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    Having discovered his mother murdered and his father blamed for the act, forensic scientist Barry Allen sought to clear his father's name and find the real killer. After being doused in chemicals and struck by lightning, Barry was granted the gift of super-speed. Now he protects his hometown of Central City as The Flash, the fastest man alive and founding member of the Justice League.

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    Current Events

    Barry Allen running as the Flash
    Barry Allen running as the Flash

    In the company-wide relaunch Rebirth, After the return of his protege Wally West, Barry has to cope with the emergence of a large number of new speedsters in Central City, as well as a new foe named Godspeed, who is revealed to be his friend and CCPD officer August Heart. But Barry managed to defeat him and send him to prison. Currently, one of the greatest villains returned and it was Shade. Barry went to save his apprentice the other Wally West from Shade, while saving Wally, he realized Shade was the one in trouble. Barry must also cope with the reemergence of the old Kid Flash, and the guilt that comes with him. After the speed force storm debacle, Barry realised something was missing. New groups of criminals are appearing in Central City and that's when he figured it out, the Rogues were missing and these groups were trying to replace them. So Barry proceeded to find them, he searched everywhere, but only to find that they have left the city. Meanwhile the Rogues were planning to steal the golden statue of Mercury in Italy. Barry informed of the activities in Italy, goes there to stop them. But only to find that it was an illusion by the Rogues all along and the statue stole way back. Flash said to himself that this was the biggest heist and suddenly and idea popped into Barry's mind. So he ran and found Heat Wave to see him stare at his parents graves. Barry let Heat Wave defeat him, so he can lead him to the others. And Flash stops them, and knocks everyone out except Captain Cold. To whom he said, that they wouldn't plan a heist like this if it wasn't the final heist. But before the Flash can capture him, he pulls out a freeze gun made of black hole matter. The freeze gun now can decrease Flashes powers, because Snart made it to tap into the anti-Speed Force through the black hole tech while still firing freeze blasts. While he was fighting Captain Cold they had an argument. He mentioned Snart's brain and that he can be much more than a robber that he could work at S.T.A.R. Labs, but Snart replied with "Where is fun in that" and that he robs banks because he wants to and he finds closure in that, just like Flash finds closure in saving people. Then he says to Flash that he can see that they are not so different, they do their jobs for themselves. that angers the Flash and he is on the urge of breaking,but then he shows his real power, that he is even faster than something that is decreasing his power and he manages escapes. Then he proceeded to capture the Rogues and put them in prison. But still he felt like he lost.


    The Birth of a Hero
    The Birth of a Hero

    According to his origin story, the Flash aka Barry Allen was the son of Nora Allen, an optimistic farm girl, and Henry Allen, a doctor living in Fallville, Iowa. After he and his twin brother Malcolm were born two weeks late during storm one night, both parents are falsely informed that the first son is stillborn by their mother's doctor. In truth, Malcolm is actually born healthy, but given to a family of crooks staying in a separate hospital room, the Thawnes, whose child has died during birth. Despite the bond between his parents being cemented because of them, the lateness of their birth would eventually play an important role in Barry's bad habit of always being late.

    Barry grew up reading comics books about his favorite superhero Jay Garrick, the original Flash, and acting out many of his adventures with most of his friends, including his childhood sweetheart Daphne Dean. By age eleven, his mother was killed, and his father was wrongly tried and convicted for the murder, later dying in prison as Barry watched him. However, the young Allen refused to believe that his father was guilty of the crime. His life ground to a halt as he dedicated himself to finding the real murderer and, more importantly, finding the motive behind the murder. Because of this, Allen studied forensic science, and dedicated himself to solving not only his mother's case, but those of other people in his situation.

    After graduating, Allen found work with the Central City Police Department as a police scientist, with a well-known habit for slowness and lateness. Working late in the lab one night, a rack of chemicals that he was working next to was struck by lightning, and Allen was doused in chemicals. Surprisingly unharmed, Allen cleaned up the mess and returned to work, but soon noticed that the world appeared to be moving much slower than normal. He soon realized that it was not the world that had slowed, but himself who had sped up. An avid fan of comic books, especially the adventures of the Jay Garrick Flash, Barry decided to follow in his hero's footsteps and fight crime, taking Garrick's superhero name as a form of tribute. Experiments with his powers revealed that not only was he super fast (faster than time when he tries), but he could vibrate his molecules, allowing him to appear invisible and phase through solid objects. He could also think and process information at light speed. His girlfriend's adoptive father, Ira West, created a suit that could deal with his powers, and chemically shrunk it so it could fit into a ring for ease of portability. Though much of his crime fighting was limited to Central City, Allen constructed a Cosmic Treadmill to allow him to travel to alternate dimensions.

    After Flashpoint, The Flash is partly responsible for the creation of a new timeline in which the entire universe has been compressed and altered into a five year timeline. For Barry Allen, his origin is only slightly altered. As it was originally, Barry's father is blamed for the death of Barry's mother. After his father goes to prison for the murder, Barry is placed in the hands of Darryl Frye, a police officer that may have had a relationship with Barry's mother. Barry is raised by Frye and because of his connections to the police force Barry becomes interested in working for law enforcement. During his college years Barry would meet with Manuel Lago at a party and soon become close friends until Manuel went into a military program, where the two would lose touch. For years Barry would visit his father in prison, much to his fathers pleads to stop and move on. Barry would do no such thing and would in his spare time at the science lab try to figure out his mother's murder and prove his father's innocence. One such night, Barry would get angry and throw one of the machines out the window, allowing an opening for a lightning bolt to shoot into the lab, hit Barry, and dose him in chemicals, connecting him to the Speed Force. After this, we would become The Flash.


    Barry Allen was created by Robert Kanigher, John Broome and Carmine Infantino. He made his first comic book appearance in October 1956 in the pages of Showcase #4.

    Character Evolution

    Silver Age

    The Flash!
    The Flash!

    In his first appearance in the comics, Allen was able to run lightning fast and travel through time. Immensely popular with the public, he became close with other superheroes, especially Hal Jordan, who would become his close friend. An accidental trip to another dimension brought Allen face to face with his childhood hero, Jay Garrick, with whom he foiled a villainous plot.

    Barry's girlfriend and later wife, Iris West, had a nephew named Wally, who longed to escape his home of Blue Valley and travel to Central City where the only family member he was close to lived, as well as his hero, the Flash. One summer Iris invited Wally to stay with her and Barry. Allen took Wally to the lab and, in an amazing coincidence, the sequence of events that gave Allen his powers occurred again, leaving Wally with the same powers as his uncle. Wally joined Allen in his crime fighting, becoming the sidekick Kid Flash.

    Modern Age

    The Flash's adventures throughout the 1980's, when Allen suffered a series personal tragedies. His wife, Iris, was murdered by Professor Zoom. Allen eventually planned a marriage to another woman, but she was also targeted by Zoom. Allen was able to save her, but in so doing, he failed to appear at their wedding, and she eventually went insane. Zoom, meanwhile, was dead by Allen's hand. Allen was put on trial for Zoom's murder, and found guilty, though it was revealed that brainwashing carried out by Abra Kadabra, disguised as the Reverse Flash, was the reason for this verdict. Allen fled to the future, and was able to defeat Kadabra. He was also reunited with Iris, whose spirit had been drawn forward in time and reincarnated. He retired and moved to the 30th century with Iris.

    His retirement did not last long, however; the Crisis on Infinite Earths disrupted his happiness. He was captured by the Anti-Monitor and dragged back to 1985. He was able to escape the Anti-Monitors' clutches, and destroyed the anti-matter cannon that was intended to destroy earth by creating a speed vortex. He was unable to handle the power of the vortex, however, and perished. His soul was absorbed into the Speed Force, and Wally took up the mantle of the Flash.

    This was not the end of Barry Allen. He returned on three separate occasions to aid his nephew Wally West, helping him to deal with the worst days of his life. During the Infinite Crisis Allen, still residing in the Speed Force, entered into the regular universe along with other speedsters to combat Superboy Prime, dragging him into the Speed Force in attempt to cease his destructive rampage. Barry Allen was permanently resurrected during the Final Crisis, during which he was instrumental in bringing about the defeat of Darkseid. Unsure of why he is alive, Allen contemplates his duties in the universe. It is soon revealed that he is becoming the new Black Flash, and that his resurrection was part of the machinations of Professor Zoom. Zoom was also responsible for all the tragedy in Allen's life, including the murder of his mother. He was able to defeat Zoom with the help of the other Flashes and several other super teams.

