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    The Green Lantern of Sector 904, Brik comes from the planet Dryad and, like her sector partner, is composed entirely of organic rock. Originally recruited by Hal Jordan, Brik was one of hundreds of veteran Green Lanterns to return to active service during the 2005 restoration of the Green Lantern Corps.

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    Green Lantern Brik
    Green Lantern Brik

    Brik was recruited as a Green Lantern by Hal Jordan during the first restoration of the Green Lantern Corps. Jordan discovered her on the planet Dryad, a world populated by beings composed entirely of organic rock. As befitting a stone-based race, the people of Dryad hardly move during their lifetime. When Hal Jordan offered Brik an alternative to this life of inactivity, she readily accepted.


    The Master Plan

    doubting herself
    doubting herself

    (in Green Lantern #12-13, May-Jun 1991)

    Brik goes on her first mission, teaming with fellow Green Lanterns Hal Jordan, Chaselon and Larvox to take on a Qwardian Weaponer. She watches on as Jordan subdues the Qwardian and subsequently expresses her awe as his ability, saying that it makes her doubt why he chose to recruit someone like her who doesn't have his confidence or ability to make quick decisions. To her, everything that's happening seems to be moving so fast. On her planet, Dryad, her and her fellow inhabitants are made of stone and usually move at comparatively much slower rate.

    Just as Lantern Jordan is telling her that she should give herself more credit that that, her and her team are ambushed by five more Weaponers who strike Lantern Jordan down behind his back. Brik is angered by the cowardly attack and leads the charge against the attacking Qwardians, taking two of them down without missing a step while Chaselon and Larvox dealt with the other three.

    finding her courage in the face of loss
    finding her courage in the face of loss

    She thinks that Lander Jordan was killed in the attack, and is angry enough at the Qwardians that she considers taking their lives, but, in the end she decided to do her duty and take them in alive, to honor Jordan's memory. It's then that Lantern Jordan reveals that he's not dead, or even seriously hurt, at all, and that he'd just pretended to be to as a test of her capability and character - a test, he said, that they both needed to see the outcome of. He says also, that he had little doubt beforehand in her ability to rise to the occasion, and that she'd proven him right, and proven something to herself as well.


    trouble in the Mosaic
    trouble in the Mosaic

    (in Green Lantern #16-17, Sept-Oct 1991)

    Brik goes on a recruiting mission with Lanterns Jordon and Chaselon, Lantern Jordon intending to recruit a new Green Lantern from a non-carbon-based species and having asked Brik and Chaselon along because they were both from similar races and might prove a more familiar presence for an envoy. On their way though, Chaselon receives a distress signal from those of his people living on Oa as part of Mosaic and, of course, abruptly turns and heads off to go to their aide, with Brik and Jordan following along behind him, knowing that whatever it was that caused him to leave without a word must be urgent.

    They arrive back on Oa to find some of the human contingent attacking Chaselon's people, even murdering some of them. Brik and a team put a stop to it, she and Chaselon keeping the humans restrained in green energy cages while Jordan flies odd to get to the bottom of what's happened.

    It turns out that the problem is more widespread than they'd thought and that hostilities have broke out all across Oa's Mosaic. Brik, Chaselon and Jordan team up with fellow Green Lantern John Stewart to intercede in the various conflicts and stop the violence as best they can.

    Lover's Reunion

    escaping from Flicker
    escaping from Flicker

    (in Green Lantern #20-24, Jan-May 1992)

    Brik is sent out on her own by Lantern Jordon to recruit two new Green Lanterns on her own. She's started to develop feelings for Jordan, but has been sensing a growing distance between them, so she wants to make a good impression and is determined to find the best recruits possible. So set on her goal is she though, that she fails to notice an ambush before it's too late and is captured by a slave trader named Flicker.

    On his slave ship, Brik finds to her horror that Lantern Jordan has been taken as a slave by Flicker as well, who's intent on selling them both to the highest bidder. Jordan attempts escape, but is thwarted the first time. The second time, working with Brik, the two are able to escape and take two new Green Lantern recruits who'd also been captured with them.

