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    The Femizons are women warriors led by Thundra in a war between the sexes. They later served as the inspiration for a conglomerate of female super-villains led by Superia, a super-powered feminist and supposed ancestor of Thundra who was intent on conquering the world.

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    In a world where 95% of women have been sterilized, the remaining fertile 5% banded together to oppose the men who they blamed for their misfortune. While Thundra led the Femizons to victory and rule over "the United Republic of Femozonia", war still rages on between the two sexes and Thundra continues to led the Femizons into battle against their would-be male oppressors.


    The Femizons team was created by Gerry Conway and Rich Buckler and first appeared in Fantastic Four #151.

    Team Evolution

    Soldiers of sisterhood
    Soldiers of sisterhood

    The Femizons are led by Thundra in her home reality of Earth-715. While Thundra is the only member of note, in fact often the only named member of the unit, they never-the-less appear alongside Thundra from time to time.

    The Femizons were later introduced in the mainstream Marvel Universe in 1991 by Mark Gruenwald and Rik Levins. The mainstream counterpart of the Femizons were led by the super-villain Superia and included a large roster of female super-villains from other villainous teams such as the Serpent Society, the Marauders , the Masters of Evil and the Grapplers. Among them were a few errant reformed villains such as Diamondback and the Avengers' Yellowjacket.

    Major Story Arcs

    Raging Thunder

    Using technology stolen from Doctor Doom, Thundra went in search of the Hulk to acquire a sample of his DNA so she and her Femizons could use it to create a powerful agent for themselves. Using the DNA, she'd gotten from kiss the Hulk, Thundra became pregnant with their child, Lyra.

    Alternate Earths


    A feminist terrorist known as Superia set up a base on an island she would soon hope to call Femizonia; a world where woman ruled dominant and supreme. Her first plan was to launch missiles into space which would explode and emit special microbiological seeds called Sterility Seeds. She then would gather all of the brightest and strongest women of the world. All in all she was able to gather 10,500 women into her island, including some of the world's greatest female super villains.

    With her army of women at hand, she is able to strengthen her hold on her defenses, technology as well as her power over several governments. With the help of some of Superia's agents they were able to get 50 villainesses onto her private cruiser called the S.S. Superia but with a trail of disappearances being left behind, Captain America and Paladin were not far behind.

    Cap and Paladin vs. the Femizons
    Cap and Paladin vs. the Femizons

    As they were trying to sneak aboard, they are spotted by some of the villainesses but were victorious, nonetheless. Upon further inspection of the ship, they were attacked by Ferocia and an army of villainesses. As they held their ground, they were overwhelmed and soon surrendered. As they were brought to the island, they were sent to Feminization which would turn them into women.

    Not all of team agreed with Superia's plans. Asp and Black Mamba suspected that some of Superia's agents had attacked their friend, Diamondback. With this in mind, they both decide to free Captain American and Paladin to save their friend and to stop Superia's plans. The group split up into two groups. Captain America and Black Mamba went to the nerve center of Superia's base and relayed and SOS signal to the Avengers Mansion. Both of them were discovered however, and Superia battled Captain America on a one-on-one battle. Captain America wins the battle and accidentally destroys the dome defending Superia's base. Despite his apparent victory, some of the Sterile Seed missiles were launched which endangered the women of not only those outside the base but inside as well since her dome defending the base was destroyed. Several of the women left the island through the Avengers Quinjet which arrived shortly and the missile was transported to an area where it could do no harm. After these events, most of the women of the Femizons soon parted from the organization.

    Superia's world tour
    Superia's world tour

    Superia was left with only Blackbird, Iron Maiden and Snapdragon as her allies. MODAM returned to A.I.M. and refused to help Superia take over Boca Caliente with the intention of shoring up her finances to begin her plans anew. She was thwarted by MODAM when she attempted to kill the head of A.I.M., Alessandro Brannex. In the melée, Diamondback killed Snapdragon, MODAM blasted Blackbird, leaving Iron Maiden alone to try and help Superia. MODAM flew off with her, but Captain America attacked, and she dropped Superia into the ocean.

    Superia next empowered a college student into the "superhero" Free Spirit, although secretly implanted her with subliminal feminist commands to attack men. She also approached Baroness Zemo and proposed the two unit and later blackmailed Diamondback to abandon Captain America and her new life of altruism to aid her in place of the deceased Snapdragon.

    Later, Superia attempted to recreate reality using the Cosmic Cube and removing Captain America from history and instead usurping his place in history of herself. A woman she empowered known as Bright Star was recruited for her Femizons and the superheroes Misty Knight and Tigra were approached to join with promises of boosting their powers, however both heroes declined and aided Captain America and his allies in stopping Superia's plans.


    The war of the two sexes rages on into the 23rd Century, where a fully-grown Lyra has taken her mother's place as leader of the Femizons and is active of She-Hulk. She eventually finds herself transported into Earth-616.


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