Character » Locksmith appears in 3 issues.

    An escape artist turned super criminal.

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    Brief History

    The man who became the Locksmith was once a world fameous escape artist. As a child he was always obsessed with locks and turned that passion into a career. However, his fame was short lived and as people stopped coming to his shows he blamed the super humans. So, he did was anyone would do, he bought a warehouse and used his knowledge of locks to create a high tech prison. 
    He teamed with Ticktock and went about capturing super humans. However, each cell was geared toward a specific super human and Spider-Woman had Gypsy Moth use her power to switch their costumes after a brief escape. Thus when re-captured they weren't properly contained and managed to escape and free the others. Together they defeated the Locksmith.

    Powers and Abilities

    Locksmith had several gagets, including a migrane-inducing headband and a bioelectric drainer.

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