    Allen returns to his job in the police department, his life in Central City, and his job as the Flash. He is soon confronted by the Renegades, Rogues from the 25th century, and accused of murdering one of their members, the Mirror Monarch. Allen, determined to find the real killer, eventually uncovers a plot by the future version of the Top. He was briefly the host for the entity Parallax, but was able to escape with the help of Proselyte.

    Major Story Arcs

    Becoming a Superhero and Member of the JLA

    Encounter between Two Flashes

    Jay and Barry
    Jay and Barry

    While demonstrating his abilities at a charity event, Barry accidentally vibrated his body into another reality. There, he discovered a villainous plot to hypnotize and steal from the inhabitants of Keystone City. He recognized both the city and the villains from his comic books. He deduced that his hero, Jay Garrick, the man that inspired him must also be real. After finding and talking with Jay, Barry surmised that the comic book creator, Gardner Fox, had been unconsciously tapping into this dimension. This had wider implications for the DC Universe as it bought the Golden Age comics into Silver Age continuity. Jay and Barry went on to foil the villains schemes.

    After this event, Jay retired, leaving Barry to continue the mantle. However, Jay would fluctuate in and out of retirement, helping Barry or Wally West out if needed. This was not the last time they met as both they, the Justice League, and the Justice Society of America would team up again.

    Trial of the Flash and the 30th Century

    Barry's arch nemesis Zoom killed Barry's bride Iris. Later, when Barry was at the altar with this second bride, Fiona Webb, Zoom attacked again. Barry lashed out at Zoom and killed him. Barry was put on trial for manslaughter, and was dismissed from the Justice League for violating their no kill policy. In the end, it is revealed that Iris was alive in the 30th century, and Barry travels there to live with his wife. He receives plastic surgery to alter his features, and Barry and Iris raise twin children in the future, Don and Dawn Allen.

    Crisis on Infinite Earths

    For More Information: Crisis On Infinite Earths

    Final Fate Of The Flash
    Final Fate Of The Flash

    Barry Allen was living in the future, in the 30th Century, after the events of ''Trial of the Flash'', when he snapped Professor Zoom´s neck and subsequently went into retirement. In the future, natural disasters were occurring despite the technology that had been created to stop them, and reality itself was fraying. As one of the only people who could travel between dimensions unassisted, Barry was captured by the Anti-Monitor and mentally tortured by Psycho-Pirate.

    He was able to use the Psycho-Pirate to turn all of the Anti-Monitor's servants, the Thunderers, against him. This gave him enough time to destroy the Anti-Monitor's anti-matter cannon by running around it and destroying the outer casing. He ran so incredibly fast that he entered the Speed Force forever, saving the remaining realities. His success came at great personal cost as Barry's body was consumed by the anti-matter weapon leaving behind just his costume and ring. After, Wally found Barry's costume ring and at the end of the saga, with a new sense of purpose he took the name and costume of The Flash, and was determined to live up to the example that Barry Allen had set for the world. Although there were no remains, a grave for Barry was placed in New York City.

    In Blitz saga, Barry comes back in time to talk with Wally West. The Spectre (Hal Jordan) erased the knowledge of the Flash's identity from the minds of the world, including Barry Allen's public identity.

    Identity Crisis

    For More Information: Identity Crisis

    It is revealed that Barry Allen was one of the heroes who decided to mind wipe Dr. Light and, in fact, Barry had been the deciding vote. Barry had just lost his wife and was having a hard time. During the Secret of Barry Allen in the fallout of Identity Crisis, Wally West discovers that Dr. Light was not Barry Allen's only mistake. Roscoe Dillon, the Top, had died and come back in the body of Barry's father. After getting the Top out of his father's body, Barry found him digging up his wife's body and snapped. Barry had Zatanna switch The Top to the side of good with her mind tinkering and it drove him insane. Barry left all this in a letter to Wally, asking Wally to give The Top his sanity back. A time traveling Barry Allen also comes to Wally West's rescue when Wally is attacked by the Reverse Flash. Barry Allen helps Wally change the past and save his twins. Barry mentions he will see Wally again. Upon his return, he snaps Reverse Flash's neck.

    Final Crisis

    For More Information: Final Crisis

    In Final Crisis
    In Final Crisis

    At the very end of Final Crisis #2, he is seen running from the Black Racer out of a time tunnel created by Metron's Time Chair. Barry was racing to save the New God Orion from a radion bullet fired backwards through time. Wally and Jay, who had both seen Barry, ran to help him but failed. Jay fell behind, and by the time Barry and Wally had stopped running time around Earth was altered and they stopped weeks after Darkseid's forces had already taken over Earth.

    After a quick reunion, Barry and Wally searched for Iris who had become a victim of the Anti-Life Equation and was a mindless slave. Barry kissed his wife and somehow freed her from the Anti-Life Equation. Barry and Wally were reunited with Jay, who had been spending the past few weeks saving people. Barry explains that some unknown force had brought him back, possibly to stop Darkseid. The group deduced that the personification of death, The Black Racer (who was also the Black Flash) was still after Barry, and that Darkseid's fall was causing chaos in the universe. Barry and Wally plan on leading the Black Racer to Darkseid. In the final battle with Darkseid, Barry and Wally lead the Black Racer straight to Darkseid, helping to defeat him.


    For More Information: Flash Rebirth

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    Officially and permanently returned to life, the cities he once called home celebrate, while Allen contemplates why he has been brought back. Soon after he encounters Savitar, a speedster villain. He catches up to the villain, but when he touches him Savitar turns to dust, telling Allen that he was the beginning and also the end. At that moment a number of heroes who are connected to the Speed Force experience painful convulsions. Soon it is revealed that Allen is becoming the new Black Flash, and he flees to the Speed Force to avoid harming any innocents. There he encounters other heroes who tell him that becoming the Black Flash is not his fault, and soon Professor Zoom appears, revealing that he was responsible not only for Allen's resurrection, but also a number of tragedies in his life, including the murder of his mother. Barry fights the villain with the help of several other speedsters. In the process of chasing the villain, Allen, Wally, and Zoom become the lightning bolt that first gave Allen his powers. Running into the present, they are able to sever Zoom's connection to the negative Speed Force, and Allen is finally able to celebrate his return.

    Blackest Night

    For More Information: Blackest Night, Blackest Night: The Flash

    Barry as a Blue Lantern
    Barry as a Blue Lantern

    Allen and Hal Jordan meet at the grave of Bruce Wayne and discuss the state of the world and their respective deaths. Reflecting on the deaths of many close friends, the two part ways, hoping for the return of friends they have lost. Later the pair is confronted by a Black Lantern J'onn J'onnz, who attempts to kill the pair. As they had been dead and returned to life, the Black Lantern Corps considered their deaths to be necessary to restore the balance in the universe. Defeating the Black Lanterns sent to kill him, Allen and West speed around the world to warn other superheroes of the Black Lantern threat. Allen is confronted by a Black Lantern Professor Zoom, who he battles briefly before going to Gorilla City, also under attack by a Black Lantern, the old leader Solovar. Allen then runs to Coast City and witnesses the arrival of Nekron and his disciples. Nekron reveals that all of the resurrected heroes are linked to him because he allowed them to rise, and he manages to bring a number of resurrected heroes into the Black Lantern Corps. Allen manages to save himself and Jordan from the ring by bringing them two seconds into the future. Allen was then selected to join the Blue Lantern Corps, and fought against the Black Lanterns using his new power ring. In the closing moments of the Blackest Night, he briefly became a member of the White Lantern Corps.

    The Dastardly Death of the Rogues!

