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“THE EARTH DIES SCREAMING!” Nekron, lord of the unliving, creates a solar flare that threatens to wipe Midway City off the map! Wonder Woman and Hawkman team up to evacuate the city before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Atom and Aquaman attempt to lure Nekron to the Justice League satellite!

Nekron declares that the Hawkman is the only hero who can save Midway City, from a massive solar prominence. The Hawkman refuses to risk his life to save his city. Wonder Woman binds the Hawkman in her Lasso of Truth, then compels him to save Midway City. The Flash beams up to the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America. Wonder Woman discovers that the solar prominence goes out of phase with reality, whenever she tries to stop it. Nekron has engineered the threat in such a way that only the Hawkman can affect the solar prominence. Wonder Woman refuses to compel the Hawkman to sacrifice his life, to save Midway City. Instead, the Hawkman, and Wonder Woman, begin evacuation procedures, in Midway City. Aquaman and the Red Tornado beam up to the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America.

The Red Tornado notices that the Justice League of America is behaving strangely. The Flash announces his intention to resign from the Justice League of America. In a routine encounter with his arch-nemesis, Captain Cold, the Flash suddenly had a vision of his own death, at Captain Cold's hands. The Flash broke off their conflict, and decided to retire, too afraid to risk his life any longer. The Justice League of America explain what has happened to the Flash, then notice that the Red Tornado is no longer among them. A Guardian of The Universe appears before the Justice League of America. The Guardian of the Universe reveals the fate of the Green Lantern, then tasks the Justice League of America with stopping Nekron. The Black Canary draws the Justice League of America's attention to one of their monitors.

The Red Tornado, disguised as the Hawkman, sacrifices his life to stop the solar prominence, and save Midway City. The Guardian of the Universe reveals all pertinent information regarding Nekron. Wonder Woman beams aboard the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America, and offers her condolences regarding the Red Tornado. The Flash, and Superman, seek out the Green Lantern, and his power battery. Nekron, however, has left behind a construct to keep the Justice League of America from recovering the power battery. The Batman, the Elongated Man, the Green Arrow and Wonder Woman confront Nekron, in Paris. Wonder Woman wraps her Lasso of Truth around her teammates, to compel them to overcome their irrational fear regarding risking their lives. The Batman attacks Nekron.

Wonder Woman lassos the Eiffel Tower, to keep it from toppling over. While Superman battles Nekorn's construct, the Flash locates the Green Lantern's invisible power battery. The Flash violently slaps the Green Lantern back into consciousness. The Flash forces the still groggy Green Lantern to recite his oath, and charge his power ring. Superman is struck down. The Flash, combining his own will with that of the Green Lantern, uses the power ring to destroy Nekron's construct. The Green Arrow, with the Batman's assistance, disarms Nekron. The Flash and Superman, return to the satellite, with the Green Lantern's unconscious body. The Atom uses the Green Lantern's power ring to boost Aquaman's telepathic powers. Aquaman begins broadcasting images of Superman's death into the Man of Steel's mind.

The Flash, with the Green Lantern's power ring, joins the Justice League of America in Paris. Nekron is on the verge of murdering the Batman. The Green Arrow calls to the Flash for aid, but the Flash balks, fearing he, himself, will die in the conflict. Wonder Woman wraps her Lasso of Truth around the Flash, to compel him to use the power ring against Nekron. The Black Canary transports Nekron to the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America. Weakened by his battle with the Justice League of America, Nekron is immediately drawn to the waves of terror emanating off the Man of Steel. Nekorn feeds off of Superman's fear, replenishing his strength. So great is Superman's fear that Nekron indulges himself, ultimately overdosing on Superman's terror. Nekron shrinks and shrivels up. The Justice League of America incarcerate Nekron. With the crisis passed, the Justice League of America mourn the loss of the Red Tornado.


  • The cover is homaged in the future.

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