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    A martial arts master who has clashed with the avengers Black Widow and Captain America. She was a mercenary and assassin.

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    Nothing is known of Snapdragon's early life except that she was trained rigorously in the martial arts and weaponry and had a brother by the name of Kono. As an adult she used technology and her formidable skills to create the super villain identity of Snapdragon. Before her debut she also had additional training from Taskmaster at one of his many academies. There she trained alongside Rachel Leighton and the two became friends.


    Snapdragon was created by Ralph Macchio and George Perez in 1984 and first appeared in Marvel Fanfare # 12.

    Major Story Arcs

    While at the academy something happened between Sheoke and Leighton, and Sheoke was dishonored. Humiliated and filled with hate she swore she would avenge her honor and pay Rachel back for what she had done. Sheoke spent the next few years perfecting her fight styles in the martial arts, and established the identity Snapdragon as a brutal mercenary and assassin, she was so good she became well known in the criminal underworld.

    Against Heroes

    Damon Dran soon hired her to bring in the Black Widow so he could get revenge for something she had done to him in the past. She tracked down the Black Widow to Japan, where the Black Widow managed to overcome a number of other assassins who had been sent by Dran. She watched the Widow and made her attack when she foolishly entered an alley Snapdragon quickly ambushed and defeated her and after securing her catch returned her to Dran.

    Natasha would later escape and she was sent to capture her again. This time the Widow was ready for her and she was soundly defeated and sent plummeting several hundred feet below. She survived however and would turn up again.

    The Femizons!

    After her defeat at the hands of the Black Widow, Snapdragon was recruited by Superia to serve in her all female group the Femizons. She was one of the first recruits and she signed for a several year contract for membership. On one of their first missions recognized the Rachel Leighton, and decided it was time to have her revenge. She defeated and drugged Leighton, then brought her to a secluded room where she would regain her honor and they would have a fight to the death.

    Snapdragon was clearly the superior combatant and managed to easily outmaneuver Leighton and rendered her unconscious, satisfied she then tossed her body overboard. Leighton almost drowned, but she was found and via CPR she recovered. Snapdragon kept this secret for even her teammates as it was a personal matter. Following the defeat of Superia's initial plot, Snapdragon continued her contract and served with her. She rose in the ranks and served as one of the lieutenants in the Femizons, alongside Blackbird and the Iron Maiden.

    Snapdragon later accompanied Superia and the other Femizons to an AIM Weapons Expo in Boca Caliente. The plan was for Superia to usurp control of AIM and use its profits and weapons for their own plans. The group encountered Diamondback, who had accompanied Captain America and his other allies. Diamondback followed Snapdragon, and as the group made its way to AIM. She intercepted Snapdragon and after revealing her true identity she challenged Snapdragon to a rematch.

    Unknown to Snapdragon this was a very different Diamondback as she had been kidnapped and trained by Crossbones and she had been infused with a portion of Captain America's blood. This time Snapdragon was defeated but to her shock Diamondback went insane and pushed Snapdragon into a fountain where she strangled her to death.

    Post humus appearances

    After she died Lou Dexter also known as Dead Ringer somehow managed to adapt/duplicate her powers from her corpse which was buried in New Orleans. Death Ringer would later take on her form and attack Code: Blue's Lt. Stone and Diamondback . After the incident her brother Kono cremated her body so she could not be desecrated again.

    She would, many years later, turn up somehow alive and well in Los Angeles working for a mysterious employer in a prostitution/spy ring. This was broken up by Moon Knight, with the assist of Echo. It turns out that her employer is Count Nefaria who is trying to lay claim as kingpin in Los Angeles.

    Powers & Abilities

    Snapdragon was a highly skilled martial artist. She is a master hand-to-hand combatant, who also happens to be adept with the bo-staff, bladed weapons, and the bola.

    In addition to this, her costume has armor plating which grants her resistance to injury and also protection from projectile attacks. Her helmet in particular is outfitted with technology which enables her to see the infra-red spectrum.


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