    For More Information: The Flash

    An alternate Mirror Master appears dead in the streets of Central City where Barry Allen has returned to the life that he led before his death. Soon a group of people who call themselves the Renegades and closely resemble the Rogues appear, accusing Allen of murdering one of their members, Mirror Monarch. He manages to fend them off and rescues a building full of people that they inadvertently destroyed in their departure. He quickly becomes dedicated to the search for the real killer, though his efforts are cut short by the reappearance of the Renegades. They are then themselves attacked by Captain Boomerang, who attacks both the Renegades and Allen. Eventually, Allen is arrested by the Renegades and taken to the 25th century. He realizes everything has been part of a plot by the Top to stop Allen from uncovering Top's criminal ancestor. Escaping custody, Allen pursues the Top and beats him, turning him over to justice and ensuring that his ancestor was convicted of his crime.


    For More Information: Flashpoint


    Barry Allen awakens in a universe greatly changed from that he knew. Most of the heroes of his universe are unknown, including himself; his mother is alive; and Batman is Thomas Wayne. He encounters Wayne in a small and cheap Batcave, and is attacked by Wayne while attempting to explain the alternate universe and his own secret identity. A sudden return of memories reveal that this universe is in fact his own. He attempts to activate his costume ring, but inside he finds the Reverse Flash's costume instead of his own. He determines that the way to set things right requires first that he regain his powers. To this end, he and Wayne construct a device that closely resembles an electric chair. The chair is struck by lightning and Allen catches on fire. When the flames are doused by Wayne, Allen is revealed to be unconscious and covered in severe burns. Later on Barry Allen wakes up back in the Batcave and is covered in bandages. He is told by Wayne that he has third degree burns over 75% of his body. Despite this, he convinces Wayne to allow him to try again, and the pair return to the roof. Before they can make a second attempt, however, Allen is again struck by lightning, which causes him to regain his super speed. He and Wayne contact Cyborg and begin looking into the possibility of Superman having landed in this universe, uncovering the secret Project Superman, which had imprisoned the Kryptonian shortly after he landed on Earth. Experiencing a seizure, Allen is brought to Billy Batson, who it is hoped can help him. Instead, Batson receives a vision of Allen's original timeline. Allen awakens and attempts to explain his origins, but is interrupted by reports of a massacre in the United Kingdom, and is distracted by attempts to put an end to the war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman. While in the war zone, he is confronted by Professor Zoom, who reveals that Allen caused the alternate timeline when he absorbed the Speed Force. He resets Allen's internal vibrations to give him full access to his memories, then attempts to kill Allen. Before he can strike, he is himself killed by Wayne, who sends Allen to restore the timeline. Allen first speaks with his mother, then travels into the timeline. There, he witnesses the three timelines, DC, Vertigo and Wildstorm, and is told by a mysterious hooded woman that the world must be reunited. He witnesses the merging of the three timelines, which creates the new DC Universe. Allen then awakens in his office, paralleling the opening scenes of the Flashpoint arc.

    The New 52

    After Flashpoint, The Flash is partly responsible for the creation of a new timeline in which the entire universe has been compressed and altered into a five year timeline. The Flash is shown to be in two major books, Justice League, of which he is a founding member, and the self title book The Flash, where his Rogues gallery is slowly being introduced.

    Mob Rule

    Five years after the League's formation, Barry would accompany Patty Spivot, his girlfriend, on a trip to a science exhibit in Central City. While meeting a very famous scientist known as Darwin Elias, a group of masked soldiers would crash the party and steal a Genome Re-Coder, a device that can alter a person's DNA. It's revealed that the soldiers, known as Mob Rule, are clones of Manuel, Barry's old friend from college. While trying to fix their own decomposing DNA with a machine similar to a Re-Coder, a black-out, based from an E.M.P. Blast, rocks the twin cities and causes mass-hysteria. While The Flash tries to issue peace in the city, Mob Rule is able to kidnap Dr. Elias to help them in their predicament. Patty, willing to help Barry, finds a list of doctors that had a connection to the project Manuel was apart of. Going to a lab owned by a Doctor Guerrero, they encounter Mob Rule and try to help Manuel escape. Barry, believing his power of 'speed thinking' believes that he can hold the soldiers off while Patty and Manuel can make a run for it. This, however, proves both futile and successful. Barry, too occupied with his thinking, is shot (although is able to vibrate through the bullet just in time) and Patty and Manuel make a clean escape. Riding through the city, Manuel becomes overrun with guilt and decides to face his clones head-on, leading to his capture. Manuel is then forced to undergo a process headed by Dr. Elias that could forever stop the genetic breakdown of the clones but is stopped by The Flash. With most of the clones dying around him, Manuel is enraged by The Flash and escapes, vowing revenge.

    The Rogues

    Flash vs Captain Cold
    Flash vs Captain Cold

    During the Mob Rule storyline, Iris West, once the wife of Barry in the previous DC Universe, visits Iron Heights Prison during the time of the E.M.P. blast. With all of the security down, she witnesses the freeing of several supervillains including the newly superpowered Captain Cold. After the end of Mob Rule, The Flash is instructed by Dr. Elias that the cause of the E.M.P. blast was based from The Speed Force, or more importantly, The Flash himself. Afraid that if a blast such as the one the city just experienced or something of a much greater threat happens again, Elias instructs The Flash to watch his outtake of his speed powers. The next day, Captain Cold visits his sick sister at the hospital after stealing a laser from a lab that could help in his sister's recovery. The doctor, however, tells Cold that because of the power outage they cannot operate. Cold, just as everyone else in Central and Keystone City, know that The Flash was the cause of the E.M.P. Blast, and so takes out his revenge. Using his new powers, Cold attacks the boats carrying Barry, Patty and Iris and The Flash is forced to act. In the issuing battle, The Flash goes over the danger limit on his Speed Force outtake and opens a portal that takes the ship containing Iris and several other citizens into the Speed Force. Entering into a treadmill designed by Elias to take in some of the excess Speed Force energy, The Flash makes a promise to get those people back to Earth and opens up another portal, disappearing and leaving Elias with a fuel source powered by Speed Force energy that would later be used to help give Central and Keystone City back it's power. In the Speed Force, The Flash meets a man known as Turbine, a world war two pilot lost to The Speed Force. Turbine explains the nature of the Speed Force and what Barry's role in it is. During their conversation Turbine explains that he's tried several times to get out of the Speed Force by using his tornado-like powers. This is actually what caused the E.M.P Blast in Central City as well as other places throughout time (The Speed Force existing outside of time). The Flash tries to fight the deranged Turbine and is thrown back to the present day Gorilla City. Encountering the newly appointed King Grodd, Barry is shown to be The Runner, a symbol of the Gorilla's own mythology based around The Speed Force, which had evolved them to their present state. The Flash would eventually fight Grodd, who was driven mad by power, and escaped the city and back to his own Central City. In the time that he was gone, Barry was declared dead during The Flash's battle with Captain Cold and Elias is seen as the real hero of Central City by turning the power back on and putting The Flash in a bad light. Barry is forced to create for himself a new persona and got a job at a bar where The Rogues were famous for attending. Patty, horrified at Barry's death, decides to continue with a case she was working upon Barry's death and travels to Mexico where she encounters the cartel run by Weather Wizard in place of his dead brother, whose murder Patty is researching. The Flash comes to her aid and helps to reveal to Wizard that the death of his brother was ordered by his fiancé, a woman he himself had been seeing. In his rage, Wizard tries to kill both himself and the woman, but somehow survives. Here, he is recruited by Golden Glider. Back in Central City, an angry Heat Wave barges into the bar that Barry works at and attacks Cold, blaming him for his new powers, which he sees as a curse rather than a blessing. The Flash intervenes and the two are sent to Iron Heights. However, on their way, Glider appears and extracts Heat Wave, showing little remorse for her brother. Cold, however, survives the crash caused by Glider thanks to the help of The Pied Piper, a reformed villain, and The Trickster. The new Rogues, led by Glider, attack Elias, who is the cause of their new powers, and actually pull off stealing a train powered by The Speed Force energy. While Glider stands to gloat about her success, Cold shows up and he and The Flash battle the new team of Rogues. Cold, however, betrays Flash and knocks him out, once again in control of the Rogues.

