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    Mr. DC Comics: Creator of Batgirl, Barry Allen, and Wally West. American comic book artist and editor. One of the most prominent comic book figures of all time. He was also nominated in the Comic Buyers Guide Millenium Poll as the Best Penciller of ALL TIME!

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    Born in Brooklyn. Carmine was without question one of the most prolific (yet mostly unknown) artists of the silver age. His influence on Batman, The Flash, and DC comics can still be seen today. Barbara Gordon (created by Carmine) as Batgirl is the most widely accepted of all Batgirls in the history of the Batman world. His work is still highly sought after and his creations and designs are still relative today.

    He has done work for Warren, USA, Marvel, but most importantly DC Comics. He was also the DC editorial director. Carmine's work in the comic book industry goes back as far as the mid-1940's with Timely.In late 1966 and early 1967 he was in charge of designing all the covers for the ENTIRE DC line! Soon after Stan Lee got wind of how good Carmine was and offered Carmine a $22,000 offer to switch over to Marvel. DC could not afford to beat this offer so instead offered him the position of editorial director which he accepted.

    While working for DC editor Julius Schwartz Carmine and Robert Kanigher were both assigned what would be the first attempt at reviving a superhero. The superhero that was to be revitalized was the Flash in Showcase #4.

    Carmine's next job was to revitalize Batman (previously drawn by Sheldon Moldoff) whose sales were falling and on the verge of CANCELLATION!!! He approached the book with a more realistically style Batman, the stories were deeper and not silly.

    Carmine went to help come up with or revitalize many other heroes and he is credited as co-creator of Wally West (the third Flash) Phantom Stranger, Kid Flash, Deadman, Barry Allen (Flash) and the all time fan favorite Bat-Heroine Barbara Gordon(Batgirl!). Batgirl was a smash hit and so were the rest of his co-creations. Animal Man and Gorilla Grodd are also his co-creations. He also drew the cover for the first appearance of Poison Ivy in Batman issue #181.

    Carmine then promoted certain artists like Joe Kubert and then brought on new talents like Neal Adams, Dennis O' Neil,and he stole Dick Giordano away from another company! He has won about a dozen Alley Awards for Best Cover, Best Penciller, Best Artist, Best Story, Best Comic Book Story, Best Short Story, and a special award for "the Spirit of Innovation." He also won a National Cartoonist Society Award for Best Comic Book.

    Carmine is also responsible for redesigning the older Batman logo. Batman Issue #170 introduced the new Batman logo by Carmine--with a 3/4 view of Batman--this design was much more dynamic, streamline, and up-to-date. This logo was used til' 2011 with issue number 705. The logo was most likely inked by Joe Giella but that has not been confirmed. Carmine was also in charge of Gaspar Saladino who under Carmine designed logos for Swamp Thing, Metal Men, House of Mystery etc.) He also famously fired Nick Cardy when Cardy failed to follow a layout properly.

    Aside from the multiple surgeries he had on his hand for carpal tunnel Carmine still did conventions and signings.

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