    During their time in captivation, Jordan learned that Flicker sold Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris's increasingly dangerous alter-ego) to the Tebans as a warrior to use in one of their many conflicts. As he's about to lead Brik and the others to go investigate, he receives a distress call from Earth and goes to answer it, leaving Brik in charge of scouting out the Tebans. She and the two the two other Green Lanterns, Aa and Kworri, she and Jordan escaped with find the Tebans massing a fleet and readying for war and they wait and watch until Jordan gets back, even as the fighting starts.

    confessing her feelings at last
    confessing her feelings at last

    When he returns, he assesses the situation and wonders aloud to Brik why the Tebans aren't using Star Sapphire in the battle. Brik sees his concern for her and asks him who she is to him. Jordan tells her about his long romantic history with Carol Ferris. Hearing the story, and all Star Sapphire stands accused of, Brik can't help but tell him that it's apparent to hr that he still loves her. He says he's not sure, and Brik tells him that maybe he deserves someone better. Someone, like maybe her. They talk and share their feelings, but, in the end, Jordan tells her that he wants to build up the Green Lantern Corps and then go back to Earth with Carol, and hopefully build a life with her there.

    Brik doesn't get a chance to reply because they're interrupted by Kworri, who tells them he ran into two Tebans while scouting, that he had to capture them, and that they've told him where to find Star Sapphire. Hearing that, Jordan rushes off head-long to find her, leaving Brik in his wake.

    She and the others chase after him of course, and they find Star Sapphire encased in a stasis chamber. Flicker arrives and he and Jordan fight, and, when Flicker is about to use his yellow energy whip on Jordan, Brik fires a blast as destroys the whip, saving Jordan. Flicker teleports away, and they're able to take Star Sapphire, still in stasis, and leave unmolested.

    saving Hal Jordan and calling for backup
    saving Hal Jordan and calling for backup

    With that done, Jordan says it's time for him to chose between Kworri and Aa for who will get the spot in the Lantern Corps. To Brik's surprise, Jordan chooses Aa, and sends Kworri back to his home world. She asks him why - Kworri was unflinchingly loyal to him where as Aa often questioned him. Jordan tells her that being able to think critically and not take things at face value is a more important skill for a Green Lantern than blind loyalty.

    ...And it's at that point that Star Sapphire wakes up and attacks them. They battle, and Brik tries to protect Jordan from her, but unsuccessfully. Aa is badly wounded enough to be out of the fight, and Jordan gets hit too. When Star Sapphire turns her attention to Flicker and the Tebans, Brik calls for backup - from fellow Green Lantern John Stewart. Jordan's eyes go wide when she tells him that, because Stewart holds a terrible grudge against Star Sapphire for murdering his wife, Katma Tui.

    When Stewart arrives, the battle commences. In the end, Jordan is able to stop Stewart from killing Star Sapphire and, in the end, turn her back into her Carol Ferris persona. Having gotten Ferris back at last, Jordan decides to quit his recruiting and go back to Earth with her. Brik is happy for him, but has conflicted feelings, for obvious reasons.

    Prize Fight

    asking Jordan to stop the fight
    asking Jordan to stop the fight

    (in Green Lantern #25, Jun 1992)

    having finished his recruitment drive for the new Green Lantern Corps, Lantern Hal Jordan wants to take his sector assignment (Space Sector 2814, which contains Earth) back from fellow Green Lantern Guy Gardner, who's been assigned there in his stead while he's away. Gardner doesn't want to give it up though and they argue. Jordan says they'll let the Corps decide and calls many of them Earth. Gardner says Jordan has no guts and won't fight for what he believes in, and he challenged Jordan to a fight for it: Winner takes Earth, loser gives up his ring. Jordan accepts and the fight.

    Brik is one of the Lanterns Jordan called on, and when she and the others arrive on Earth during a lull in the action, and she learns the stakes, she asks Jordan to stop this because he's too important to the Corps for them to lose him. Jordan won't back down through, so Brik watches on with worry as the fight runs it's course. Much to her relief, Jordan does end up winning and Garner has to live up to his end of the deal and turn over his ring.