    Gorilla Warfare

    Gorilla Grodd and Flash
    Gorilla Grodd and Flash

    The victory for The Rogues, however, is suspended when suddenly Central City is hit by Grodd and Gorilla City. Grodd, in his search for power, learned about the speed force energy, and craved to have it. The Flash is forced to team up with The Rogues to battle the attacking gorillas until he learns about Grodd's plans. Racing to Dr. Elias' lab, Flash arrives just in time to see Grodd become super-charged with Speed Force energy. The two race across the city, both equal in speed but Grodd far surpassing Flash in strength and because of this, Grodd gains an upper hand. Before this, Patty, back in Central City, meets Turbine, who had finally escaped the Speed Force after his battle with Flash. The man says that he may know a way to find Barry Allen and this urges Patty to follow him, her love for Barry greatly influencing her to act. During the gorilla onslaught, Patty and Turbine travel to The Central City Zoo where they meet the first gorilla effected by the Speed Force, Solovar. Based on his instructions, the trio make their way through the city until they find The Flash about to receive a killing blow by Grodd. Solovar jumps in front of Flash and takes the blow himself. The Flash is knocked into a coma, leaving his bare face for Patty to see, and experiences three possible futures he now faces with the gorilla onslaught. Finally finding an answer, Barry declares that he has to give himself over to Grodd, who has already lost his speed powers.


    Reverse Flash vs Flash
    Reverse Flash vs Flash

    A mysterious Reverse Flash has entered the scene and is killing everyone who came in contact with the speed force during "Gorilla Warfare." After the death of Albert, Barry watches the recordings of a 360-camera on the rooftop where he fell to his death. He finds someone who is wearing a Flash symbol on the chest, but backwards. He assumes that this is Bart Allen (whom he knows as Kid Flash) from the Teen Titans. After a meeting him, he realizes that he is not involved whatsoever and decides to not worry about him for now. Meanwhile, Reverse Flash kills another civilian who gained powers from the speed force (Sprint). Since Iris had come in contact with the speed force, Flash takes a precaution and gives Iris an armor that should hide the speed force from Reverse Flash. Reverse Flash goes to Dr. Elias' lab and taking the speed force energy he has stored up. He reveals that he not only can run fast, he can also turn back time, putting "everything in reverse." Barry confronts him and the two go into a fight.

    Finally getting her powers from the speed force, Iris West jumps in between Barry's and Reverse Flash's fight, getting hurt. The two go at it, but Barry Allen is on the losing side. Reverse Flash is revealed to be Iris' brother, Daniel West. He claims to "change everything."

    Reverse Flash has gone back in time to kill his father.

    Futures End

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    Flash manages to defeat the Reverse Flash and arrive back to present time. Danny West (Reverse Flash) is now in prison. However five years later Barry Allen runs off to save innocents in Peshawar, Pakistan. While back in Central City Danny West (Reverse Flash) is set loose to cause mayhem again but eventually dies at the hands of the future Barry Allen in order to prevent a tragedy that twisted him 12 years later in his future.

    As soon as Barry Allen returns from his heroic deeds in Pakistan, he encounters his future twisted self (see New 52 Future Flash below) and eventually Allen fights his future self realizing how twisted he will eventually become.

    Infinite Frontier

    Following the event of Dark Night: Death Metal, Barry was invited to join the Justice Incarnate in order to represent Earth 0. Whiles mapping the restructured Multiverse for the Justice Incarnate Barry stumbled upon The Quintessence corpses on Earth Omega. Before he could investigate he was attacked by the Psycho-Pirate. Psycho-Pirate placed Barry in a giant turbine and gave him the illusion that he was racing to save the Multiverse. In reality, the turbine was generating energy Darkseid would use to open the cracks in the Multiverse and access the power beyond. After being freed by Calvin Ellis he subsequently disappeared then rematerialized on Earth-Flash.1 of Multiverse-2.

    Justice League Incarnate came to Earth-Flash.1 to try to rescue him, but Barry did not recognize them, and ran away when they tried to take him. Doctor Multiverse realised that Earth-Flash.1 was a construct created by the The Great Evil Beast and the team fled, leaving Barry behind.

    Powers & Abilities

    Superhuman Speed

    The Fastest of the Fastest
    The Fastest of the Fastest

    Barry's primary super power is super speed, which he gets from tapping into the Speed Force. When Barry runs, he generates the Speed Force so he is the engine. Everything around him (as seen in comics) slows down, but he can still make out crimes/people and is even seen talking while moving in super speed.

    His current prowess with the Speed Force allows him to run faster than the Speed of Light, but it is possible that he is capable of moving beyond even that. He does not usually exceed Mach 10, as doing such a thing would pose a danger to his surrounding environment.

    Barry keeps his usual running speed to subsonic, to limit the destruction he might cause to people and structures. He is capable of running across water and up the sides of buildings. Barry has used his super speed to quickly rebuild damages that he might have caused, and he can also take apart objects in mid air within a blink of an eye. He's also able to outrun instant transmission (teleportation). The Flash is one of the most powerful metahumans. Barry Allen is the fastest Flash. Barry said in Flash rebirth that whenever he ran he saw the light (the Speed Force) on the horizon so when runs he is skating on the edge of the Speed Force.

    Speed Force Generator

    Barry generates the Speed Force whenever he runs, unlike others, he doesn't just tap into it. Every time Barry runs someone in time can access the Speed Force. So when Barry died and Wally West became The Flash, the Speed Force didn't grow. Barry, being the engine of the Speed Force, runs the fastest and can run into the Speed Force pre 52. In New 52, Barry can run into the Speed Force or teleport in with his mind, and he can bring others with him. Barry can't be cut off from the Force; if he is, the second he moves he will generate energy and have his speed again.

    Cosmic Awareness

    Barry can sense cosmic and temporal disturbances from the Timestream. He can even sense when someone’s trying to tap into the Speed Force. The Speed Force grants Barry an empathetic connection to other conduits of the Speed Force, allowing Barry to sense their emotions.

    The Speed Force will sometimes give Barry visions of the future as a warning sense. These visions are either enlightening or incoherent. The vision however can causes acute mental destabilization with each burst of insight; after having a second blast of possible future outcomes making him psychologically unstable.

    Phasing/Making Objects Explode

    Barry Allen can control his body at the molecular level, allowing him to vibrate his body through solid objects. While in this intangible state, he is able to breathe and is immune to any airborne viruses. He is also able to vibrate so fast that light doesn't reflect off of him, rendering him invisible to the human eye. He retains sight even in this state. Barry can also extend this ability to solid objects and phase them through other matter. Though the larger the object the more tired he becomes. He has shown to even phase an entire airplane and its passengers for a limited time.

    As of the New 52/Rebirth, Barry can cause objects to explode while phasing through them.

    Superhuman Agility

    Barry's bodily coordination, balance, and dexterity are heightened to levels far beyond that of a normal human, granting him superhuman agility.

    Superhuman Stamina

    The Flash has nearly infinite endurance. He can run for very long periods of time. He has raced Superman around the world. In theory, he could run forever.

    Superhuman Reflexes

    Barry's reflexes are far superior to those of any normal human, allowing him to instantly react to any danger.

    Air Vortexes

    Related to his super speed, Barry Allen is able to run in a circle and create a vortex. This vortex can be used for numerous purposes, such as pulling air out of the center to suffocate an enemy, levitating whatever is in the center, send a person in the center to another dimension, funnel toxic gases and create a barrier, among other uses. He is also able to create tornado-like winds by spinning his arms quickly, and can use these to various effects, usually offensive.


    If Barry moves fast enough he can create afterimages or a "speed mirage" as Harrison Wells called it in The Flash TV show.

    Regenerative Healing

    Barry possesses a highly accelerated healing factor that allows him to quickly regenerate from most severe injuries.

    Speed Force Aura

    A required secondary power tied to his speed, Barry Allen's body is surrounded by what he refers to as the "Speed Force aura," which can absorb kinetic energy. This aura protects him and anyone he is carrying from the effects of the speed, especially the effects of friction and airborne particulate matter. It also grants Barry superhuman durability, preventing him from sustaining injury from high-speed impacts and gives him a higher resistance to injury.

    Lightning Generation

    Barry generates great amounts of electrical Speed Force energy from his body. This causes metal to react strange around him, as it conducts the metal. Barry's lightning creates a thermal expansion that allows his suit to fit in his ring, and he was also able to forcefully discharge a burst of electricity from his entire body to stun Professor Zoom. Barry has also projected bolts of electricity from his hands, and generated lightning from his hands to warm freezing civilians. When generated at high volumes, Barry's Speed Force energy is powerful enough to disrupt The Green, the Microverse, and Magic

    In The Flash TV show, if Barry generates enough lightning he can charge it in to a burst and throw it. Barry has used this to turn Sand Demon into glass. Barry can use this to stun enemies. He can also create a strong shock from his hands to revive a person.

