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“THE BEASTS WHO THOUGHT LIKE MEN!” Part two. The remaining Justice League members battle Queen Bee and her swarm! Will they manage to defeat her and put a stop to Sonar’s evil plans once and for all?

The Justice League of America battle the Queen Bee, and her massive swarm of bees, in New York. Wonder Woman uses her Lasso of Truth to compel the swarm to cease their attack. The Green Lantern collects the swarm. in a power ring constructed vacuum cleaner, then ejects them over the Atlantic Ocean. As the Queen Bee has fled the scene, the Justice League of America return to their satellite headquarters. Upon entry, the Green Lantern is struck down by Sonar. The Justice League of America are also felled by Sonar, as they enter the satellite through the airlock door. Sonar revels in his scheme.

Using Nucleo-Sonics, Sonar contaminated the currency of the United States of America, inflicting the populace with a plague that drove them mad. In his guise as S.T.A.R. Laboratories scientist, Professor Dunkirk, Sonar provided a solution to the contaminated money supply. "Dunkirk" created the Ultima-Card, a credit card to be issued to all Americans, which would serve as a substitute to traditional currency. The Ultima-Card, however, would actually allow Sonar to take control of the minds of the entire nation. Inexplicably, the Ultima-Card actually began transferring the intellect of man over to animals.

When the Atom, and the Elongated Man, mounted an investigation into the Ultima-Card, at S.T.A.R. Laboratories, Sonar had to put them down, exposing himself as the mastermind behind the scheme. Supergirl storms the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America. Taken by surprise, Sonar is slammed back against the wall. While Supergirl repairs the damage she caused to the outer hull, Sonar teleports away. The Justice League of America revive. Aware of the threat they face, the Justice League of America, with Supergirl, split into two teams to deal with the crisis. The Batman, the Green Arrow, and the Green Lantern confront Sonar in Washington, D.C.

After a brief skirmish, in which Sonar maintains the upper hand, the Justice League of America is distracted by a stampede of zoo animals. The Green Lantern erects a barrier to hold the animals at bay. Sonar takes the Green Lantern out, releasing the animals. Sonar is surprised when the animals attack him. The Batman rescues Sonar from a horrific death, at the claws of the stampeding animals. The animals begin attacking one another. Along with man's intelligence, the animals have also absorbed man's penchant for violence. The Justice League of America apprehend Sonar. The Justice League of America, with Supergirl, confront the Queen Bee, in Chicago.

While Wonder Woman directly attacks the Queen Bee, Supergirl disperses the swarms. The Black Canary uses her sonic cry to overwhelm the swarms. Her attack has the added bonus of also downing the Queen Bee. Back aboard the satellite, the Queen Bee reveals that she has been the true mastermind behind the crisis. While Sonar did, indeed, invent the Ultima-Card, it was the Queen Bee who corrupted it's functions, so that it would transfer man's intellect into the beasts. The Green Lantern teleports the Queen Bee, and Sonar, to jail. Supergirl reveals the reason for her presence. Superman is missing, and the Maid of Steel wants the Justice League of America to help her find him.


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