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    Dust was a student at the Xavier Institute and one of the New X-Men in training. She is identified by her Niqab, which she wears instead of the traditional X-Men uniform. She is currently enrolled at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

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    Dust is a mutant from Afghanistan. She was taken into captivity by slave traders who planned to sell her off as a mutant slave. When her captors attempted to remove her headdress, she lashed out at them, turning into her dust form and stripping flesh from their bodies. It was Fantomex who initially discovered her to rescue her.

    Wolverine had also been out to locate her, and assisted in killing the remainder of her would-be captors and getting her to the safety of the X-Corporation headquarters in Mumbai. While Wolverine was sleeping and allowing himself to heal, she turned into her dust form, hiding all around the room. Jean Grey recognized telepathically that she was there and attempted to comfort her, but she would only say one thing: Turaab (meaning "Dust").

    She was placed in Xorn's Special Class. When Xorn asked her to join his new group and she refused, he controlled her dust form and forced her to destroy Cerebra. With other students such as the Stepford Cuckoos, Dust went into hiding and helped Cyclops and Fantomex plan to take down the crazy Magneto/Xorn.


    Dust was created by Grant Morrison and Ethan Van Sciver in New X-Men #133. She is a rare example of a positive Muslim comic book character.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Hellions
    The Hellions

    While at the Xavier Institute, she befriended and joined the Hellions. Instead of wearing a traditional X-Uniform, she decided to keep her traditional clothing, an abaya and a niqab veil. While also at the Institute, Dust was placed in a room with Surge. Surge and Dust didn't become friends, as the two had very different ideas about how to dress.

    During the first field training, Dust used her powers to mask the maze from the New Mutants' view. When the Hellions and Wind Dancer (now Renascence) went to break Kevin Ford out of jail, Dust went because she was obliged to do so as a member of the team and because Julian had said so.

    But when they got there, the New Mutants managed to talk Wind Dancer around, so the Hellions (without Icarus) and the New Mutants (with Icarus) battle. Firstly, Dust battled Surge, but Prodigy instructed Surge to switch places with Wind Dancer, and Wind Dancer used her powers to send Dust out of the battle. It was later revealed that she was flung back to the Institute, where her niqab veil and abaya had lost, so she was naked. But, Icarus asked Surge to take her another, as only a girl could see her without her clothes. Dust also began to develop a good relationship with Icarus during this time. Dust also attended Northstar's funeral after he was killed by Wolverine. Afterwards, Icarus asks Dust to the dance, but she turns him down because she doesn't feel comfortable with the idea of a dance. Dust battles the Blob with the others.

    Childhood's End

    For further details see: Childhood's End

    New X-Men
    New X-Men

    Dust was one of 27 students of the Institute who retained their mutant powers after M-Day.

    After the chaos in the Mansion and a brief argument between Hellion and Surge, Dust with the other Hellions, followed the New Mutants to the Danger Cave, a cave that performs similar tasks as the Danger Room although only with previous X-Missions, built by Prodigy. After some messing around with the Danger Cave, Dust asks whether they could stop, and they all leave. In this arc, it is revealed that Surge had moved out of her and Dust's room, so Dust is given a new room mate, X-23. Later, Emma Frost organizes a battle between the remaining powered students, with the winners being drafted into the New X-Men team. Dust battles Indra, and then she is seen again at the end of the battle as one of the winners, and she is drafted into the New X-Men team.


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    In the first issue of this arc, Dust and the other New X-Men have a training exercise where they have to take down Colossus, but when she is instructed to attack by Hellion (who is not the leader of the team), she is quickly taken out when Colossus lifts up a water pipe from below and sprays her with it. During this arc, Reverend William Stryker targeted the Xavier Institute, because he believed that God had sent the Decimation and it was his job to kill the rest of the mutants. Icarus had his wings amputated by Stryker, because he believed that if he gave up his wings, his friends would be saved. Icarus went to see Stryker again, but before he did, he gave a note to Dust, asking her to come to this address. X-23 said that it was a trap, but Dust didn't believe her. At the address, and the Purifiers see Dust arriving and they open fire. Stryker allows Icarus to see this, and then Stryker kills him (this is all because in Nimrod's data banks, Dust killed all the Purifiers as the invaded the Institute). But Dust wasn't shot, but knocked out and left on her and X-23's bathroom floor by X-23. X-23 took her niqab and abaya and left her just in her underwear. Dust went outside to find Mercury and Rockslide battling Purifiers, and after Rockslide realised that Dust wasn't wearing her abaya and niqab and that he couldn't look at her, she said "Turaab" and turned to Dust, and ripped the skin off the Purifiers.

