Lasso of Truth

    Object » Lasso of Truth appears in 1868 issues.

    The Lasso of Truth is a weapon wielded by Wonder Woman. Anybody confined by the lasso is compelled to tell the truth.

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    The Lasso of Truth, explained by its name, forces people to tell the truth, by the Fires of Hestia and was forged by the Golden Girdle of Gaea. It is able to restore people's lost memories, get rid of illusions, heal the holder's body (in this case, Wonder Woman), cure insanity, and people who are in its circumference will be protected from magical attacks. It is unbreakable, being able to hold anybody, even someone with the strength equivalent to Superman. The lasso also seems to be able to increase in length to an unknown degree, depending on the situation. Throughout the years, different artist have depicted the lasso as a simple piece of rope to a fiery, glowing rope which emphasizes the amount of power the lasso can unleash. the lasso also has the quality that any device caught in it maintains its structural integrity despite the pressure of having a a piece of rope wrapped around something. In this way Wonder Woman has been able to hold a submarine, a skyscraper and even the planet Earth in her grasp without those objects breaking. There are only three ways to escape from the lasso, either the bearer releases it, the captured individual dies, or a god or other divine entity releases it. In line with the first method is it possible still to attack the person holding the lasso and force them to release it in this way.

    There is a fair amount of precedent that any statement made in the presence of the lasso is inadmissible in court as it is brought forth by coercion. Jonah, for example, uses this tactic in Wonder Woman #220.

    In the golden age the lasso was often used in less realistic ways - as a whip to create pressurized air to stop people from falling, as a part of intricate pulley systems, and woven together to form a shield. Also golden age Wonder Woman if bound by the lasso was forced to do as the person who bound her ordered.

    For some time the lasso warned Diana of an incoming danger by moving itself.

    In the comic "Wonder Woman: Amazonia" Wonder Woman has no Lasso of Truth.

    In the graphic novel "Superman: Red Son" Wonder Woman carries the Lasso on her left hip

    From issue #93 to #100 Wonder Woman didn't have a lasso of truth.

    The genetically engineered monster known as Genocide steal the Lasso of Truth and has it embedded into her skin to use against Wonder Woman.


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