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    Once a small-time crook, Parker Robbins found a mystical cloak and pair of boots that endowed him with supernatural abilities, allowing for his rise to power as a skilled sorcerer and feared crime lord.

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    Parker Robbins' father was a close associate of the Kingpin, who was frequently present as Parker grew up. With his mother in a mental institute and his father presumed dead, Parker lived with his pregnant girlfriend Sara. Parker and his cousin, John are tipped off about a shipment at a deserted factory. Later on, Parker and John check it out, finding nothing but candles, a fold up chair and what looks like tribal drawings. They are attacked by a Nisanti demon. Parker shoots it with his Lorcin 381 handgun and believes he has killed it, proceeding to steal the Nisanti's hooded cloak and boots.

    Fleeing the scene, chased by a gang of thugs, Parker finds out that the boots let him fly. After a punch in the gut from his cousin Parker found that the cloak allows him to become invisible for as long as he can hold his breath.


    The Hood was created by Brian K. Vaughan and Kyle Hotz and first appeared in The Hood #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    Forming a Team of Villains

    Down and Out
    Down and Out

    Later on Parker messes up a heist, trying to steal Blood Stones (black market term for diamonds) he runs into Madam Rapier, The Shocker, Jack O' Lantern and Constrictor. He manages to get away from the villains but in a panic he shoots Eric Bondi, a police Officer. John takes the blame and is arrested with murder.

    Parker then meets with Gro, a prostitute, while there he hears that he is a wanted man, and that John is at Brooklyn's 75th precinct. Parker shows up at the precinct to save John but is tracked by two men in A.I.M. suits. After they taser him Parker looks possessed and attacks them with what looks like electrical power. He then speaks with John who tells him to "hock a couple of them diamonds" and get him a decent lawyer.

    At this time Golem Golembuski has told all of the local pawn shops about anyone trying to sell diamond, so Parker is in major trouble. Once he found out about who he stole the diamonds off he pays them a visit. Issuing a trade at the Coney island Fair then telling the cops. He meets with Madame Rapier at the fairground. Parker over powers her and dresses her in a hooded outfit, then disappears when the federal agents show up mistaking Madame Rapier for the Hood and kill her. The Agents figure out they have shot the wrong person but don't want to pursue the case so they consult John. Telling him he could get out out of prison if he say The Hood was female. John then replies "How big do you want me to say her tits were?"


    Later on The Hood was one of several super-beings transported by the Stranger's new Battleworld, where the Stranger (disguised as the Beyonder) promised them their greatest wishes if they killed their enemies. The Hood was the only who accepted it and by using his invisibility powers he tried to kill the others. Alyosha Kravinoff sensed him and took him by surprise, saying they should work together. The heroes eventually ganged up on the Stranger, who escaped due to fear of what Uatu the Watcher's presence could mean. Uatu, however was there to witness the sacrifice made by Gravity when he held together the Battleworld so that the others could escape, killing himself in the process. Back on earth Parker and Sara attended his funeral, and sometime after this Sara gave birth to their child.

    The New Avengers

    The Hood manages to assemble a new Masters of Evil of around forty super-villains. He builds their respect by killing the Owl, beating the crap out of Tigra while filming it, and fights against Wolverine and lives to tell about it. He shot Wolverine in the junk, getting major cool points. Chemistro suggests that instead of fighting the New Avengers, they should rob a federal reserve. This move served them well as they stole 15 million dollars. But their celebration is cut short when Luke Cage appeared and with him are the New Avengers, the Mighty Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the Defenders and many more heroes ready for a fight against the Hood's Gang. It is later revealed that this was only an illusion made by Doctor Strange and in the middle of the battle, Strange banishes Hood with a anti-demon spell while his gang is defeated.

    The Hood reappears again and frees his team-mates to exact revenge to the New Avengers, especially Doctor Strange. The Masters of Evil manage to invade Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum and Hood fatally wounds Strange but was not able to kill him because of Wong's intervention. They retreated back before SHIELD agents arrive and Hood verbalized that he now knows how to defeat them.

