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An Alien by definition is any object or being that is in another place to where it was created or born. Often the term Alien is applied to any race of beings from another planet arriving on earth or a planet colonized by Human-beings (even the local inhabitants of that planet maybe referred to as aliens by the humans even though strictly by definition the human are the aliens).

Aliens may be benign or aggressive and are a popular protagonist in modern science fiction and culture in general.

Alien can also refer to the other-worldly i.e. things that do not resemble the normal and recognizable.

Popular concepts around aliens

  • Aliens living amongst humans
  • Alien Invasion of human colonies and earth itself
  • War between alien races and gog
  • Discovery or gifting of alien technology
  • Exploration of extinct races
  • Examination of alien knowledge for understanding and betterment of mankind
  • Abduction by aliens and/or experimentation on humans
  • Survival where a single being or small group battle to survive in an alien environment

Some of the most famous alien races are listed below:

[Key: "Species" - "Notable members of that race"]

List of Alien Species


DC Comics





Mass Effect

Star Trek

Star Wars





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