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“NO WORLD ESCAPES THE MANHUNTERS!” The Manhunters’ true origins are revealed. The revelation will change what we know about the origin of the Green Lantern Corps. forever!

"No World Escapes The Manhunters!"

The Black Canary, the Green Arrow, and the Green Lantern flee from Mark Shaw, a Manhunter. Inevitably, Shaw catches them. After a pitched battle, the three heroes just manage to render Shaw unconscious. The Flash, and Wonder Woman, return to the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America. The Grandmaster appears before them, and declares them his prisoners. The satellite is encased in an impenetrable sphere, blocking it from the sun's rays.

Without the sun to power the satellite, life support will fail in eleven minutes. With the Flash positioned on the nose, Wonder Woman pilots a space craft into the sphere. The Flash begins vibrating at super-human speed, attempting to match his vibratory frequency with that of the sphere. The Flash fails to penetrate the shield, suffering the full brunt of a terrible impact, one which also destroys the space craft. Wonder Woman administers life saving measures to keep the Flash from dying.

The Batman, a Guardian of the Universe, and Superman stare out into space, from the red moon of Orinda, a world believed destroyed by the Green Lantern. Superman flies in a straight line, hoping to break the illusion of Orinda's destruction. When Superman fails to reach where Orinda should be, he returns to the red moon. The Batman informs Superman that the Man of Steel actually made a wide detour in space. The Batman surmises that some form of mass hypnosis not only keeps anyone from seeing Orinda, but from reaching it as well.

The Guardian of the Universe reveals the history of the Manhunters. After Krona released evil into the universe, the Guardians of the Universe felt a responsibility to oppose it. To that end, they created the Manhunters, an intergalactic, android police force. Overtime, the Manhunters rebelled against their programming. The Manhunters attacked the Guardians of the Universe, on Oa, and defeated them. The Manhunter leader, in trying to charge his weapon from the central power battery on Oa, overloaded all of the Manhunter's weapons.

In defeat, the Manhunters were exiled. The Guardians of the Universe replaced the Manhunters with the Green Lantern Corps. The Manhunters spent millennia plotting their revenge against the Guardians of the Universe. The ruse of Orinda's destruction is the opening gambit of that revenge. As Orinada "destruction" came at the hands of a Green Lantern, the entire Green Lantern Corps has been discredited. Wonder Woman successfully revives the Flash.

With the Flash too incapacitated to breach the sphere, Wonder Woman awakens the Dharlu from it's frozen slumber. Years ago, the Dharlu had briefly been molecularly merged with the Flash, and the Hawkman. During that time, it absorbed a portion of the Flash's super-human speed. Binding the Dharlu with her Lasso Of Truth, Wonder Woman orders the Dharlu to begin vibrating at super-human speed. Wonder Woman also begins vibrating at super-human speed.

Joining her vibratory speed to that of the Dharlu's, allows them to penetrate the Grandmaster's sphere, destroying it. The Grandmaster, and a Manhunter, revive Shaw. On Orinda, Belaq, a Manhunter, reports to Governor Tozad, also a Manhunter, and the Highmaster, that Superman, and Batman, are attacking the city. THe Highmaster sends in the Supermanhunter, a Manhunter wearing Kryptonite armor. Despite his peril, Superman orders the Batman to complete their mission.

The Flash, and Wonder Woman, teleport down to Earth, to find Shaw subduing the Black Canary, the Green Arrow, and the Green Lantern. Wonder Woman races to their aid, only to be struck down from behind by a second Manhunter. The two Manhunters, working together, subdue the Flash. Superman is defeated. With the telepathic guidance of a Guardian of the Universe, the Batman finds the device cloaking Orinda. The Batman fights his way through a squadron of Manhunters, to reveal Orinda to the universe.

The Highmaster reports, to the Grandmaster, that Orinda is visible again. The Manhunters' scheme has failed. The Grandmaster orders the Manhunters to slay the Justice League of America. The Manhunter removes his mask, revealing the face of the Flash. The Flash feigned defeat, to give himself the opportunity to defeat, and replace one of the Manhunters. The Green Lantern reveals that he switched places with Shaw. Having learned the truth about the Manhunters, Shaw rebels and attacks the Grandmaster.

Shaw beats the Grandmaster into fragments, revealing the Grandmaster to be an android. Shaw vows to redeem the name "Manhunter". With the case closed, the Green Lantern points out that Aquaman, the Atom, and the Elongated Man have failed to respond to their signal devices, on two separate occasions. Believing that they might be in trouble of their own, the Green Lantern proposes an investigation into the matter.

"The Key-Master Of The World!"

"100 Issues Ago In...The Justice League of America" reprints material from Justice League of America #41 (December, 1965). A plot summary for that story can be found at the the link.

"That Dirty Beach"

A Hostess "Twinkies" Cakes one-page comic book ad, featuring Aquaman in conflict with Slud-Jak.


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