    Secret Invasion

    Watching the battle of the superheroes and the invading Skrulls prompted the Hood to fight the aliens. Chemistro objected that the heroes and the Skrulls should kill each other and they should just pick up the scraps left. But Hood reasons out that if the Skrulls win the battle, it would be bad for their business and that they won't be left for them. The Masters goes to New York central park alongside the Avengers, Nick Fury's secret warriors, the Thunderbolts, Captain America and Thor to fight against the invading super-skrulls.

    Dark Reign

    New Avengers
    New Avengers

    During Norman Osborn's Dark Reign in charge of national security, the Hood is tasked by Osborn to take care of the nuisance Punisher. Resurrecting Frank Castle's one-time accomplice Microchip from the dead and using an army of mercenaries and B-list villains that were victims of the Scourge, he tells the villains that the Scourge was the Punisher in disguise. The Hood attempts to track down the Punisher and his new sidekick, the hacker Henry.

    Hood and his Masters of Evil would also steal a vase fortune from a wealthy prince. But during this celebratory time, he would get constant visits Dormammu leading him more towards his level as well as an attack by White Fang, the wife of a man Parker has accidentally killed. Now trying to make sure that his daughter doesn't deal with what he is going through, he goes to Satana to help his with his situation with Dormammu and later making her his supernatural adviser. He soon learns the history of Dormammu and his purpose. He then learns that him finding the mystical hood and boots was not an accident but a set up. The was planned for Dormammu to find a host. This he did when he found Parker. Later on he breaks his cousin and other members of his team out of jail for drunken behavior. He later learns that his mother has gotten her memory back but it was because of Dormammu trying to tempt him not to get rid of him.

    Later on he starts wearing a regular hood and not his supernatural one. At one point him and some members of his Masters of Evil go out to help Shocker fight Force but are almost defeated by White Fang. He is saved by Controller who later turns on him by burning his old hood during his third battle with White Fang. Parker then some how manages to gain demonic powers with out the aid of the hood. He wins the fight defeating White Fang and Force and turns one of Controller's slave disks on him. He once again takes control of his team but lets go of his cousin John.

    Midnight Sons

    Turns out the Hood buys mounds of cocaine from a dealer/zombie broker, Black Talon. He shows interest over a conversation with Black Talon about a weapon (the zombie virus) that will destroy all the super heroes. At this point he is in debate with his gang wither to use the weapon or not but in the end the Hood wants it. He then hires members of the Night Shift and the team and himself go to Black Talon's island where He and the team encounter the Midnight Sons. Dormammu follows him in the process. In the end he joins the Midnight Sons in effort to at least survive the zombie attack seeing that he couldn't teleport away with Dormammu's help seeing that Dormammu was more occupied with Midnight Son member Jennifer Kale. As soon as the killer zombie storm cloud appeared, he ended up fighting along side the Midnight Sons from his own zombie infected Night Shift. After the storm cloud was destroyed by Jennifer Kale, the Hood and the reverted Night Shift teleported away.

    Exorcism of Dormammu & the Stones of Norn

    The Hood faced off against Dr. Strange as he was possessed by Dormammu. The Hood was looking for whoever the Eye of Agamotto was about to award with the title of Sorcerer Supreme so he could kill that person and take the power himself. He sensed it's power and it lead to him to Hellstorm. He confronted Hellstorm and tried to kill him because he thought that Hellstorm was going to be Sorcerer Supreme. The two fought until Dr. Strange and the New Avengers came to fight as well. The did not know that the Eye of Agamotto had already chosen a sorcerer near the vicinity where the battle was taking place. Brother Voodoo, who was staying near by, was chosen by the Eye to be the next Sorcerer Supreme. Brother Voodoo then joined Dr. Strange, Hellstorm, and the New Avengers as they teamed up and took down the Hood. Brother Voodoo exorcised Dormammu from the hood and boots that possessed Parker and he was left powerless.