    Guy Gardner: Reborn

    Brik, Stewart, and Kilowog on Oa
    Brik, Stewart, and Kilowog on Oa

    (in Guy Gardner: Reborn #2-3, Jun-July 1992)

    Brik, Kilowog, and John Stewart are on Oa wondering what Guy Gardner's up to since leaving the Corps and discussing the future of their recruitment efforts. Kilowog goes off to see to his recruits in training and Stewart goes off to see to the Mosaic. Let to herself, Brik notices something amiss.

    It turns out the Weaponers of Qward have been plotting again, are launching an attack on Oa, and Guy Gardner, somehow, has gotten himself into the middle of it. Brik joins in the battle and, with the rest of the Green Lantern Corps, Lobo, and Gardner (who's managed to get himself a yellow power ring), they defeat the Qwardian invaders and save Oa.

    Eclipso: The Darkness Within

    No Caption Provided

    (in Green Lantern Annual #1, Aug 1992)

    Brik is part of the team Kilowog puts together to go to Earth to stop the Star Sapphire from hurting more people. When the Green Lanterns get there they are surprised to see Star Sapphire possessed by Eclipso, and whats worse Lantern Jordan is also possessed and the two ex-lovers are trying to kill each other.

    Brik is part of the team that tries to stop Star Sapphire, but they can not control her and she and Jordan are able to unite their energies making it appear to blow them both up. Brik and the others fan out to try to find Star Sapphire or Lantern Jordan, but to no avail.

    The Third Law

    the Green Lantern Corps charges into the battle against Entropy
    the Green Lantern Corps charges into the battle against Entropy

    (in Green Lantern #34-35, Dec-Jan 1992-1993)

    On Oa, Brik joins in the fight against Krona, who's returned again and is calling himself Entropy this time. She does her best, has her fellow Lanterns' backs, and doesn't back down against even a foe with as much power as this one.

    Trinity - Green Lantern! Darkstars! L.E.G.I.O.N.!

    finding family in war time
    finding family in war time

    (in Green Lantern #45, L.E.G.I.O.N. #58, and Trinity #2, Aug-Sept 1993)

    While Lantern Jordan is battling a group of Darkstars, a team of Green Lanterns, lead by Kilowog, arrive on the scene to back him up, Brik among them. She participates in that battle and the ones after it, and, during the conflict, meets Strata from the L.E.G.I.O.N., discovering that she too is from her home world, Dryad. They don't have time to really talk while the fighting is going on, but Strata tells Brik that she's determined to get answers once the conflict is over, Brik agreeing that she wants that too.

    The battle done, the new Lantern/Darkstar/L.E.G.I.O.N. alliance victorious, Brik and Strata are finally able to talk. Brik finds out that Strata is the last of an evolutionary off-shoot of her people who lived on the surface of Dryad. Strata's people were all destroyed, save her. Strata herself had returned to her planet a number of times searching for any sign of life, but had never found any, so she's naturally suspicious of Brik's claims of being from her home world.

    Strata: a long-lost sister
    Strata: a long-lost sister

    Brik tells Strata that the reason she never found any life was because her people had long ago migrated underground to live. Strata sees that as a revelation, remembering legends she'd heard about her people's ancestors having retreated underground to live their largely completely stationary lives in peaceful meditation. Brik laments that they hadn't met sooner - on Dryad even, when Strata had been there. Brik said she'd spent all that time underground, wishing for something more out of her life than the simple, stationary existence the rest of her people were content with, and all that time she'd had someone like her above ground who could have eased her feelings of isolation.

    Strata and Brik come to consider each other as sisters and pledge to always be there for each other if either ever finds themselves in need of company or someone to talk or reminisce with.

