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As King Kull's plan continues, the JLA, JSA, and Squadron of Justice team to thwart the next phase.

The Bulletman, the Bulletgirl, the Hawkman, and the Hawkgirl, are astonished to discover volcanic activity in Canada. Even stranger, hikers in the mountains have been transformed into volcanic rock. Weirder still, the volcanic eruption sounds like laughter. While evacuating the civilians, the Hawkman's shoulder transforms into volcanic rock. At WHIZ studios, Billy Batson goes on the air to report on an iceberg moving under it's own power. Fishermen passed by the iceberg, in Alaska, have been transformed into ice. In Colorado, rock formations have become animate, while tourists have been transformed into stone.

In New York, construction workers have been transformed into iron, while the steel frame of the building they were working on has walked away. The Batman, who's own face has been partially transformed into steel, notices that the iron workers's faces are locked in a ghastly grin. A telltale sign of exposure to Joker venom. While the Weeper watches, the Joker gasses a jewelry store full of patrons. The Joker, and the Weeper, flee the scene, with the jewels chasing after them. Inside the jewelry store, not only are the jewelry store patrons' faces locked in a horrid smile, but they themselves have also been transformed into diamond.

The Batman notices the trail of the jewels, scratched into the sidewalk. The Batman, Mister Scarlet, Robin, and Pinky, the Whiz Kid storm the secret lair of the Joker, and the Weeper. After the two crooks have been brought to justice, Mister Scarlet carries a sample of the Joker's venom to a police scientist, Jim Barr. Upon analysis, the venom turns out to be nothing more than concentrated nitrous oxide. Nothing the Joker has done could account for all the strange transformations occurring around the world. Robin surmises that their true foe is King Kull. Barr is revealed to be the Bulletman.

The Bulletgirl, the Hawkman, and the Hawkgirl arrive with dire news. Half of the world has been plunged into perpetual darkness, while the other half of the world faces a never ending day. The culprits behind the crisis appear to be Doctor Light, and the Shade. Billy Batson meets with his sister, Mary, and Freddy Freeman. The Bulletman, and the Hawkman, travel to Paris to confront the Shade. There, they find the Shade looting the Louvre. Inside the Louvre, people have become paintings, while the paintings have come to life. With the power of his wings, the Hawkman hurls the paintings across the gallery.

Their close proximity, however, causes the Bulletman's hand to briefly become two-dimensional. The Bulletman, and the Hawkman, chase the Shade. The Bulletman use the bullet-repelling power of his gravity helmet to unseat the Shade from his flying cane. The Hawkman saves the Shade from a horrific fall. The Shade confesses that he controls the artificial satellite that has plunged the hemisphere into darkness. The Hawkman uses the Shade's cane to shut down the satellite, to no avail. The Shade is astonished that his cane has no effect on the satellite.

The Bulletgirl, and the Hawkgirl, travel to Yellowstone National Park, to confront Doctor Light. There they find tourists transformed into water, while the water has taken on a life of it's own. The falls runs backwards. Enormous hands of river water grasp at the two heroines. Geysers burst up around them. The Bulletgirl rescues the Hawkgirl from a scalding death, when the Hawkgirl becomes trapped within a geyser. As the Bulletgirl, and the Hawkgirl, close on Doctor Light, the Bulletgirl's right arm transforms into petrified wood. So, too, does Doctor Light.

The holographic images of Doctor Light plead with the two heroines to save their master. The Hawkgirl targets Doctor Light's artificial satellite with his gun. While the satellite moves, it is not destroyed. With the villains incarcerated, the heroes switch tactics. Using Doctor Light's gun, and the Shade's cane, the Bulletman, and the Hawkman, put the two artificial satellites on a collision course with one another. The destruction of the artificial satellites restores the world to normal. King Kull is furious that his machinations to destroy Earth-S have been thwarted. KIng Kull, however, still has a scheme in place to destroy Earth-1. The wizard, Shazam, hopes that his plan to aid the Marvel Family will succeed. Johnny Thunder meets with Freeman, and the Batsons.


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