    Note: Dust also attended the other students' funerals during this arc, and prayed for them.


    For further details see: Nimrod

    Destroying Nimrod
    Destroying Nimrod

    Dust, together with X-23, Cyclops and the Stepford Cuckoos, in Cerebra as they searched for Jay. Dust was very distraught, blaming herself for his disappearance (although he was actually killed). However, X-23 told her she would have been killed if she had followed him. When the New X-Men eavesdropped on Cyclops and Ms. Marvel, it was revealed that Icarus is dead, and Dust began to cry. Later, they tried to put the clues together to figure out who the new enemy was, and David figured out it's Nimrod.

    The New X-Men headed to Texas to save Forge. After the Blackbird they were in was crashed by Nimrod, the team entered Eagle Plaza. After a brief battle with several robots, an explosion was set off. Luckily, the group and Forge were saved by Hellion, but he got a concussion, and Dust cradled him in her arms. When Nimrod got closer, she battled him for a while along various others of the team, but was then dispatched by a beam he fired.

    When Lucinda Guthrie came to collect Icarus's body, Dust ran to her and broke down in front of her in tears.

    Mercury Falling

    For further details see: Mercury Falling

    Dust is seen in this arc talking to Emma Frost, where Emma told Dust that she still had no luck finding Dust's mother. She is then seen asking Pixie about X-23 and Hellion, where she learnt that X-23 came out of the old Morlock Sewer entrance all bloody, and then there was a big noise, and no one had seen them since.

    Later outside, Dust prepared to leave to look for her teammates along with Rockslide and Surge, but they were all called inside. She then battled.

    Quest For Magik

    For further details see: Quest For Magik

    Dust and Mercury vs Belasco
    Dust and Mercury vs Belasco

    Dust is first seen in this arc praying in her room, but was then pulled into Limbo with the other students. In Limbo, she was held captive together with Mercury and Prodigy. After realizing that she was in hell and out of Allah's sight, she and the other two were interrogated by Belasco, who asked about Illyana Rasputin. Belasco was able to sense that the three of them had been near her, but this was only true in the House of M reality, which none of them remembered.

    Belasco ripped out Prodigy's heart, and as Mercury and Dust watched in shock, they were freed from their restraints by X-23 who told them to fight. She was quickly disposed of by Belasco, but Mercury and Dust fought back hard, and luckily for them, their mutant forms were resistant to magic. The two managed to hold Belasco off until he was stopped.

    Dust's shoulder was dislocated during the battle with Belasco, but it was cured by Beast in the medical bay of the Institute. She was in quite a bit of pain, but didn't want to cause any fuss by asking someone to help. There, Pixie asked why she still wore her burqa even after everyone had seen her without it. Nezhno then answered her question, correcting Pixie by telling her that it wasn't a burqa but rather an abaya with a niqab veil, and asked Pixie to respect Dust by learning more about her.

    When Surge went around asking about what happened to David in Limbo, Dust told her that he broke a rib, but Elixir healed him. We then see Matthew Risman leading Predator X to Dust, because she severely disfigured his face when she attacked the Purifiers at the mansion.

    World War Hulk and Messiah CompleX

    For further details see: World War Hulk and Messiah Complex

    Dust fought the Hulk with the other New X-Men in World War Hulk. She was quickly taken out by the Hulk when he lifted a pipe from underground, spraying her with water.

    During Messiah Complex, Dust stayed behind, choosing not to take part in attacking the Purifiers without permission. When Cyclops asked, she used her powers to enter and investigate the inside of a Sentinel, only to be flushed out by it's mutated pilot. She then helped in the final battle by taking down Exodus while Emma Frost distracted him using her telepathy.

    Young X-Men

    Young X-Men
    Young X-Men

    For further details see: Young X-Men

    After the X-Men "disbanded", Dust returned to Afghanistan, and as seen in the first issue of the new series, the Young X-Men protected a small village from invading members of the Taliban. She was then recruited for the new team by Cyclops, along with old friends such as Rockslide. Her first assigned mission was to track down Magma, along with Rockslide and Wolf Cub, and "apprehend" her. During the fight, Amara used her powers on Sooraya, turning her into glass. She remained that way until Greymalkin challenged Donald Pierce and accidentally knocked into her, shattering the glass form. However, Magma was able to use her powers to restore Sooraya, and in the end, they took down Donald Pierce, but at the cost of Wolf Cub's life.

