistance from the Guardians of the Galaxy. The tide of battle turned in favor of Dr. Octopus when Gargantua, Puff Adder and Shocker joined the fray. Gargantua tossed Talon away when an evil doppelganger of himself appeared from some portal. More evil doppelgangers appeared so the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Masters of Evil worked together to eliminate a common enemy. The evil doppelganger of Gargantua called the original one a brainless buffoon and that's when Cobert broke loose. Cobert was tired of being called names and made to feel stupid so he unleashed a powerful punch that went through his evil counterpart. Both teams won their fight and the evil doppelgangers vanished. Dr. Octopus wanted to resume his intention of raiding the Avengers mansion but Gargantua and the rest of the Masters refused because the Guardians helped them. Gargantua, Puff Adder and Shocker chased after Dr. Octopus as he ran away.
    Gargantua later joined Titania and the Abomination and come to a small town renamed Hulk. They caused some havoc looking for the Hulk but retreated when the Hulk never showed up. Gargantua would end up being incarcerated inside the Vault and participate in a riot with members from the Force of Nature and the Wizard.  

    Other Versions

    Marvel Adventures

    Gargantua would be involved in a story taking place in the Marvel Adventures comics which are standalone stories and does not take place in the current Marvel Universe continuity.   
    Egghead would form a team consisting of Gargantua, Xeron the Starslayer, Cobalt Man, Psycho Man, Invincible Man and Basilisk to take down the Fantastic Four. Egghead and his team wanted to gather as much information on the Fantastic Four before heading into battle. They were able to steal some FF uniforms and spray millions of subatomic cameras onto the fabric. Egghead and his team would sell photos and information gathered from the Fantastic Four to the paparazzi, particularly a tabloid newspaper called the Super Hero Trumpet. Johnny Storm would bump into Cobert inside the Trumpet lobby and see this man grow ten feet tall in a matter of seconds. Cobert quickly reverts back to his normal size and leaves Johnny dumbfounded inside the lobby. Johnny decides to hang around the Trumpet until he sees Cobert leave the building. Johnny wants to speak to Cobert but is greeted by the sixty foot Gargantua. Johnny flames on and shoots a stream of fire toward his giant opponent. Gargantua blocks it with his hand and begins to grimace in pain. Cobert tells the Torch he doesn't want to fight and extinguishes his burning hand when he pops open a fire hydrant.

    Powers & Abilities

    Gargantua is a superhuman giant that can increase his stature and strength thanks to artificial cellular enhancement. Gargantua has superhuman strength, resistance to injury and durability. He remains at a minimum height of 20-25 feet. The physical transformation into this gigantic juggernaut has regressed his intelligence and IQ below normal.

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