    Enhanced Intelligence

    Barry Allen's brain moves as fast as he does, meaning he is able to think extremely quickly. He is able to read a book at super speed, and retains this information in his short term memory just long enough to implement whatever he has learned (example is with the rebuilding of an apartment which was destroyed when he was battling the Renegades). He is also a skilled forensic scientist. He is proven to be very knowledgeable in criminology and chemistry. He is able to alter his perceptions in such a way that time appears to pass differently for him. In the span of a second he may have experienced years, and been able to alter elements of his environment while the time was passing, such as replacing a falling object or disarming an opponents weapon within a blink of an eye and also faster. He has also been shown to be able to mentally tap into the Speed Force to give him a sense of pre-cognition, where he can anticipate certain chain-reaction events. Using this sort of "super brain" ability, he is able to calculate multiple consequences of his actions, and act on it in a mere second.


    Barry can tap into the Speed Force and use it as a powerful tool to turn invisible. Just like how he is able to vibrate through solid objects, Barry Allen can move his body fast enough to appear invisible. In the New 52, Barry himself has stated that the ability to become invisible is very limited.

    Speed Force Travel

    Barry can go into the Speed Force and control it. People can gain Speed Force based powers if they go into the Speed Force. For example, Iris West got super speed (not everyone will get super speed). Barry can teleport himself and others into the Speed Force at will. If Barry runs too fast, he could make a worm hole leading to another time or place in time and space. In the New 52, the Speed Force is made up of rocks, images of Barry's past, and things pulled from time and space (tanks, old planes, etc). Pre 52, the Speed Force, is just orange and yellow lightning.

    Time/Dimensional Travel

    At times, Barry Allen was able to travel through and alter time which he did in Flashpoint. Can mentally send his consciousness into the Speed Force to check other timelines. Barry can make wormholes to pull things from different times.

    He has shown the ability to vibrate into other dimensions. Barry was able to cross into the Spectre's realm. Barry managed to escape the Phantom Zone by vibrating his molecules, since the zone couldn't take the teleportation of his Earth Molecules. Barry can move so fast, that he can exist on multiple planes of reality at once.

    Decelerated Aging

    Barry ages slower because of the Speed Force, and so do people close to him, such as his wife Iris.

    Telepathic Immunity

    Barry thinks at light speed, making him capable of defending vs mind control.

    Infinite Mass Punch and Punching Much Faster Than Light

    If Flash runs fast enough (near speed of light) he gains the relative mass of a white dwarf star, letting him punch hard enough to knock a Martian from Mount Rushmore to Africa with one punch. Flash's durability is automatically controlled by the Speed Force so he doesn't hurt his hand. Barry can punch much faster than light as well.

    Time Manipulation

    Barry Allen learnt he can speed up time in the new 52.

    Superhuman Durability

    Barry Allen, thanks to the speed force's protection, has superhuman durability being able to withstand much faster than light punches, attacks from Darkseid, and a wave of antimatter that was going to destroy the universe.

    Ability to Merge with Matter/Bio-Fusion:

    Barry Allen could merge with other heroes and even merge heroes together. He could also touch what was intangible. Flash merged with a version of himself, when he was in the Dream Dimension, battling Death itself. Barry can even merge his atoms with other people, including other speedsters(Jay Garrick and Wally West) to become a superior speedster Flash.

    This be used against him as Eobard once merged and possessed Barry's body.


    Hand to Hand Combatant (Advanced)

    Thanks to his superhuman powers and speed Barry can make a full use out of his powers to overwhelm his opponents. After joining The Justice League Barry had sparring match sessions with Batman and took some tips from him, he also attended self-defense classed and trained by Wildcat in Boxing. Now with his newly gained skills and long-time experience Barry is a far more proficient and dangerous combatant than before. He has displayed various martials arts such as:

    • Boxing
    • Capoeira
    • Judo
    • Jujitsu
    • Karate
    • Krav Maga
    • Kung Fu
    • Pressure Points
    • Muay Thai
    • Taekwondo
    • Wrestling


    Barry graduated from college with a degree in forensic science which led to him being a CSI and master detective, to the point that even Batman couldn't tell who was the better detective between the two of them.

    Genius level intellect

    Barry possesses a great knowledge of chemistry and forensic sciences. He was capable of creating his own alloy for the Flash Ring. He has also been shown to create various electronic gadgets and the Cosmic Treadmill. According to Dr. Alchemy, Barry goes down in history as the Supreme Chemist. His knowledge is so great, that he managed to create his own Philosopher's Stone.


    Barry can maneuver through and can even jump on flying debris, running on wires, balacing while transporting multiple people etc.

    Weapons Training

    Barry learned how to use firearms at the police academy, picked up swordsmanship while traveling East Asia also became proficient in various weapons while on Justice League missions.


    Barry has had stage-training back in college, which aided him in developing the Flash Persona. He also received acting lessons from Dexter Myles,

    Indomitable Will


    Flash Suit

    Barry Allen's equipment is very basic, but useful. His suit is friction proof on top of the protection from the Speed Force aura.

    Wearing the costume
    Wearing the costume

    Flash Costume Ring

    He wears a costume ring in which he stores his suit. The suit comes out of the ring and Allen can get dressed in less than a second.

    Ear Piece

    In the New 52, Flash magnetized the sound receptors in his ear piece. That way, he can still hear, even when running faster than the speed of sound.

    In the New 52, his ear piece can measure the level of speed force build-up and risk potential. That way, he can control his speed and make sure he doesn't suck surroundings into the speed force, or tear holes in time and space but this was the work of turbine not Barry.

    Blue Lantern Ring (formerly)

    During Blackest Night, Barry Allen was in possession of a Blue Lantern Ring, for his ability to instill hope in himself and others.

    Character Profile

    The Fastest Man Alive?

    Classic Race
    Classic Race

    Allen and Superman have competed on a number of occasions to determine who was the fastest man alive. Often these races were held for charity. It has been implied that all the cases of ties were actually engineered by Allen, who was much faster but wanted to ensure a spectacle for the charities; Barry confirmed this in The Flash Rebirth #3. The races in Superman #199 "Superman Races the Flash" and Flash #175 "The Race to the End of the Universe" both resulted in a tie, while the races in World's Finest #198-199 "Race to save the Universe," DC Comics Presents # 1-2 "Chase to the end of time," and The Flash Rebirth #3 resulted in a victory for Allen. They also raced in the DC Universe Halloween Special ''To the Finish Line: Flash vs Superman''. In more recent days, the Flash and Superman had a race in Superman #709. Also Kid Flash and Superboy have raced too.

    A similar race occurred in the episode of Superman: the Animated Series entitled "Speed Demons," wherein Superman and the Flash (implied to be Allen though he is never identified in the episode) race a hundred times around the globe in a charity race to determine the fastest man on Earth. The race is cut short by the machinations of the Weather Wizard. The episode ended with the question of who was fastest left unanswered.

    Alternate Versions

    The Brave and the Bold

    Allen travels to Belgium to participate in an experiment that deals with the speed of light. He runs along a beam of light, and in so doing travels back in time, arriving in the middle of the Second World War with a broken leg. He is nearly killed by a German patrol, and encounters some Blackhawks, who help him. When they are attacked by German soldiers, Barry decides to put off his Flash costume and put on the uniform of a soldier, forsaking his promise not to kill for this mission. When he returns home he finds that almost no time has passed in his time despite the length of time spent in the past.

    Batman: In Darkest Night

    Allen receives his powers through the intervention of the Guardians of the Universe, who sought him, Superman and Wonder Woman out to defeat the threat posed by Sinestro.

    The Dark Knight Strikes Again

    In a future where superheroes are illegal, Allen is kept as a source of cheap fuel by Lex Luthor. Powering most of the Eastern seaboard by constant running on a treadmill, he is held prisoner by the threat of the execution of Iris West. He is rescued by Batman and aids in the plan to restore order and balance, though they clash somewhat over ways and means. Catgirl, Batman's sidekick in the story, gives Barry a black version of his classic costume, saying his red costume was old. Barry says that kids these days can't tell the difference between old and classic.