    With the news that one of the team members was not a mutant, Dust began to have regular conversations with the incarcerated Donald Pierce, who was surprisingly not hostile towards her. Through these conversations, it was also revealed that Sooraya was dying, and part of her arm was shown to be in glass form in her next appearance. With Beast's help, she was able to determine how much time she had left. After speaking with Donald Pierce about this, he offered her a cure in exchange for his release. Agreeing, Dust freed Pierce and together they attempted to escape. But when the X-Men stopped them, Pierce demanded that Dust help him fight off the X-Men. Unwilling to betray the X-Men, Dust turned on Pierce and fought Pierce alongside the X-Men and the Young X-Men. Unfortunately, the strain on her cellular structure was too much, and she seemingly died in Moonstar's arms. While Rockslide went into a berserk rage attacking Pierce, new teammate Ink exhausted himself using the powers of his newly acquired Phoenix tattoo to heal Sooraya. Once revived she rejoined her teammates to continue on as the junior X-Men.


    For further detail see: Necrosha

    Sooraya was with Emma Frost and Mercury during the Necrosha event. She was shown fighting Wither until Onyxx came and tried to help her. Sadly, he was killed by Wither.

    All that was left of him was his helmet, on which Sooraya mourned deeply.

    Second Coming

    For further details see: Second Coming

    Cyclops tasked Rockslide, Dust, Namor and Colossus to guard the purple portal in San Francisco at the Golden Gate Bridge, as they were the strongest X-Men he had.

    The Stepford Cuckoos informed Cyclops of another arrival of the future Sentinels coming from the portal, in which Dust and her teammates got ready for battle.

    She was later shown in other issues fighting Nimrods, waiting for the X-Force team to return from the future, seeing Cable explode, and witnessing Hope releasing the Phoenix and fighting Bastion.

    Wolverine goes to Hell

    For further details see: Wolverine goes to Hell

    After Second Coming, X-23 approached Dust, Hellion, Anole, Surge and Rockslide after they recovered from the party they had the previous night. Quickly, Surge started to insult Laura with Rockslide on her side, but Dust and Anole took X-23's side.

    Hellion told Surge to shut up and talked to Laura, in which they started to have a moment. Surge and Rockslide start to be disgusted by it, but Dust disagrees and says that it was beautiful. Surge confronted Laura on her involvement with the recently revealed secret team of X-Force, and accusing her of never actually being their friends.

    Surprisingly, Dust defended X-23 and said that Surge was jealous and a "b****". Anole backed up Dust and says that Laura was just scared. Surge started to power up, assuming that she was going to start a fight with X-23, only to have Cyclops break it up.

    Curse of the Mutants

    For further details see: Curse of the Mutants

    Soon after Second coming, the X-Men had to deal with the threat of a vampire invasion. When the invasion escalated and the vampires descended on Utopia, Cyclops was ready. He had a majority of the mutants in lock down, while he kept a team above ground call "Tough Skin", which consisted of all mutants who couldn't be bitten, such as Dust, Magma, Bling!, Mercury, Rockslide, Armor, Husk and Emma Frost.

    Post Age of X

    Once reality had been restored by Legion, Sooraya was one of the many residents of Utopia that wished to have the memories she experienced over the 7 days suppressed. She did not like the person she was there, being harsh and cruel. She wanted the memory of that person gone.

    First To Last

    For further detail's see: First to Last

    Dust was among the New X-Men members that protected Cyclops during the attack on Utopia by the Evolutionaries. Dust was also among the students that saved Irma from the attack of Masque, Toad, Dragoness, Bliss and Litterbug.

    Schism and Re-genesis

    Schism 4
    Schism 4

    After the attack by Kid Omega on the World Leaders at the arms conference, Dust was seen with many of the X-Men and younger X-Men attending the opening of the Mutant Museum in San Francisco. When the new Hellfire Club attacked, she along with everyone else was knocked unconscious.

    She was then seen again with the Five Lights and New X-Men discussing the attack and the approaching Sentinel. When the Sentinel reached Utopia, Dust joined in the fight and helped defeat Sentinel with the other students, Cyclops and Wolverine. Following the fallout and schism within the X-Men, Dust decided to remain on Utopia as a recruit and trained with the X-Men Street Team.

    Powers and Abilities


    Dust can transform into a cloud of sand or dust. In this form she can propel herself through the air at great speeds. This form makes her particularly dangerous, as the microscopic edges of the sand particles act as tiny blades, stripping the flesh off an opponent. She can use this form to move through cracks and crevices, allowing her to venture where others may not be able to. According to several people, Dust's dust form is very hard to detect and effect telepathically. Dust's main weakness is water, but has also been shown to have a vulnerability to air. Even though Dust can control her dust cloud, it can be controlled by others who have abilities such as Telekinesis or Aerokinesis. Dust's dust form is resistant to magic, according to Belasco. She is also weak against fire, as shown when she was turned into glass, as sand turns into glass at extreme heat.

