New X-Men #5

    New X-Men » New X-Men #5 - Choosing Sides, Part 5: Above the Law released by Marvel on November 2004.

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    The school is divided over the fate of young Kevin Ford, the mutant whose very touch can kill. Will the Xavier Institute allow him to be turned over to the authorities? And it only takes a testy situation like this to set fi

    FBI agent Justin Pierce asks Kevin Ford to turn himself in for the death of his father. Though the agent is sympathetic, Emma Frost and Dani don’t believe Kevin can get a fair deal and refuse. Later, Pierce meets Dani in the coffee shop and explains that they have to show that mutants aren’t above the law. Dani considers his words and Noriko eavesdrops on their conversation. Later, she and her teammates decide to smuggle Kevin off-campus. They are stopped by Pierce and Dani makes up an excuse for them. The next day is hard for Kevin, as all students gossip about his accidentally killing his father and he further isolates himself. Fed up with everybody’s behavior, Hellion holds a speech in the cafeteria, telling them they should be ashamed of their behavior. Later, Dani calls Kevin, and explains she has decided he can best be helped if he turns himself in for now, thus killing any trust the boy still had in her. After Kevin is taken into custody, the Hellions decide to spring him. Only the newest member, Icarus, protests and leaves. Hellion asks Wind Dancer to come instead and she agrees.

    Trivia : This issue features the first appearance of popular new X-men; Pixie and Loa.


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