Dansen Macabre

    Character » Dansen Macabre appears in 53 issues.

    Dansen Macabre is a member of the Night Shift with mystical dancing abilities. Her dance can hypnotize and even kill those who watch it.

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    A member of the cult of Kali, a Nepalese cult that studied martial arts and mystical disciplines, Dansen Macabre hypnotized Spider-Man into battling the Shroud for her, hoping to kill him as punishment for running away from the cult temple and his devotion to fighting crime. The Shroud managed to shake Spider-Man from his trance, and they defeated her together.


    Dansen Macabre was created by Steven Grant, Tom Sutton and Carmine Infantino and first appeared in Marvel Team-Up #93 (1980).

    Mayor Story Arcs


    She was later captured by the criminal, Locksmith, who was embarking on a plan to capture superhuman beings and keep them imprisoned so that regular humans could be free to strive and achieve without being overshadowed. The Locksmith had also captured Spider-Woman, who managed to escape and free all the super humans.

    Night Shift

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    At some point, Dansen Macabre was contacted by the Shroud to join his team of criminals called the Night Shift, the circumstances of which remain revealed. Macabre was elected as deputy leader of the group and often led the team in criminal endeavors when the Shroud was absent, such as leading an attack on the Avengers West Coast branch in revenge for capturing the Night Shift member, Digger. Eventually, the Night Shift mutinied against the Shroud's leadership, and presumably the team continued to be led by Dansen Macabre. She was later seen as a member of the Femizons, a group of female super-villains who faced off against Captain America.

    Midnight Sons

    Dansen Macabre and the Night Shift recently reappeared as agents working for the Hood. Sent to investigate the zombie virus being offered by Black Talon, the Night Shift encounters and battles the Midnight Sons. Dansen Macabre easily fends off Jennifer Kale, but is savagely attacked by Morbius, who drains her of a great deal of blood. Unfortunately, when the zombie virus mutates and becomes airborne Dansen Macabre, as well as the rest of the Night Shift, are among the first victims. Dansen Macabre, alongside the rest of the Night Shift, rise as zombies and engage the Midnight Sons and the Hood in combat, but are apparently returned to normal when the virus is mystically contained within Simon Garth. Dansen Macabre and the Night Shift remain at large.

    Moon Knight and Death

    Dansen Macabre would reunite with the Night Shift when they are hired by Snapdragon to eliminate Moon Knight and Echo in Los Angeles. Dansen Macabre and the Night Shift fail to kill Moon Knight which would lead to their ultimate demise. Dansen Macabre and the Night Shift would be confronted by the new West Coast Kingpin, Count Nefaria where he incinerates them for being so incompetent and moronically stupid.

    Characteristics and Appearance

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: White with long black temples

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 124 lbs

    Identity: Secret Identity

    Citizenship: Unknown

    Marital Status: Single

    Base Of Operations: Earth-616

    Relatives: None known

    Powers and abilities


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    Dansen's powers are all related to her mystical dancing. She can hypnotize and kill anyone who watches her dance. She also is able to perform a dance which makes her undetectable to another's senses.


    A skilled dancer she is also skilled in martial arts.


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