    Dust's belief system does not approve of showing the outline of her body. Instead of wearing a super hero costume, she only wears an abaya and a niqab veil. However, since she has joined Young X-Men, Dust has worn yellow tassels/bands on top of her traditional abaya and niqab veil.

    Alternate Earths

    House Of M - Earth-58163

    House of M - In this reality, Dust was extremely different, no longer did she wear he traditional Muslim clothing, she wore crop tops and tight jeans and was Jubilee ( Jubilee)'s best friend. They were both referred to as the 'shallow twins' and their main interests seemed to be the mall, fashion and boys.

    House of M
    House of M

    She never prayed or made reference to 'Allah' at all in this storyline and she seemed more American/Californian than Sunni. During a fight Dust had with Jubilee (enraged by the pheromones Wallflower sent her way to make Dust want to kill Jubilee), Dust denounced Jubilee, saying 'You claim to be my friend, but look at me, I'm a JOKE! I remember my life before I came to America, I had faith, I had MORALS' to which Jubilee (unaffected by the pheromones at the time) replied 'I helped you fit in' which is when Dust started using her powers against Jubilee and Dust exclaimed 'Fit in? You made me PATHETIC, a shallow mall rat like YOU, I'll KILL you!' Wallflower was killed by Mercury which ended the fight and Dust begged Jubilee for forgiveness, but what was said during the fight is the only reference made about how Dust is currently living in the original timeline/reality... with her strong faith and morals. Dust also seemed to be more aggressive in this alternate reality, and a lot less withdrawn.

    X-Men The End

    In this reality Dust is only really seen in the background as herself. When Stryfe, Genesis and Madelyne Pryor attack the mansion, Dust follows Madelyne into the office where she confronts her. Dust seemingly kills Madelyne by stripping the flesh off of her bones, leaving just a skeleton behind.

    For the rest of the story arc Dust is always helping Cyclops with what is needed and states that her mission is to look after him and to prevent him from harm. Dust is eventually revealed to be Madelyne Pryor the whole time, Dust had been killed instead of her in the office, the reason she was protecting Cyclops is that she saw it as her right to kill him instead of anyone else.

    Young X-Men End of Days

    Dust - End of Days
    Dust - End of Days

    In this reality, Dust has become a villain. She calls mutants a plague that she must eradicate. The last living mutants are Anole, Graymalkin, Wolverine and Diamond Heart (aka Emma Frost).

    At the last stand, she kills Wolverine, who willing dies. she proceeds to kill the other three. She claims it is not personal, but Emma blows that off. Then it is just Dust and Ink. She blame Ink for the way she is, that when he revived her, she lost her soul.

    Age Of X

    Dust was once part of a mutant underground railway used to save mutants from death. One day her, and many other mutants, were trapped in a building surrounded by Graydon Creed's forces, but were saved by Magneto.

    She then took shelter in Fortress X and helps fight off the invading human forces. She is also part of the team called The New Mutants on the island, who are sent to take down Legacy (A.K.A. Rogue)

    In Other Media


    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Wolverine and the X-men
    Wolverine and the X-men

    Dust was rescued by the X-Men from the prison together with Boom-Boom, Pyro and the other mutants. After she has been freed, she helped the X-Men, Boom-Boom and Pyro on fighting the army troops the aims to get them back to jail. Dust transformed into a giant shaped dust that ruined the troop's plan. She was then found on Genosha. After seeing Nightcrawler, she follows him and when she grabbed the right opportunity, she warned Kurt that Magneto is just pretending to be good and he have plans. Nightcrawler tried to get more information but what Sooraya gave was only her name and then she transformed into a dust and flew away. She was then imprisoned in Genosha after Magneto discovered what she said to Kurt.


    Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

    Dust appears in Deadpool's ending of the game, appearing as one of the people to come and celebrate his victory over Galactus. Her presence is odd as she is the only character to appear in the ending that isn't a playable character.

    X-Men Legends 2 : Rise Of Apocalypse

    Mods have been made for dust on which allow her to be a playable character.

    X-men: Battle of the Atom

    X-men: Battle of the Atom
    X-men: Battle of the Atom

    Dust is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

    • Dust
    • [Hellions] Dust
    • [Utopia Defender] Dust

    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Marvel: War of Heroes
    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Dust appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [Dust to Dust] Dust

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