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Miguel's father, Carlos Santos, was a misguided patriot working for and a member of an extremist group called Legion of the Living Lightning . The Legion goal was to take down the U.S. Government for the good of the people. During one of their missions they attempted to manipulate and capture the Hulk but would have their plans backfire. Enraged, the Hulk killed almost the entire Legion including his father and nearly destroy their base as well. Many years later Miguel, hoping to save his father's name, went to the Legion's secret base in the Santa Ana Mountains and began trying salvage as much of the equipment as possible. Miguel accidentally turned a machine on and he would get caught in the wildly firing electricity and get electrocuted. He didn't die though, just the opposite. The machine turned him into a being of pure energy, a Living Lightning.


Living Lightning was created by Dann Thomas, Roy Thomas and Paul Ryan.

Mayor Story Arcs

Criminal Career

Initially very confused, he even had conflicts having him clash with the Avengers. During one of these clashes he was seemingly killed during the battle. Later though he turned up alive under the control of a villain, Doctor Demonicus. His life of crime would end soon after, it was brief but he had enough.

Avengers West Coast

Not too long after he eventually joined the Avengers West Coast. While he joins in adventures only on occasion, he left the active roster to concentrate on his studies.

Coming Out

Sometime later, Miguel showed interested in joining the GLA (Great Lake Avengers) but misunderstood the meaning of the name and was disappointed to find out that the team had nothing to do with gay superheroes.

Civil War

Miguel recently joined Captain America's team of Avengers, the Secret Avengers, who were against the Pro-Registration act. After Captain America's death, Living Lightning was forced to join the Initiative and sign the Super-Human Registration Act. He is currently a member of the Rangers, located in Texas which is one of the teams in the 50 State Initiative. Miguel was last seen engaging the forces of HYDRA along with his team the Rangers.

Secret Invasion

During Secret Invasion the wolf serving along side Lightning's teammate Red Wolf was revealed by 3-D Man to be a Skrull. The team engaged it in combat and the Skrull was killed.

Powers and Abilities

Living Lightning has the ability to transform his body into electrical plasma, in which form he can fly at sub-light speed, generate electrical power as shocks or bolts of current up to 15,000,000 volts and surround himself with a protective electrical force field. While composed of electrical plasma, his mind exists only in astral form.

Electricity Projection: Living Lightning is able to bodily generate up to 15,000,000 volts of electrical power.

Lightning Form: Miguel can transform his entire body into that of pure electrical energy.

Energy-Based Force Field: When focused, Miguel can create protective energy force fields.

Concussive Electric Plasma Blasts: Bodily generates, conducts and releases staggering plasma blasts from his body.

Flight: When his body is in its pure energy form, he is able to cascade through the sky, which simulates flight.

Super Speed: While in his energy form, Miguel can reach speeds up to sub-light speed.

Astral Projection: While in his energy form, his mind resides in an Astral form.

Special Equipment: Living Lightning wears a special suit that grants him greater control in his energy form. He must where said suit to maintain a solid form.

Special Abilities: Miguel is Bi-lingual, he is fluent in Spanish and English and has knowledge of basic unarmed street fighting.


Known Relatives: Carlos Santos (father, deceased), Maria Santos (mother, deceased), Jose Santos (brother, deceased) & Lisa Santos (sister, deceased)

Citizenship: Citizen of the United States; without criminal record.

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Adventurer, Student, Freedom Fighter, Initiative Recruit & Avengers Reservist (Formerly, Extremist)

Education: Currently in college attending UCLA.

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 170 lbs. (77kg)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Other Versions

Earth-398 - In the created world of Morgan Le Fey all the Avengers were re imagined. Living Lightning of Earth-398 in this world was known as Sir Fulminator and was a member of the Queen's Vengeance.

Earth-Law Enforcement Squad - In an alternate reality Living Lightning is a member of the Avengers-esque Law Enforcement Squadteam which is comprised of Battlin' Jack Murdock, Bucky Barnes, Captain Universe, Dr. Druid, Namora, The Shroud, The Rose, The Whizzer, The WWII-era Red Raven and is led by an intelligent version of The Hulk.


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