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    Jason Roland is an movie actor who uses magical ropes to fight as Hangman.

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    Jason started as an actor who was desperate to become a star. Getting famous as a movie monster before becoming a real monster. Jason made a deal with a demon to give him his soul for show biz fame. The demon made him a big horror movie star but Jason never understood how supernatural it was. Jason noticed during the movie he actually turned into a actual monster and ran from the set of the movie. His runaway actually made him a horror movie legend. Jason then met again with the demon and it actually turned out to be Satannish. They would then make another deal that would make Jason human but would become the demons agent The Hangman.


    Jason Roland was created by Roy Thomas and Barry Smith and first appeared in the Marvel horror comic Tower of Shadows #5 (1970).

    Major Story Arcs

    The Nightshift

    He would soon seek out Night Shift the criminal gang and tricked them into giving up their souls for fame. But he was opposed by the Avengers. He then challenged them to a showdown. Though Satannish was trying to steal the audiences souls. But this action was stopped by Doctor Strange and Night Shift got their souls back. His girlfriend soon found what he had done and he explained he just wanted to buy his soul back. After his failure Satannish made him into a mindless husk. Later Satannish restored Hangman to lead The Lethal Legion. Satannish stole many evil souls from his rival Mephisto in order to make the team. Lethal Legion then would attack the Avengers. It was the legion, avengers, Satannish, and Mephisto in one battle. It ended up with The Avengers escaping and Mephisto defeating Satannish. What happened to Hangman after that is unknown.


    More recently, Jason came into contact with the mutant team known as X-Factor when Jason's ex-wife was murdered and his son was kidnapped. It turned out that Jason had given up his Hangman identity and had started to live a normal life once more. However, a demon would not stand for it and told Jason to keep up with his work or his son would be killed just like the demon had killed his ex-wife, the mother of his son. After a brief fight during his first encounter with the mutants, he told them his story and eventually both Hangman and X-factor managed to defeat the villain and saved his son. It was however seemingly at the cost of X-Factor's teamleader Jamie Mardox's life.

    Powers and Abilities

    As a result of selling his soul Hangman became mystically empowered by Sattanish. He has the ability to lift upwards of 25 tons, also, because his body produces less fatigue toxins, Hangman can perform optimally for at least a few hours before he becomes fatigued.

    Roland's mystically augmented body is tougher, more resistant and more resiliant than that of a normal human. While he isn't invulnerable, Roland has proven able to resist certain types of injuries more than ordinary humans. He can, for instance, withstand great impact and blunt forces. He has withstood impacts, such as falling from a height of many stories and being repeatedly struck by a superhuman opponent, that would severely injure or kill a normal human while sustaining no injury himself. Also, because of his deal with Sattanish, it seems that Roland has aged at a much slower pace.


    At all times, Roland carries with him an enchanted piece of rope of seemingly limitless length. The mystical properties of the rope respond telepathically to his commands and is able to generate more of itself in order to suit whatever purpose that he has in mind. The rope can be torn or cut under most circumstances unless he actually wills it otherwise. By sheer force of will, Roland can render the rope virtually unbreakable.


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