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“NO ONE ESCAPES THE MANHUNTERS!” Green Lantern is charged with the crime of the destruction of a planet and the powerful automatons known as the Manhunters plan to see that he is held accountable. Can the Justice League save their friend from the oldest law enforcement in the universe, and more importantly...should they?

"No Man Escapes the Manhunter!"

A Manhunter storms Bruce Wayne's penthouse apartment, attacking the Black Canary, the Green Arrow, and the Green Lantern. The Manhunter strikes down the Green Arrow, then the Black Canary. Putting up no resistance, the Green Lantern surrenders to the Manhunter. The Green Arrow launches a sonic arrow, only to see the Manhunter shatter it with one blow. The Manhunter subdues the Black Canary, and the Green Arrow. The Batman, standing vigil on the roof, hears the Manhunter moving through the brush. The Batman confronts the Manhunter. After a brief combat, the Manhunter throws the Batman off the roof. The Manhunter activates his transphere to escape. Superman, and Wonder Woman, spot the escaping Manhunter. Superman just manages to tear a piece off of the transphere before it vanishes. Superman orders Wonder Woman to summon the Flash. Upon arrival, Superman hands the piece of the transphere to the Flash, Superman has kept the fragment vibrating at the same frequency the transphere had when it vanished. The Flash matches his vibratory frequency to that of the fragment, and vanishes. The Batman rejoins his teammates. The Flash returns from the Himalayas. The transphere rematerialized just outside of Nepal. The Black Canary, the Green Arrow, and the Green Lantern are brought before the Grandmaster. The Manhunter, Mark Shaw, removes his mask and reports his failure. The Black Canary tackles Shaw. The Black Canary and the Green Arrow beat up Shaw. Again, the Green Lantern offers no resistance, or assistance. The Grandmaster subdues the Black Canary, the Green Arrow, and the Green Lantern. Shaw imprisons the three heroes. The Green Arrow demands to know why the Green Lantern is acting so submissive. The Justice League of America trigger a booby trap, seconds after arriving in the Himalayas. The Grandmaster confronts the Justice League of America. The walls of the Annihilogram began to close in on the Justice League of America. The Flash and Superman begin vibrating their molecules at super-human speed. Superman joins his molecular vibrations to the Flash's, allowing the Scarlet Speedster to escape pass through the walls of the Annihilogram. The Flash brings down the Grandmaster, then releases the Justice League of America. The Grandmaster agrees to take the Justice League of America to see the prisoners. The Green Lantern confesses that his actions have resulted in the destruction of an inhabited world, Orinda. The Grandmaster explains the purpose of the Manhunters. The Green Lantern provides further details to his tragic actions. A red moon in the Procyon system was generating intense magnetic waves, powerful enough to pull Orinda out of it's solar orbit. The Green Lantern tried to destroy the moon, only to see his power ring beam reflected into Orinda, destroying the planet, The Justice League of America determine to mount an investigation into the matter. The Grandmaster refuses to release the Black Canary, or the Green Arrow, holding them as collateral. The Justice League of America locate the red moon, right where the Green Lantern said it would be. The Justice League of America journey to the closest inhabited planet, Pinola. On Pinola, the Justice League of America encounter an angry mob trying to murder one of the Guardians of the Universe. The Flash rescues the Guardian of the Universe. The Justice League of America meet with Governor Tozad, who offers to assist with their investigation. It is Tozad who has hired the Manhunters to bring the Green lantern to justice. The Justice League of America, Tozad, and the Guardian of the Universe return to the red moon. A Guardian of the Universe blasts Shaw into unconsciousness. The Guardian of the Universe orders the Green Lantern to charge his ring, and escape. Reluctantly, the Green Lantern complies. Superman scans the red moon with his X-ray vision, discovering that the moon is entirely composed of a lead alloy. Something gleaming in the distance catches the Man of Steel's eye. Superman begins excavating a spot near where Mount of Moraga once stood. Suddenly, a magnosaurus crashes up to the surface. Tozad puts the blame for the magnetic disturbance, that drew the Green Lantern to the red moon, on the magnosaurus. The Justice League of America attempt to subdue the magnosaurus, but all their tactics fail. The Batman, in moment of clarity, realizes that the magnosaurus is an illusion. The Batman points out that the red moon is exactly where the Green Lantern said it would be. However, If Orinda had been destroyed, the red moon would no longer be in the same orbit. The Batman surmises that Orinda is still there, only cloaked. Seeing through the one illusion allowed him to see through the illusion of the magnosaurus, as well. The Guardian of the Universe reveals that Tozad is a Manhunter. The Guardian of the Universe reveals that the Manhunters created this ruse, as an opening gambit to destroy the Guardians of the Universe. The Flash, and Wonder Woman. are sent back to Earth, to aid the Green Lantern. The Batman, and Superman, continue their investigation on Pinola. The Grandmaster sends forth the call to action, to every Manhunter in every corner of the universe.

"Indestructible Creatures of Nightmare Island!"

A new feature, entitled "100 Issues Ago", provides a two-page spread, reprinted from a past issue of the Justice League of America, specifically Justice League of America #40 (November, 1965). A plot summary for this story can be found at the link

  • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Aquaman and "That Dirty Beach".
  • Siren Arrow used.

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