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    Volume » Published by Marvel. Started in 2011.

    Volume 4.

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    As part of the Big Shots Initiative to pair top creators with various Marvel characters in need, Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev launched this third volume of Moon Knight. Rather than the back to basics approach of the other two Big Shots titles Daredevil and Punisher, Moon Knight featured major changes to the lead character, including a relocation to Los Angeles and an increased focus on the idea that Marc Spector may be schizophrenic.

    Plot Summary

    Marc Spector moves to Los Angeles, selling an edited version of his life story as the premise for a television series to finance his activities as Moon Knight. He then sets out to take on the mysterious kingpin of the west coast under the belief that he is sanctioned by Captain America and working with the likes of Wolverine and Spider-Man. In fact, Moon Knight is alone, and these other heroes are nothing but his own delusions. He soon finds a real ally in Echo.

    Collected Editions

    Translated into Spanish.


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