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Rumors of the horrors and atrocities taking place in Emperor Sunfire’s Japan force the New Mutants to go against their orders and protect the Human Rebellion. However, a traitor in their midst might make this mission a failure before it can even begin! Part 2 (of 4).

As the SHIELD squad called the Hellions track down the human terrorists in Japan looking for some answers regarding their attack on the New Mutant Leadership Institute, Noriko Ashida AKA Surge learns some hard truths about the lengths that SHIELD will go to maintain Magneto’s grip on the world. She witnesses the torture of Cameron Hodge by SHIELD agents, Wither and Josh Foley. She steps in and stops them but Hodge insists that she escape and try to help her father with the knowledge he passes along to her. He begs her to kill him rather than leave him as SHIELD’s captive. Surge reluctantly agrees to Hodge’s demands, unaware that her every move is being trailed by SHIELD. She goes to the New Mutant Leadership Institute and recruits help from Prodigy, Wallflower and Mercury. Sophie, Jubilee and Dust insist on tagging along as well. The small band of mutants head to Japan and surrender themselves to the human terrorists. Meanwhile, SHIELD investigates Project Genesis and find themselves at odds with Emperor Sunfire who insists the project is of little importance. He also reveals that he considers Surge his own child since it was he who removed her from her sapien parents and insured her bright future.

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