    Flashpoint (Elseworld)

    Allen became the Flash in 1956, and was very closely involved in politics, helping to end the Cold War and driving communists out of Vietnam. He was paralyzed from the neck down when he took a bullet meant for President Kennedy. Still extremely intelligent, he founded Allen Industries, and several years later begins exploration of Mars. Sometime after this a "flashpoint," which killed all life on Mars, is discovered there by Wally West. Barry is eventually cured and fights Vandal Savage, who was the one who paralyzed him, before entering the flashpoint and being absorbed into the Speed Force.


    Allen is a member of the Justice League; he is put out of commission early on by Captain Cold, when Cold, masquerading as a waiter, serves him soup that causes him to lose control of his super speed.

    JLA: Age of Wonder

    Allen works as a scientist alongside such great scientists as Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, as well as with Superman.


    Allen appears in the crossover, and when the universes are merged and the heroes are told the truth, he is determined to set right the changes to their timelines, despite the fact that he has been shown the future and knows that doing so will ultimately bring about his death in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. He helps the teams invade Krona's base, and rescues Hawkeye, becoming important in the ultimate defeat of the villain's plan.

    JLA: The Nail

    This version of Allen closely resembles the original, however he traveled to the future and had adventures with the Legion of Superheroes in place of Superboy. He defeated Amazo by becoming intangible and taking the android's brain too quickly for the android to react. This Barry's costume more closely resembles Wally West's/

    Justice Riders

    In this Elseworld story, Barry Allen was a Federal Marshall who was killed by Wally West.

    League of Justice

    Allen appears as "Phaeton," who wears a mystical brooch and protects himself from the dangerous friction created by his speed by bathing in dragon's blood.

    Legends of the DC Universe: Crisis on Infinite Earths

    Tanaka Rei is the Japanese version of Barry Allen on Earth-D, and drew inspiration from stories of the Flash.

    Marvel Universe (Earth-TRN242)

    No Caption Provided

    In the Marvel series Quasar, the Marvel Universe speedsters are facing off in a race between the Earth and the Moon that has been set up by a being called the Runner, member of a race called the Elders. During the race a surge of energy hits the track, and leaves behind a blonde man who is dressed in the tattered remains of a red outfit with yellow boots. He retains no memory of how he got there or who he was before arriving on the track, but has a great desire to run. He does so, winning the race easily despite competition from some of Marvel's fastest speedsters. After the race is concluded he is asked for his name, but can only recall that it was something along the lines of "Buried Alien". He takes the name Fast-Forward, and soon disappears, vanishing into the universe in the hope of aiding Makkari, who was stuck at hyper speed.

    New 52 Future Flash

    Future Flash vs Present Day Flash
    Future Flash vs Present Day Flash

    The Barry Allen from "20 years in the future," Future Flash blames himself for the death of Wally West. Determined to make up for not being fast enough, Future Flash has gone back in time to rectify his mistakes - even if it means killing his foes.

    Flash Annual: "Slip"

    In a future dubbed "twenty years from now," Barry Allen has become a grim figure. Wracked with guilt over the failing to save Wally West, Barry tells the now-crippled Iris West, that he will find a way to correct his errors. Future Flash starts by racing off to Gorilla City, challenging its carnivorous ruler Grodd to a fight to the death. A poor match for Grodd's strength, speed and savagery, Barry instead uses his powers to phase through the gorilla and leave behind a macro-bomb - which blows Grodd's head off. With this act, Barry sets himself on a course to make sure none of this future can happen by traveling back in time.

    Flash: "Lost Time"

    Believing that his future can be averted by preventing Wally's death, Future Flash begins heading back to the fateful car accident. Barry's first stop is sixteen years from now, where he confronts Mirror Master at the Museum of Natural History. Placing the guests into the Mirror World, Future Flash reveals that a freak earthquake would have shattered the mirrors and made Scudder a murderer. With the hostages now safe inside Mirror World, Allen heads to his next historical point and leaves Mirror Master to die in the quake.

    Flash: "Cold Call"

    Future Flash pays a visit to Captain Cold twelve years from now. Thanks to the accident that merged Snart with his Cold Gun, the former Rogue is now dying of stage four bone cancer. After reminiscing about how Leonard surprised everyone with his stint as a Justice League member, Barry reveals that the Speed Force has broken. The efforts of Grodd, Reverse-Flash, and even Barry himself caused it to rupture; Allen has been losing time and failed to be where he was most needed. With this final meeting settled, Future Flash holds on to Cold's hands as his foe passes away.

    Flash: "A Step Behind"

    Seven years from now, the Trickster finds himself yanked off the street and dangled over a building ledge by Future Flash. Barry knows that Walker's latest scheme has dire consequences, and decides to drop the Rogue to his death. When Axel's robots catch him, Barry leaps onto his enemy to send them both to their doom. As Axel recants, Future Flash shows him how the upcoming robbery attempt would have killed an innocent family - and eventually led to Trickster's own suicide. A tearful Trickster takes Future Flash up on the offer of redemption, while Barry heads off towards his next destination.

    Flash: "Collision Course/Futures End"

    Closing in on the Wally West accident, Future Flash heads to five years from now. While the actual Flash deals with a rockslide in Pakistan, the future Barry arrives to confront Daniel West. As the men battle, Future Flash outlines the tragedy that Reverse-Flash will cost. Filled with rage, Future Flash tears Daniel's head from his body just in time to prevent the accident that would have killed Wally. Seeing this act of murder, the Flash battles his future self - only to be crippled by Future Flash. As the blue-clad speedster heads to the present, a newly-costumed Wally West takes up the Flash mantle in order to stop him.

    Flash: "Out of Time"

    Finally arriving in the present, Future Flash drags his past self out to the salts flats and the tear in the Speed Force. Revealing that he wants to sacrifice the Flash, using Barry's own energy to seal the rupture, the two speedsters duel. Future Flash gains the upper hand until the battle is interrupted by a speed-empowered Wally West. The future Barry is still able to defeat both heroes, leading to Wally's demise and Barry's disappearance into the Speed Force tear. Now looking 20 years younger and trapped in the present, Future Flash seeks to remake his future.

    Other Media

    Animated Film

    Justice League: The New Frontier (2008)

    Justice League: The New Frontier
    Justice League: The New Frontier

    Barry Allen is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris. He is instrumental in defeating the menace posed by The Centre.

    Justice League: Doom (2012)

    Justice League: Doom
    Justice League: Doom

    Barry Allen is voiced by Michael Rosenbaum, who is known for voicing Wally West as the Flash. Barry Allen appears as the Flash, a member of the Justice League. He takes on Mirror Master, a member of the Legion of Doom.

    Lego Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite (2013)

    Lego Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite
    Lego Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite

    Barry Allen is voiced by Charlie Schlatter. He is seen taking down Captain Boomerang when he gets the call from Martian Manhunter to join the other Justice League members in assisting Batman, Robin and Superman to take down Lex Luthor and the Joker.

    Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013)

    Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
    Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

    Barry Allen is voiced by Justin Chambers. The movie is based on the comic, Flashpoint. The Flash goes back in time to save his mother from being murdered but it resulted in altering the timeline severely. Such changes included Superman landing in Metropolis instead of Smallville and was captured by the government as a baby, Bruce Wayne was murdered instead of his parents and his father ended up becoming Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are fighting a war against each other representing their countries of Themyscira and Atlantis, respectively, Abin Sur is still Green Lantern and Cyborg is the world's greatest hero. Barry also does not have his powers and needs Batman to help get them back. It is revealed that the Reverse Flash is the one who murdered his mother and he has to decide to go back in time and let his mother die again, causing the timeline to go back to normal.

    Justice League: War (2014)

    Justice League: War
    Justice League: War

    Barry Allen is voiced by Christopher Gorham. He appears in the movie as one of the founding members of the Justice League who team up to take down Darkseid.

    JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time (2014)

    JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time
    JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time

    The Flash is voiced by Jason Spisak. It is not determined as to whether the Flash is Barry Allen or Wally West but he acts more like Barry. He is seen as a member of the JLA as they team with Karate Kid and Dawnstar against the Legion of Doom and the Time Trapper.

