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“THE COSMIC CONSPIRACY AGAINST ADAM STRANGE!” Returning to their satellite headquarters after their adventure with Adam Strange, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Flash are transformed into invisible wraiths by Adam's excess Zeta energy!

"The Cosmic Conspiracy Against Adam Strange!"

The Justice League of America are missing five members. The Green Lantern uses his power ring to search the entire solar system, but can find no trace of his missing teammates. Unbeknownst to the Justice League of America, their teammates are there, beside them, as phantoms. Adam Strange teleports aboard the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America. Adam Strange apologizes, to the phantom members of the Justice League of America, for inadvertently causing their dilemma. Adam Strange reveals, to the Justice League of America, that their missing members had traveled to the 73rd century to aid Adam Strange.

A build up of zeta beam radiation had driven Adam Strange insane. The Justice League of America absorbed the excess zeta beam radiation, during the course of their conflict with Adam Strange. Regaining his sanity, Adam Strange, and the Justice League of America, returned to their proper era, and the planet, Rann. After the Justice League of America departed Rann, for Earth, Kanjar Ro confronted Adam Strange. It was Kanjar Ro who had altered the zeta beam radiation in Adam Strange's body, drawing him to Earth's future. Kanjar Ro knew the Justice League of America would journey into the future to aid Adam Strange, and thus absorb the zeta beam radiation into themselves.

All seemed right on Rann, but upon returning to Earth, the zeta beam radiation had transformed the Justice League of America into phantoms. Wonder Woman sees one of the satellite systems about to overload, behind the Green Lantern. The Flash races to his best friend's rescue, despite the fact that, in his phantasmal state, he can do nothing to save the Green Lantern. An explosion seemingly kills the Green Lantern. As the smoke clears, however, the Justice League of America see the Green Lantern, alive and well, standing next to the Flash. Adam Strange surmises that seeing his teammate in mortal peril has, somehow, neutralized the zeta beam radiation in the Flash's body.

Kanjar Ro dares the Justice League of America to come to the 73rd century, and face him. To make certain the phantasmal members travel with the rest of the Justice League of America, the Green Lantern transports their entire satellite headquarters into the future. The Justice League of America find the streets of the city deserted. Suddenly, they come under attack by a literal army of armed men, and women. Adam Strange flies back to the Justice League of America's satellite headquarters. The battle had not gone well. The Green Lantern quickly discovered that his foes' bodies turned yellow, a split instant before his emerald beam could affect them.

The Black Canary's foes were able to counter every martial arts maneuver she attempted. The Green Arrow's foes were able to outshoot him. The Hawkman's foes combined his own aerial prowess, with the Flash's super-human speed, for an unbeatable combination. One that also proved to be too much for the Flash. Seeing their teamates in mortal peril, the phantasmal members of the Justice League of America leapt to their defense. Superman found, however, that he did not materialize when faced with the Green Lantern's peril. Nor did Aquaman materialize when faced with the Hawkman's peril.

Wonder Woman remained helpless to offer aid to the Flash, or the Green Arrow. The Batman could do nothing to stop the attacks on the Black Canary. Realizing that he had guessed wrong about how the Flash was able to materialize back into the real world, Adam Strange mounts an investigation on the satellite. Adam Strange discovers a concentration of beta particles where the Flash materialized. Adam Strange realizes that Kanjar Ro placed the Green Lantern in jeopardy, then restored the Flash to normal, to misdirect the Justice League of America, leading them to their doom.

Adam Strange bathes the phantasmal members of the Justice League of America with beta rays, restoring them to normal. Once Superman has disarmed the entire army, the Justice League of America achieve an easy victory over their foes. The Green Lantern, of the 73rd century, congratulates Adam Strange, for saving the day, while also revealing that Kanjar Ro has fled. Adam Strange hurls a yellow rock at the future Green Lantern, revealing him to be Kanjar Ro. Superman punches Kanjar Ro into unconsciousness.

"The Ice Age Cometh!"

The Justice League of America are summoned to Ecuador, by the country's president, Estebon Corazon. Ecuador's tropical climate has become arctic, and the country is freezing over. The Justice League of America begin rescue operations to combat the sudden polar climate, while also saving the populace. Despite their best efforts, however, there seems to be nothing they can do to restore the natural climate. Corazon clues the Justice League of America in on a jewel heist, perpetrated by Captain Cold, the Icicle, and Minister Blizzard.

The Black Canary, the Flash, the Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman head to Gotham City to investigate the crime. Having already stolen the Minerva Diamond, the three criminals return to the scene of the crime, to steal the Star of Calcutta. The Black Canary attacks the Icicle. The Flash runs headlong, at top speed, into a wall of ice, generated by Captain Cold. Wonder Woman attacks Minister Blizzard. An errant shot takes out the lights. The Icicle is on the verge of freezing the Black Canary in a block of ice, when she frees herself with her sonic scream.

The Green Arrow takes down the Icicle, much to the Black Canary's chagrin. Wonder Woman binds Captain Cold in her Lasso of Truth, ordering him to turn his weapon on Minister Blizzard. MInister Blizzard attempts to outshoot Captain Cold, but both villains end up freezing one another solid. Wonder Woman snipes at the Flash for coming up short in the conflict. The Star of Calcutta disappears. The Atom bemoans his uselessness, in the face of Ecuador's crisis. THe Justice League of America re-assembles.

The defeat of the cold-themed villains had no restorative effect on Ecuador. The Hawkman realizes that their crimes were a misdirection from the true culprit, the Shadow Thief. The Shadow Thief uses technology that destroys Earth's magnetic field. Left unchecked, it could trigger another ice age. The Atom, the Green Lantern, and the Hawkman return to Gotham City, with the Black Canary, the Flash, the Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman. Arriving at the prison to interrogate Minister Blizzard, the Justice League of America discovers that the three crooks are out of their cells.

This time, the Black Canary beats down the Icicle. The Hawkman throws the Atom into Captain Cold's jaw. The Flash reveals the Shadow Thief. With his real body in another dimension, the Shadow Thief boasts that he has no problem leaving his technology on, plunging the world into another ice age. Before the Justice League of America can stop him, the Shadow Thief melts back into the shadows. Suddenly, the Phantom Stranger appears, impossibly holding onto the Shadow Thief. The Phantom Stranger shuts down the Shadow Thief's technology.

Wonder Woman takes a cheap shot at the Green Arrow, inciting the Atom, and the Black Canary against her. Unseen by the bickering members of the Justice League of America, the Phantom Stranger vanishes. With the crooks in jail, and the crisis over, Ecuador's climate slowly returns to normal.


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