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    The trick arrow is an item that comes in various forms that can be used for a number of situations. Trick Arrows give Archers in the Comic Universe the advantage they need to fight alongside (or against) super-powered beings.

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    There have been a handful of characters who fight crime using archery. Some of them use similar techniques, but they also have unique gimmicks based around the otherwise simple concept of a bow and arrow. Although most defy the laws of physics they are able to fire with master accuracy. Undoubtedly the Trick Arrow is more closely associated with Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) than any other character. Green Arrow first started using trick arrows when he was stranded on a desert island. he created a very crude net arrow made out of vines to catch fish, and a drill arrow using the elastic from his socks to get coconuts for dinner. This was the birth of the Trick Arrow. However, there have been others who have used Trick Arrows.

    Some of the more famous ones are:

    Below are lists of arrows (in alphabetical order) that have been used by Green Arrow, Speedy, Arsenal and Connor Hawke of the Green Arrow family.

    Green Arrow's Trick Arrows (DC)

    Some More Tricks
    Some More Tricks
    • Acetylene Arrow
    • Acid Arrow
    • Antler Arrow
    • Atomic Warhead Arrow
    • Avalanche Arrow
    • Baby Rattle Arrow
    • Bait Arrow
    • Balloon Arrow
    • Battering Ram Arrow
    • Bloodhound Arrow
    • Bola Arrow
    • Boomerang Arrow
    • Boxing Glove Arrow
    • Bubblegum Arrow
    • Buzzsaw Arrow
    • Cable Arrow
    • Chimney Sweep Arrow
    • Cocoon Arrow
    • Diamond Tipped Arrow
    • Donut Arrow
    • Drill Arrow
    • Electronics Arrow
    • EMP Arrow (First used in the episode "Reunion." in Smallville)
    • Exploding Arrow
    • Fan Arrow
    • Feedback Arrow
    • Fire Extinguisher Arrow
    • Flash Bang Arrow
    • Fountain Pen Arrow
    • Freezing Arrow
    • Glue Arrow
    • Grappling Hook Arrow
    • Greek Fire Arrow
    • Handcuff Arrow
    • Harpoon Arrow
    • Heli Spotter Arrow
    • Hoop Arrow
    • Ice Cutting Arrow
    • Ink Arrow
    • Jet Arrow
    • Kryptonite Arrow
    • Lariat Arrow
    • Magnesium Flare Arrow
    • Mini Arrow
    • Mummy Arrow
    • Net Arrow
    • Nth Metal Arrow (Used against supernatural Beings. Used in an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.)
    • Paintbrush Arrow
    • Parachute Arrow
    • Peppermint Stick Arrow
    • Psychedelic Arrow
    • Quantum Arrow (Two arrows fired simultaneously. First used in the JLU episode "Patriot Act.")
    • Rain Arrow
    • Reflector Arrow
    • Rope Arrow
    • Safe Cracking Arrow
    • Smokescreen Arrow
    • Sonic Arrow
    • Sun Arrow
    • Trap Arrow
    • Teargas Arrow
    • Tumbleweed Arrow
    • Umbrella Arrow

    Arrows he received from aliens

    • Cloud Seeding Arrow
    • Hypnotic Arrow
    • Vacuum Arrow
    • Sonar Arrow
    • Chill Arrow
    • Invisibility Arrow
    • Paralysis Arrow

    Arrows Green Arrow used when he was Robin Hood

    • Soot Arrow
    • Jousting Arrow
    • Falcon Arrow
    • Ox-Yoke Arrow

    These Arrows are from the Green Arrow's Around the World

    • Bowman of the Bush- Vine Arrow
    • Phantom of France- Luminescent Arrow
    • Polynesian Arrow- Lava Arrow

    Miss Arrowette's Arrows (DC)

    • Bubble Bath Arrow
    • Hair Pin Arrow
    • Hair Tint Arrow
    • Lotion Arrow
    • Nail File Arrow
    • Needle and Thread Arrow
    • Hair Net arrow
    • Powder-Puff arrow
    • Kerchief Arrow
    • Mascara Arrow
    • Mirror Arrow

    Merlyn's Arrows (DC)

    • Sonic Arrow

    Hawkeye's Arrows - (Marvel)

    Caught by Nylon Rope.
    Caught by Nylon Rope.
    • Acid Arrow
    • Adamantium Arrow
    • Adhesive Arrow
    • Blunt Arrow
    • Bola Arrow
    • Boomerang Arrow
    • Cable Arrow
    • Diamond-Tipped Arrow
    • Electric Arrow
    • Electromagnetic Pulse
    • Foam Arrow
    • Flare Arrow
    • Freeze Arrow
    • Glue Arrow
    • Hyper Sonic Arrow
    • I-Spy Special Arrow
    • Incendiary Arrow
    • Magnetic Arrow
    • Magno-volt Arrow
    • Matter Disruptor Arrow
    • Net Arrow
    • Nylon Rope Strands Arrow
    • Pym Particle Arrow
    • Rocket Arrow
    • Rust Arrows
    • Smoke Arrow
    • Suction Cup Arrow
    • Sulfur Arrow
    • Taser Arrow
    • Tear Gas Arrow
    • Thermal Arrow
    • Vibranium Arrow
    • Vibration Arrow

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