    Lego DC Comics: Batman Be-Leaguered (2014)

    Lego DC Comics: Batman Be-Leaguered
    Lego DC Comics: Batman Be-Leaguered

    Barry Allen is voiced by James Arnold Taylor. After Superman goes missing after assisting Batman in defeating the Penguin, the Joker and Man-Bat, Batman asks the Flash for help in finding him. They run into Captain Cold and after they defeat him, Flash and Captain Cold disappear too. Batman then gets more help from other Justice League members to find them and they, along with the villains they fight, each disappear. Batman eventually finds out it's all been a ploy by Bat-Mite. Batman ends up joining the League in the end.

    Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (2015)

    Justice League: Throne of Atlantis
    Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

    Christopher Gorham reprises his role as Barry Allen. In this sequel to Justice League: War, the Flash is a member of the Justice League and they have to deal with a war with Atlantis and the introduction of Aquaman to this new animated continuity.

    Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League (2015)

    Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League
    Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League

    James Arnold Taylor reprises his role as Barry Allen. He is seen as a member of the Justice League who fought against Giganta, Gorilla Grodd, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke, Captain Cold and Penguin. After the battle, he gets bored and is given activities by the other League members.

    Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts (2015)

    Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts
    Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts

    Charlie Schlatter reprises his role as Barry Allen. He teams with Batman, Green Arrow, Nightwing and Red Robin against the Penguin, Killer Croc, Man-Bat, Cheetah and Silverback.

    Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom (2015)

    James Arnold Taylor reprises his role as Barry Allen. He is also a member of the Justice League in this movie and they take on the Legion of Doom. He appears having a rivalry with Hal Jordan/Green Lantern for Wonder Woman's affection.

    Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Cosmic Clash (2016)

    James Arnold Taylor reprises his role as Barry Allen. He and other Justice League members team up with the Legion of Super-Heroes to defend the Earth from Brainiac. He sends most of the League members into random time periods and the Flash, Batman and Cyborg must use the Cosmic Treadmill to rescue them. Batman orders The Flash to keep running on the Treadmill or they will be sent back to their own time.

    Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016)

    Justice League vs. Teen Titans
    Justice League vs. Teen Titans

    Christopher Gorham reprises his role as Barry Allen. The Flash is seen as a member of the Justice League who are possessed by Trigon and it's up to Damian Wayne / Robin and the Teen Titans to rescue them.

    The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

    Flash appears in the film as a member of the Justice League, voiced by comedic actor Adam DeVine.

    Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020)

    Apokolips War
    Apokolips War

    Christopher Gorham reprises his role for the final time here. At the start of the movie, Barry is presumed killed during the Justice League's disastrous assault on Apokolips. In reality, it turns out that Barry has been imprisoned on the alien world. At the end of the film, with most of Earth's heroes dead and the Earth damaged beyond repair, John Constantine convinces Barry to create another Flashpoint in order to reboot the universe and prevent all of this from having happened, bringing a close to the animated New 52 continuity.

    Justice Society: World War II (2021)

    Justice Society: World War II
    Justice Society: World War II

    Barry Allen appears in the second film set in the rebooted animated continuity, voiced by Matt Bomer. While helping Superman battle Brainiac, Barry is accidentally pulled into the Speed Force and ends up on Earth-2 during World War II. He teams up with the Justice Society of America to stop the Nazis and Psycho-Pirate. After returning home, Barry is inspired by the example of the JSA to create a new team of superheroes (implied to be the Justice League), an idea he proposed to Superman.

    Live-Action Film

    Justice League: Mortal (2007)

    Adam Brody was cast as Barry Allen / The Flash in a cancelled live-action Justice League film that was set to be directed by George Miller.

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

    Flash's cameo
    Flash's cameo

    Barry Allen makes a cameo appearance in the film, played by Ezra Miller. He is seen in security camera footage foiling a convenience store robbery. A time traveling version of Barry also appears in one of Bruce Wayne's dreams, having traveled back in time to warn him about Lois Lane being the key to stopping an evil version of Superman in the future.

    Suicide Squad (2016)

    Ezra Miller makes a cameo appearance as the Flash. He is seen in a flashback scene where he captures Captain Boomerang during a failed bank robbery.

    Justice League (2017)

    Ezra Miller as the Flash
    Ezra Miller as the Flash

    Ezra Miller reprises his role as the Flash in the Justice League movie, as well as its greatly expanded director's cut, Zack Snyder's Justice League. In the film, Barry Allen begins as an awkward and unemployed young man whose father has been unjustly jailed after having been wrongly convicted for the murder of Barry's mother. When Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons invade Earth in search of the three Mother Boxes, Flash is recruited by Batman to help fight them off. At the close of the film, Barry joins the Central City Police Department, hoping to use his position inside to prove his father's innocence and free him.

    The Flash (2022)

    Flash: The Movie
    Flash: The Movie

    Ezra Miller is set to reprise his role as the Flash in his first ever solo live-action feature film, written by Christina Hodson and directed by Andy Muschietti (It and It: Chapter 2). The film also stars Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, Ron Livingston as Henry Allen, Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck as alternate versions of Batman and Sasha Calle as Supergirl. The movie was originally scheduled to be released in 2018, but was delayed and went through multiple drafts and creative teams due to the negative response to both Batman v Superman and the theatrical version of Justice League.


    The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure (1967-1968)

    The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure
    The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure

    Barry Allen is voiced by Ray Owens. He appeared in several episodes as the Flash and one of the founders of the Justice League. He also has some adventures with his sidekick, Kid Flash.

    Super Friends (1973-1986)

    Super Friends
    Super Friends

    Barry Allen is voiced by Ted Knight, and later Jack Angel. He appears as the Flash and as a member of the Justice League.

    Legends of the Superheroes (1979)

    Legends of the Superheroes
    Legends of the Superheroes

    Barry Allen is played by Rod Haase. He appears as the Flash in this two part special that was based on the Super Friends.

    The Flash (1990-1991)

    The Flash (1990)
    The Flash (1990)

    Barry Allen is played by John Wesley Shipp. He appears as the Flash in his first live-action television series. He shared some similarities with Wally West and also had some new elements introduced, including an older brother named Jay, who was a police officer that was killed in the line of duty. In this show, his fastest speed was around the speed of sound. The series was cancelled after one season.

    Justice League of America (1997)

    Justice League of America
    Justice League of America

    Barry Allen is played by Kenny Johnston. He appears as the Flash in this unsuccessful pilot for a live-action Justice League series. Many of the characters were barely recognizable next to their comic book counterparts and Barry was no different. Instead of being a police scientist, Barry was unemployed and seemed to be the most slow-witted of all the characters.

    Smallville (2001-2011)

    Though Barry Allen, himself, does not appear in Smallville, Bart Allen does. In his first appearance, Bart has a few fake IDs with the names of Barry Allen, Wally West and Jay Garrick. In the season 11 storyline "Haunted", it's revealed that Barry and Wally are real people, whose identities Bart stole. It's explained that Bart acquired Barry's name (and the others) through a psychic connection to the speed force.

    The Batman (2004-2008)

    The Batman
    The Batman

    Charlie Schlatter reprises his role as The Flash. He makes cameo appearances in the fourth and fifth seasons of The Batman. This version of the Flash is not specified but the creators of the show have intimated that it is Barry Allen. He is seen as a member of the Justice League in the series finale.

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008-2011)

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold
    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    Barry Allen is voiced by Alan Tudyk. He makes a cameo in the episode, "Sidekicks Assemble!", which sets up the formation of the Teen Titans. He also makes an appearance in the episode, "Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!", wherein he was presumed dead until discovered being held captive in an alternate dimension where Professor Zoom rules with an iron fist.

    Young Justice (2010-2013)

    Young Justice
    Young Justice

    Barry Allen is voiced by George Eads, but James Arnold Taylor later reprises his role in the series finale. He is a member of the Justice League and mentor to Kid Flash.

    He also returns in the revival series, Young Justice: Outsiders, though this time voiced by James Arnold Taylor.

