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First Satellite

 JLA Satellite
JLA Satellite

The JLA Satellite first appears in Justice League of America #78. When the JLA's Secret Sanctuary, a cave in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island was compromised by Snapper Carr to the Joker, a satellite became the JLA's next HQ. The JLA Satellite had a geosynchronous orbit 22,300 miles above the Earth. The JLA Satellite also contains one of the strategically located JL Transporter Tubes which allows its members to transport themselves from their base of operations to the JLA Satellite. The JLA Satellite functioned as the team's HQ for several years before suffering heavy damage from a conflict with Martian invaders. The JLA Satellite was no longer safe for occupants and left abandoned in orbit. The JLA Satellite was completely destroyed in Crisis on Infinite Earths #8.

Second Satellite

This version of the JLA Satellite first appears in Justice League of America #7. Following the latest incarnation of the JLA, another JLA Satellite is presented as HQ. It is an orbiting version of the Watchtower that used to be based on the moon. The JLA Satellite works in conjunction with the Hall of Justice mainly for teleportation between the JLA Satellite and Earth.

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