Katar Hol

    Character » Katar Hol appears in 560 issues.

    Thanagarian police officer who traveled to Earth with his partner Shayera Thal chasing the criminal known as Byth Rok. He eventually decided to stay on Earth and became the third person to carry the mantle of the Hawkman.

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    He has anointed and proclaimed him Thanagar's Greatest Hero, the latest in a series of Greatest Heroes stretching back to Kalmoran, of vague and receding memory.

    He came from the High Towers, a perfect world. The Winged World. He really don't have to be down there working as police officer.


    Thanagarians have decided Katar Hol represents the indomitable spirit of Thanagar. They're playing up the fact that he has been wrongly framed by Byth, ignoring that, in the process, Byth tricked him into killing his own father.

    They feelingly describe his years of exile on the Isle of Chance and how his will supposedly never faltered. They have ignored that, when he first arrived, he was half mad from drug withdrawal. He killed a gentle alien priest already in exile there.

    After that, came his return to civilization and how he relentlessly tracked down the real villain Byth, now a thing of horror from the Krotan drug that altered not only Byth's mind, but his body.

    He always says he's a Wingman first and a hero second.


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