    Falling Down

    being rescued and finding out about Hal Jordan's death
    being rescued and finding out about Hal Jordan's death

    (in Guy Gardner: Warrior #35, Oct 1995)

    In the wake of the Emerald Twilight storyline, where in Green Lantern Hal Jordan was possessed by Parallax and went mad, killing several of his fellow Green lanterns and destroying the Green Lantern Corps central power battery on Oa, Brik was left without a means to recharge her power ring and so had to cease being a Green Lantern and was stranded somewhere in space, far from friends or her home. it was in this vulnerable position that she, along with several other former Green Lanterns, were hunted down and captured by slave traders.

    Guy garner, who'd lost his yellow power ring but gained another source of power from a previously unknown to him alien heritage also found himself lost in space after an adventure with the Justice League of America. It was there he happened upon a slave market where they were selling former Green Lanterns. He rushes in to free them, and one of those he frees is K'ryssma of Etrea, who has energy powers and dragonfly-like wings (traits native to her species).

    K'ryssma and Gardner lead the battle and win it. Gardner tracks down the slavers' ship where he finds Brik and yet more captive Green Lanterns and frees them. During the fight, Brik asks where Hal Jordan is, and Guy has to tell her the story of what happened and what he did, and that he died. Enraged, Brik lays into the slavers and takes her grief out on them.

    Funeral for a Hero

    No Caption Provided

    (in Green Lantern #81, Dec 1996)

    Brik silently attends Hal Jordan's funeral on Earth, along with several other former members of the Green Lantern Corps.

    Many Earth heroes are in attendance as well of course, and Swamp Thing makes a garden grow on the site where Coast City used to be (before it was destroyed by the Cyborg Superman in the event s leading up to Emerald Twilight).

    Green Lantern Corps: Recharge

    rallying the Corps against the Spider Guild's attack on Oa
    rallying the Corps against the Spider Guild's attack on Oa

    (in Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #1, Nov 2005 and #4-5, Feb-Mar 2006)

    With the Guardians of the Universe and Green Lantern Hal Jordan all back among the living, thanks largely to Green Lantern Kyle Rayner's efforts, the Guardians send out the call for former members of the Green Lantern Corps to take up their rings again. Brik is one of those who answer the call, and she gathers with old friends and some new recruits on Oa.

    And it isn't too long before the newly revitalized Corps faces it's first serious threat, in the form of their old enemies, the Spider Guild. With a good number of the Corps away, the Guild launches a direct attack on Oa. Brik and fellow Green Lantern Torquemada are rallying the Corps to counter the attack, when Brik sees something she'd once thought she'd never see again: Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart flying in to back them up and help save the day.

    The battle is hard and requires all the Corps, new and returning members alike, to pool their strength in order to battle through to victory.


    the life of a teacher on Oa
    the life of a teacher on Oa

    (in Green Lantern Corps #3, Oct 2006, and #10-12, May-July 2007)

    On Oa, Brik and several other of the Green Lanterns (such as Kilowog, Arisia, Ke'haan and Boodikka) who were in the Corps prior to Emerald Twilight have been taking on the job of training all the new recruits who've been recently added to the Corps.

    During this time, Brik is seen attending the funeral of a fallen Green Lantern named Myrrt, Soranik Natu's former sector partner who died on Betrasuss during the events that lead to Iolande becoming Myrrt's replacement as Natu's partner.

    Brik is seen again some time later having a meal with Arisia, Ke'hann, and Boodikka, talking with them about Kilowog's recently mounting job stress and Salaak's recent shore leave where in he bailed Guy Gardner out of trouble.

    And Gardner soon gets into even more trouble as well, when he's accused of murdering two fellow Lanterns. Brik is one of those who speaks up for him to Salaak, saying she doesn't believe Gardner capable of doing such a thing. Gardner is, of course, later proven innocent of the crime.

    The Sinestro Corps War

    battling with fierce will
    battling with fierce will

    (in Green Lantern Corps #14-16, Blue Beetle #20, and Green Lantern #24-25 Sept 2007-Jan 2008)

    The newly assembled Sinestro Corps are gearing up for a war and they've just made their first strikes. Kilowog and Salaak are gathering the troops on Oa, and, when they get the call that Mogo is under attack by an army of Sinestro Corps Lanterns, including Ranx the living city, Kilowog leads a large contingent from Oa to go back Mogo up, Brik being right there on the front lines with her fellow Green Lanterns.