    Arrowverse (2012-present)

    Grant Gustin as the Flash
    Grant Gustin as the Flash

    Barry Allen is a major character in the Arrowverse, played by Grant Gustin. He first makes an appearance in the 8th and 9th episodes of the 2nd season of Arrow. He is a police scientist who came from Central City to assist on a case. He finds out that Oliver Queen is the Arrow and helps him. After he goes back home, he gets struck by lightning while being doused in chemicals. It is later mentioned that he was in a coma. It is later revealed in the Flash spin-off series that the lightning was caused by the particle accelerator explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs. After becoming the Flash, he returns for cameo appearances and team-ups each season.

    In 2014, Grant Gustin reprised his role as a solo The Flash series. After the particle accelerator explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs caused him to get struck by lightning and doused him with chemicals, he went into a coma. When he wakes up, he finds out he has super-speed. When Barry was a child, his mother was murdered by a blur of lightning but his father was convicted for the crime. He was then raised by his best friend, Iris West's father, Joe West. Barry returns to S.T.A.R. Labs and is assisted by Dr. Harrison Wells, Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow in protecting Central City from evil metahumans and other crime. Cisco creates his Flash suit and Wells teaches him to become faster. It is later revealed that Dr. Harrison Wells has actually been the Reverse Flash in disguise and is the one who killed Barry's mother. He attempts to go back in time to rescue his mother but changes his mind when his older self, who had followed the Reverse Flash there from the future, holds up his hand and shakes his head, silently telling him not to interfere. After the Reverse Flash dies, a singularity opens up and Barry is forced to stop it.

    In the second season, following the singularity, 52 breaches have opened up in Central City, connecting Earth-1 to Earth-2. A speedster from Earth-2, Zoom, starts sending metahumans to hunt down Barry to steal his speed. Aided by Earth-2's Flash, Jay Garrick and the Harrison Wells of Earth-2, Barry fights Zoom and his henchmen as he tries to find a way to close the breaches.

    Other Arrowverse appearances

    Flash alongside other heroes of the Arrowverse
    Flash alongside other heroes of the Arrowverse
    • Grant Gustin reprises his role as Barry Allen in the animated Vixen mini-series. He and the Arrow meet Vixen and tell her that they will help her if she ever needs it.
    • Grant Gustin reprises his role in a few episodes of Legends of Tomorrow.
    • Grant Gustin reprises his role as the Flash in several episodes of Supergirl.
    • Grant Gustin reprises his role as the Flash in the Batwoman episode "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 2."

    Justice League Action (2016)

    Justice League Action
    Justice League Action

    Barry Allen appears as a recurring character in the series, voiced again by Charlie Schlatter.

    DC Super Hero Girls (2019-Present)

    DC Super Hero Girls
    DC Super Hero Girls

    Barry Allen appears as a recurring character in the series, voiced by Phil LaMarr. He is a teenager from Metropolis who works at the Sweet Justice ice cream parlor, and is also close friends with Barbara Gordon. He is secretly the superhero known as the Flash, and eventually becomes a founding member of the super team known as the Invinci-Bros alongside Hal Jordan, Hawkman, Aqualad, Green Arrow and Steve Trevor. In contrast to his science persona from the comics, this version of Barry is shown to be easily distracted.

    Harley Quinn (2019-Present)

    Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn

    Barry Allen appears in the show as a member of the Justice League, voiced by Scott Porter.

    Video Games

    Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (2008)

    Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
    Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

    Barry Allen is voiced by Taliesin Jaffe. In the game, the Flash looks as though he is Wally West but the biography section of the game confirms that he is in fact Barry Allen. He has a psychic bond with Liu Kang that they use to monitor for cross-universal breaches.

    DC Universe Online (2011)

    DC Universe Online
    DC Universe Online

    Barry Allen is voiced by Dwight Schultz. He appears in the MMORPG as the Flash instead of Wally West. He dies in the trailer for the game when Black Adam causes an explosion.

    Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (2012)

    Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
    Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

    Charlie Schlatter reprises his role as Barry Allen. He is a playable character and is the fastest character in the game. His special ability is to be able to put de-constructed Legos back together.

    Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013)

    Injustice: Gods Among Us
    Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Barry Allen is voiced by Neal McDonough. He appears as a playable character. While several characters from the main dimension are summoned to the Injustice universe, main Barry is not among them. Injustice Barry, however, has a more important role. Injustice Barry is first seen alongside Injustice Shazam in Atlantis, representing the New Regime and having Aquaman agree to let Regime Superman have full control of Atlantis. However, unbeknownst to them, this is not their universe's Aquaman - it is the main Aquaman. And he refuses to let the Regime have full control of Atlantis. Barry and Shazam attack this Aquaman, but he defeats both of them. Injustice Barry later appears in the Watchtower with Injustice Shazam, and both begin to question whether or not they're doing the right thing. After it explodes, he is seen yet again in the Fortress of Solitude. When Injustice Shazam finally stands up to Injustice Superman, he gets killed. After everybody but Barry and Hal leave the room, Barry decides to defect to the Insurgency. Hal tries to stop this, but Barry battles and defeats him, and then does the same to Grundy. He sees his universe's Sinestro and regime soldiers about to execute renegade soldiers, and disarms the soldiers. He battles Sinestro, and defeats him. He goes to the Insurgency, where he sees the displaced Green Arrow and is surprised, as his universe's Green Arrow is dead. After the two come to an understanding, Barry explains Superman's plan to the Insurgency. In the epilogue, he is willingly put under arrest, and gives one last simile to Green Arrow before he is taken away. In his own specific ending he has defeated Superman and to redeem himself becomes The Ghost a hero who is never clearly seen.

    Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (2014)

    Charlie Schlatter reprises his role as Barry Allen. He is a playable character and one of the main characters of the game.

    Infinite Crisis (2015)

    Infinite Crisis
    Infinite Crisis

    Michael Rosenbaum reprises his role as Barry Allen. He is a playable character.

    Injustice 2 (2017)

    Injustice 2
    Injustice 2

    Barry Allen returns as a major character in Injustice 2, this time voiced by Taliesin Jaffe. 5 years after the events of the first game, Barry has been pardoned from prison in recognition of his role in deposing Superman's Regime. Trying to make amends for his sins, Barry winds up joining Batman's Insurgency and battling against the cosmic destroyer Brainiac.


    The song "The Ballad of Barry Allen" by Jim's Big Ego focuses on the tragic aspects of Allen's life, specifically his dissociation from humanity as a result of his superpowers, which cause him to perceive life much more slowly than other people, and resultant depression.


    DC Universe Classics and DC Multiverse
    DC Universe Classics and DC Multiverse
    • Barry Allen was featured in Kenner's DC Super Powers Collection.
    • Barry Allen was featured in Mattel's toy line for The Batman.
    • Barry Allen was featured in the DC Universe Classics line by Mattel.
    • DC Direct has produced a number of Barry Allen action figures.
    • The DC Multiverse line by Mattel featured Barry in his New 52, Arrowverse and movie incarnations.
    • Barry Allen was featured in Mattel's Batman: The Brave and the Bold line.
    • The comic, movie and Arrowverse versions of the Flash were both featured in Funko's Pop! line of bobbleheads.
    • Flash was featured in Mattel's Batman Unlimited line.
    • Hot Toys produced figures of the movie and Arrowverse versions of Flash
    • Flash has been featured in the DC Super Heroes toy line from Spin Masters.
    • Flash was heavily featured in Mattel's toy line for the Justice League movie.
    • Barry Allen was featured in the DC Multiverse line from McFarlane toys in several incarnations, including his New 52, movie and Injustice 2 designs.

    Statues and Board Games

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    • Barry Allen appeared in the HeroClix figure game when it debuted. He appeared in several series including "DC 75th Anniversary," "Superman featuring Flashpoint," and "The New 52 Justice League."
    • Kotobukiya produced a statue of the New 52 version of Barry alongside the other members of the Justice League. They also produced a classic version of the character.
    • Onri Creations produced a statue of the New 52 version of Barry.
    • Iron Studios produced a statue of the New 52 version of Barry.
    • DC Direct has produced a number of Flash statues in both his classic and New 52 incarnations. This includes a special diorama depicting his first team-up with Jay Garrick from the Silver Age.
    • Sideshow Collectibles produced a statue of the New 52 version of the Flash.

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