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    The Paragons training squad is one of the many training squads of The Xavier Institute.

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    The Paragons was a training squad advised by Wolfsbane. After sometime it was revealed that Wolfsbane and a student, Elixir, had been having a romantic relationship. With this, Wolfsbane left the Institute, leaving the squad to be advised by Magma.


    Yearbook Photo
    Yearbook Photo
    • Wolfsbane was the original advisor of the squad. She is able to transform herself into a wolf, while retaining most of her human intelligence, or into a transitional werewolf-like form.
    • Magma was Wolfsbane's replacement. She is able to manipulate fire and earth.
    • Match was the squad's field leader. Match has the mutant ability of pyrokinesis. (ability to manipulate fire)
    • Pixie possesses rainbow-colored wings and produces a dust that causes hallucinations.
    • Wolf Cub is permanently in a lycantrophic state. He posses razor sharp claws and enhanced senses. (Deceased)
    • Trance has the power of astral projection that causes energy damage.
    • DJ had the ability to manipulate different kinds of energy based on the kind of music he’s listening to. (Depowered / Deceased)
    • Preview had precognitive powers. (Depowered)

    After the events of M-Day, Match, Pixie, Wolf Cub, and Trance retained their powers, along with both of the advisors.



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