    The battle to come would be an all-out free-for-all, but Brik shows her usual dauntless courage and fearless determination. Separated from Kilowog, Brik takes command of a contingent of Lanterns, calling for on them to keep pushing through until until victory. She and her people receive backup at one point from Vath Sarn and a few others, but it soon becomes obvious, even to one of Brik's resolve, that they're losing hope, and losing lives.

    death to the murderers
    death to the murderers

    The Sinestro Corps can can and are killing them at every opportunity, while their Green Lantern rings have been restricted by the Guardians of the Universe from taking a life. When things seem to be getting close to their most desperate though, a communication from the Guardians is broadcast through all of their rings, telling them that lethal force has been enabled against any and all members of the Sinestro Corps.

    Brik and her fellow Lanterns, having seen so many of their comrades die, take advantage of their new ability to kill their foes and strike back hard. Brik herself immediately kills the three Sinestro Corps Lanterns nearest to her by lopping of their heads. Soon they're able to drive the Sinestro Corps to retreat.

    Where the Sinestro Corps retreat to is Earth, where they plan to make their stand and conquer that world. Brik and most of the rest of the Green Lanterns travel there to finish the war.

    They split up to take on all the threats around the globe, and when Brik's contingent is battling a contingent of Sinestro Cops at Mount Rushmore, one of the rings of a dead Sinestro Corpsman from Space Sector 0002 detects a genetic match to someone from that space sector here on Earth, and Brik breaks off from the rest of her contingent to follow it.

    battling the Anti-Monitor
    battling the Anti-Monitor

    What she finds is Blue Beetle battling Reach soldiers. Her power ring tells her loudly that Blue Beetle is also Reach soldier and therefore a threat, but she must ignore that to work with him to stop the Reach Soldier who now has a Sinestro Corps ring.

    Once the threat in Fort Bliss, New Mexico has been taken care of, Brik receives a rallying call for the final battle in Coast City and flies off to join up with the rest of the Green Lantern Cops to take on Sinestro and his most powerful allies. Once there, Brik battles numerous Sinestro Corpsmen, and the Anti-Monitor as well, until the tide is finally turned and Sinestro and his allies are defeated.

    Emerald Eclipse

    fighting Lyssa Drak
    fighting Lyssa Drak

    (in Green Lantern Corps #35-38, June-Sept 2009)

    The War of Light is heating up, even as the Blackest Night looms dangerously close on the horizon.

    On Oa, Brik and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps must defend themselves against a Red Lantern named Vice whom they'd been keeping prisoner in their science cells. Vice gets free, killing some of his fellow prisoners, and Brik and a team of her fellow Green Lanterns must stop him.

    Things only get worse when several of the Sinestro Corps members held in science cells of their own also escape, devolving the situation quickly into chaos. During this time, Brik gets into a fight with Lyssa Drak of the Sinestro Corps. Lyssa gets away from her in the end though.

    The Corps end up winning through, but at the cost of the protective shell around Oa, and the deaths of more than one Green Lantern.

    Blackest Night

    Blackest Night falls over Oa
    Blackest Night falls over Oa

    (in Green Lantern Corps #37-47, Oct 2009-June 2010)

    A massive number of Black Lantern rings attack Oa, turning all the dead bodies of fallen Green Lanterns in the crypts of Oa into Black Lanterns. Brik, along with the rest of the Green Lantern Corps, must defend against this relentless assault that culminates in an attack on the Green Lantern's central power battery. Things look grim, until Mogo arrives and is able to destroy all of the Black Lanterns at once. Following this the Green Lanterns, Brik included, travel to Earth to take part in the final battle against Nekron and his Black Lanterns.

    When the war is over, Brik returns to Oa with her comrades to help rebuild, and to attend a funeral for the fallen on Mogo, where the rings of fallen Green Lanterns are released again into the universe to find new recruits to join the Green Lantern Corps.


