Midway City

    Location » Midway City appears in 151 issues.

    Home of Hawkman, Hawkgirl and the former the Doom Patrol.

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    Midway City was the home of the Silver Age Hawkman and Hawkwoman, as well as the first home of the Doom Patrol. It was based on Chicago, however it has also been stated to be located in Michigan.

    Points of Interest

    • Bi-State Tunnel
    • The Graphic
    • Grinder's Bluff
    • Hawk Valley
    • Mount Tobar Observatory
    • Channelview
    • Doom Patrol Headquarters
    • Downtown Business District
    • Hyathis Corporation
    • Industrial District
    • Police Headquarters
    • Slumville
    • Midway City Museum is one of the country's largest museums and has an extensive collection of Egyptian artifacts and weaponry. When the curator retires, his brother, Commissioner George Emmet, is able to get Katar and Shayera Hol to take his place.


    • Midway City Chiefs: Baseball
    • Midway City Cardinals: Football
    • Midway City Sprints: Basketball
    • Midway Wolverines: Hockey

    During Final Crisis, Midway City is attacked. Many people were killed and most of the city was wrecked.

    In Other Media

    • The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure Hawkman animated shorts took place in Midway City
    • Midway City Museum was featured in the Justice League Unlimited Episode 'Ancient History'.

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