    The Hood lost his reputation and his empire and Parker Robbins was back to being a nobody. He was left injured and in the hospital. However, Loki came and paid him a visit. Loki brought the Hood to a place where she gave him a new power. He was given the Norn Stones, which supposedly give you the power to do anything you can dream of. The Hood now had his power back but Loki never mentioned what the price of using the Stones would be. Upon returning to his gang in New York, the Hood found out that his gang had turned to Norman Osborn after discovering the deal that he and the Hood had had. Parker then tells his gang that they have to do at least one favor for Norman Osborn. Osborn then tells the gang that they are to hunt down and kill all of the New Avengers (with the exception of Spider-Man, whom he wanted alive).

    The Hood then powered up his Masters of Evil with the Norn Stones, increasing their powers and giving them the ability to sense the New Avengers. Despite this, the small groups that went after each of the New Avengers were still defeated. Norman Osborn approached the Hood soon afterward, and asked him for help in his invasion of Asgard. The Hood agreed, especially when Osborn told him that he was planning on replacing the Avengers franchise with the Thunderbolts, and that his gang members would be part of various Thunderbolts teams.

    Unfortunately, Osborn's Siege didn't go as planned. Although Osborn called on the backup of the Hood and his gang upon the New Avengers, Young Avengers, and Secret Warriors arriving, Asgard was toppled and destroyed by the Sentry shortly afterward. After the Sentry turned into the Void, Loki realized that their only chance of survival rested with the heroes, and so took back the Norn Stones and used them to power up the heroes. The Hood also realized that this meant that his powers were gone (again), and so fled Asgard with Madam Masque before anyone realized. Fearing that the Avengers would hunt him down for his part in Dark Reign, the Hood went to Count Nefaria, Madame Masque's father, hoping for a chance to repower himself. Unfortunately, the New Avengers hunted him down as predicted, and were successful in capturing both the Hood, Madame Masque, and Count Nefaria before he could be re-powered.

    During his incarceration he is visited by Tigra who savagely beats him as payback for her earlier defeat. She decides not to kill him but allows him to live knowing he will never be able to see his family again, which in her eyes is all the punishment he needs.

    The Infinity Gems

    Possesing the Infinity Gems
    Possesing the Infinity Gems

    It is later revelaed that while in prison he meets an Inhuman who was left behind on Earth when Black Bolt led them to a new home. Robbins spends weeks befriending him and learning more about the Inhumans and the Terrigen mists and their properties. He learns from the Inhuman that even though the mist no longer exist on Earth, Black Bolt left the the Infinity gem in his protection hidden in their abandoned city. As he sits in his cell, Parker is approached by a guard he attempted to bribe earlier who tells him he has considered his offer and agrees to help him. They find a prisoner who looks almost identical to him and switch them out as Parker is being transferred to Rykers.

    Back on the streets, Parker gets back to resurrecting his empire, going so far as to brokering deals with Hydra. Unfortunately for him, Slug releases his video of him beating Tigra on Youtube, gaining the attention of some of her students in the Avengers Academy. Four of the students, Veil, Finesse, Hazmat, and Striker set out to find the Hood once they determine that the man in prison is an impostor. He is attacked in his apartment by the group and with no powers is completely defenseless as they videotape the whole thing forcing him to apologize to Tigra before his cousin John runs in shooting at them, scaring the group off. Parker then determines that he needs to find a way to re-power himself so that this never happens again.

