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“DEATH VISIONS OF THE JUSTICE LEAGUE!” On individual cases, the Justice League of America members experience visions of their own imminent deaths! As a result, they are filled with the resolve to quit the Justice League!

Superman orders Wonder Woman to voluntarily resign from the Justice League of America or be thrown out. Wonder Woman pleads her case, trying to get the Man of Steel to listen to reason. After a prolonged absence from the Justice League of America, Wonder Woman, finally, had returned to active duty. Her first day back, however, she found the team in the midst of disbanding. Questioning her teammates, Wonder Woman is told that the Justice League of America no longer felt the need to put their lives on the line for their fellow man. Superman elaborated. In a routine encounter with his arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor, Superman suddenly had a vision of his own death, at Luthor's hands. Convinced he would die, Superman abandoned the conflict.

The Batman told a similar story. In a routine encounter with drug dealers, the Batman suddenly had a vision of his own death, at the hands of said drug dealers. Convinced he would die, the Batman abandoned the conflict. The Black Canary, the Elongated Man, the Green Arrow, and the Hawkman shared similar stories. With Aquaman, the Flash, the Green Lantern, and the Red Tornado absent, Wonder Woman was left with overcoming her teammates' irrational fears alone. The Guardians of the Universe monitored Nekron's arrival on Earth. In the midst of charging his power ring, the Green Lantern was attacked by Nekron. The Green Lantern survived Nekron's opening assault, then confronted the extra-dimensional alien.

Nekron projected an image of the Green Lantern's own death into his mind. Unlike his comrades in the Justice League of America, the Green Lantern was unshaken by the psychic assault. The Green Lantern pressed his attack on Nekron. The Green Lantern's courage was anathema to Nekron, who suffered great agony in the face of the Green Lantern's resolve. Switching tactics, Nekron triggered an avalanche, transforming the falling stones to gold, neutralizing the Green Lantern's power ring. Unable to save himself, the Green Lantern was buried alive. The power ring left the Green Lantern's hand, to alert the Justice League of America to Nekron's presence, at the Grand Canyon. Wonder Woman forced her teammates to go into action.

Wonder Woman passed the power ring to the Batman, to aid in saving the tourists Nekron had placed in jeopardy. Nekron fed off the fears of the civilians, who all believed they were about to die. While the majority of the Justice League of America worked on saving the civilians, Superman and Wonder Woman confronted Nekron. Superman dislodged Nekron from his space craft. Wonder Woman bound Nekron in her Lasso of Truth. The Batman struck at Nekron with the power ring, only to discover that it's energy charge was spent. The courage of Wonder Woman began to take it's toll on Nekron. Seeing Wonder Woman as the sole threat, Nekron violently subdued her, then struck Superman down.

Nekron hurled Superman's invulnerable body into the Batman, the Black Canary, the Elongated Man, and the Green Arrow, taking them all out. The Hawkman came to Wonder Woman's aid. Superman agrees with Wonder Woman. Failing to defeat Nekron is the entire Justice League of America's fault. Wonder Woman should not be left to solely take the blame. Wonder Woman wants to find the Green Lantern. The Justice League of America admit that Nekron is to blame for their sudden cowardice. The Atom alerts the Justice League of America to a message from Nekron. A solar prominence threatens to destroy Midway City. Nekron warns that only the Hawkman can save the city, but in doing so, the Hawkman will die.

The Hawkman contacts the Hawkgirl (later changing her name to Hawkwoman). The Hawkman tells the Hawkgirl to pack up all of their belongings. They are leaving Midway City. Still terrified of his own death, the Hawkman has no intention of sacrificing his life to save Midway City.


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