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    Dryad was a member of Corsairs up until she was depowered on M-Day, and killed in the attacks that followed.

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     Callie Betto
     Callie Betto

    Dryad is a mutant and daughter of famous mutant landscaper Giancarlo Betto. Because they shared the same mutation they also shared a special bond.  Because she came from a family of mutants, it was always assumed she would one day develop a power so she did not have to deal with the same bigotry that many mutants do. When her powers did activate she went to go to the Xavier Institute in hope of coping with her newfound powers. She luckily already soon made a few good friends and she was placed into a mutant training-squad, the Corsairs

    Major Story Arcs

    Squad System


    All the new mutants attending the school where put into special training-squads. Callie was brought in a sqyad under Cyclops' leadership, named the Corsairs (most likely because Cyclops' father took this name when he became a space-pirat). Callie took the superhero name of Dryad when on missions. Already on the first training day session, Dryad and her team made a name for themselves. While the New Mutants and the Hellions were fighting each other during a trainingcourse, the Corsairs, including Dryad, were doing very well in the competition. Eventually however the team would  lose to the Hellions-squad.

    M-Day and Childhood Lost

    After the events of M-Day, Dryad was one of the many mutants to have lost her powers. Emma Frost ordered that all the depowered students should leave and go back to their own families. After saying good bye to her friend Surge she boarded the bus to leave. The bus would be destroyed by the Purifiers and Dryad was killed. 


    Callie was gifted with the ability to communicate with and control plant life. She has learned to better hone these natural abilities by training with her father, famous mutant landscaper Giancarlo Betto who is credited for the Hedge Maze in the back of the institute.

    Plant Control – Dryad can slow down, speed up, or reverse the growth rate of any plant within a twenty foot radius. She most commonly uses this power in combat, using vines and roots to wrap themselves around her opponents.

    Plant Communication – Callie can communicate with plants as a telepath does with other people. (However, a plant cannot communicate with her if she had closed her mental link to them in her mind.) She rarely uses this power, and is even forgotten at times.

    Dryad has very good control over her mutation, and is well versed in the use of her powers because when her powers first manifested she was fortunate enough to know someone with the same gift. Her father, however, only trained her in the use of her powers for practical use, such as tending gardens or creating floral landscapes. (Giacarlo is a professional landscaper.) Unfortunately, she is not well adjusted for the use of her powers on the battlefield. While she knows the mechanics of her powers and such, she doesn’t have a good handle of translating her knowledge on the battlefield. As a result, she tends to only use her ability to control vines while in fights.

    Potentially, Dyad could do so much with her powers. She could learn to create and fully animate plants into complex structures such as animal shaped hedges.. Furthermore, she could learn to combine different types of plants to alter density and mass of the combined plants for whatever objective she needs accomplished. 

    Alternate Realities

    Too Much Information

    In this reality, created by Emma amplifying Moonstars Illusion powers, Prodigy has had his mental blocks, that kept him from retaining hos knowledge, removed. The events after lead to the death of Elixir and Dust. The Hellions are terrorists and Dryad is an X-Men. She is kill with several other X-Men on a  satellite. Prodigy killed them to prevent them from interfering with his plan to destroy China.


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