    He spends a vast amount of his fortune to hire guides that will take him to the Inhuman city. After arriving he kills the guides and proceeds inside the city locating the Reality gem. He then uses the gem's power to travel to the next gem's location, inside the Baxter building. After using the gem to sneak past Mr Fantastic he runs into The Thing but uses the gem to turn the floor Ben is standing on to turn to water causing him to fall to the bottom floor. Robbins has just enough time to locate the Power gem and then teleports away. Parker, failing to specify a destination ends up in the middle of the desert where he runs into the Red Hulk, who has been living there. A fight ensues and although not versed in hand-to-hand combat, the Power gem allows Parker to level the playing field, flooring the red giant and pummeling him before leaving. Unknown to him the Red Hulk recovers and goes to the Avengers and New Avengers for help.

    After acquiring the two gems, The Hood finds his former lover Madame Masque and uses the Reality gem to heal her scarred face. He then travels to the next gem and acquires Tony Stark's gem just as Iron-Man and his team arrive teleporting away again just in time to confront Namor, Thor, and the Red Hulk as they have found the next gem he requires. Despite having the Time Gem, Thor and the group are little match against The Hood. Red Hulk manages to pry the Power Gem from Robbins, who not realizing he doesn't have to run, teleports away to the Xavier Institute. After a brief battle with Xavier's team of Avengers, Robbins claims the Mind Gem for himself before traveling to the astral plain Doctor Strange hid his gem,only to be stopped by Thanos himself.

    Thanos offers Parker the opportunity to have his own personal earth, containing all of his greatest desires if the criminal relinquishes the gems to him. Robbins sees through the lie and attacks Thanos revealing him to be Doctor Strange casting an illusion. Soon the Red Hulk catches up to The Hood and attacks him again causing Parker to use the reality gem, sending the two tumbling through alternate universes.The red Hulk eventually manages to deliver a devastating blow with the power gem and the other Avengers are finally able to take him down returning him back to prison and the gems back to the Illuminati.

    Powers & Abilities

    Parker Robbins killed a Nisanti demon and stole his hood which grants him invisibility when he holds his breath, and a pair of boots that allows him to levitate. He has on one occasion fired some sort of mystical energy. Sometimes his eyes glows red, and under some circumstances he has shown the face of the Nisanti suggesting that he may be possessed. It is later revealed that the Nisanti demon is Dormammu. Dormammu apparently has been granting Hood access to a variety of his demonic powers.

    The Hood is also a decent marksman, and has recently begun to shown some significant leadership skills and have gathered around forty super-villains under him.

    The Norn Stones given to him by Loki allowed the Hood to fire off bullets with some sort of magic empowering them, as well as power up his gang. However, Loki took the Stones away from Parker during Siege, and so the Hood is once more powerless.

    Alternate Earths

    House of M

    The Hood assembles a team of super-powered humans together which would be his incarnation of the Masters of Evil. As one he and the others plan to break into a sentinel parts processing plant and rob it. They succeed in destroying the sentinel's and getting praise from the homo sapiens race. After a small celebration, the Hood plans something much bigger for himself and the group. Later he announces to the public his role and new group the Sapiens Rights League which will serve to protect humans from mutant cruelty. He later saves members of his group Absorbing man, Titania, and Blizzard from being tortured by Wolverine and the Red Guard. After the rescue, the Hood begins to develop a plan to claim greater status by getting his own country. In this reality he is still in a romantic relationship with Madame Masque.

    In Other Media

    Video Games

    Contest of Champions
    Contest of Champions
    Marvel Snap
    Marvel Snap
    • The Hood appears as an antagonist in the Marvel Avengers Alliance Facebook game.
    • The Hood appears as an antagonist in the Marvel Heroes MMORPG, voiced by Dave Boat.
    • The Hood appears as a playable character in Marvel Puzzle Quest.

    • The Hood is referenced in the video game adaptation of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (though not the film itself) as a gang leader.
    • The Hood appears as a playable character in the Marvel Contest of Champions fighting game.
    • The Hood is a card in Marvel Snap. His card is worth -3 power, and his ability is that he summons his demon, which has 6 power.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • The Hood was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • The Hood was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Xemnu Build-a-Figure wave.

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