    (in Green Lantern Corps #1-7, Nov 2011-May 2012)


    (in Green Lantern Corps #8-12, Jun-Oct 2012)

    Green Lantern Statistics

    • Status: Active
    • Space Sector: 904
    • Sector Partner: Aa
    • Home-World: Dryad
    • Predecessor: Unknown (Brik was recruited by Hal Jordan during the first reformation)
    • Successor: Non-Applicable


    Green Lantern Vs Aliens

    (in Green Lantern vs. Aliens #1-4, Sept-Dec 2000)

    Brik is one of the ex-Green Lanterns who joins Kyle Rayner on his mission to Mogo to rescue the crew of the Culuian Transport that crashed there and were in danger of being killed by the Xenomorphs that Hal Jordan had place there years earlier. During the mission Brk is taken by the Xenomorphs and is later seen trapped in the Alien Queen's chamber. Brik was already dead before Kyle could save her.

    Powers and Abilities

    • Dryad Physiology: Brik is a silicon-based life form, not carbon-based; she, and other natives of Dryad, are essentially living rock.
    No Caption Provided

    Brik wields a Green Lantern power ring, which gives her several very formidable abilities and tactical resources:

    • Emotional Spectrum Green Will Energy Conduit: The rings use pure energy supplied by a Power Battery, which in most cases takes the form of bright green light. This energy is the green light of willpower of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum. A Green Lantern's ring, considered by some to be one of the most powerful weapons in the known universe, has the ability to affect and use fundamental forces of the known universe, including electromagnetic energies such as gravity, radiation, heat, light, and powerful blasts of concussive force. It is also theorized that the ring also has a basis in other dimensional energies commonly called magic by users of such energies. The ring can also create fields of force formed from an unknown energy that is bound by the users' will. The limitations of such use are the skill, knowledge and imagination of the user.
    • Energy Projection: The ring can be used to fire blasts of energy or create weapons such as projectiles of them. The ring can project beams of force powered by the will of the user. Their appearance does not indicate the power of the weapon. The weapon's power is more an indication of the will of the user.
    • Force Field: The ring can create various force fields of various sizes and shapes to protect the wearer and others in the vicinity. With the cosmic scope of a Green Lantern's duties, it is only natural that the power ring is designed for operation in space. The ring creates a force field around the wearer, protecting them from the hazards of the void including filtration of stellar radiation and microscopic particulate matter which would ordinarily be fatal should the space debris strike the ring wielder at high speeds. An atmosphere appropriate to the ring wielder's biology is created inside the force-field while body temperature is maintained and waste products are removed. Gravitational stresses which could cause injury are stabilized for the ring wielder. Theoretically, a ring wielder could use the ring as their sole source of life support. The force field is created instantaneously whenever needed as part of the ring's automatic defensive system.
    • Energy Constructs: The primary function of the power ring is to provide a weapon capable of transforming the wearer's thoughts into physical constructs through the wearer's strength of willpower. A Green Lantern can create any particular items or construct that they can imagine as long as they have the willpower necessary to will it into existence. The constructs exist only as long as a Green Lantern is fueling them with their willpower. Items created by the rings are not indestructible and are only as powerful as the willpower of the Green Lantern creating them. The types of constructs usually reflects the ring wearer's personality.
    • Phasing: The power ring allows the wearer to pass through solid objects such as walls, though this is also a function of the ring-bearer's will and not an automatic ability of the ring itself.
    • Environmental Playback: Upon request, the power ring can recreate a holographic environment based on data in its memory banks. The ring-bearer can observe events in a ghostlike state, but the cannot alter the outcome of the playback. All objects in the playback will appear in the full spectrum of colors, regardless of the wielder's level of expertise creating simulacra. The power ring will automatically end the playback if outside interference warrants the ring-bearer's undivided attention.
    • Invisibility and Light Refraction: A ring-bearer can render themselves invisible by willing the ring to bend light waves around their body. A similar action allows an experienced ring-bearer to create objects of colors other than green, even simulacrums of living people.
    • Energy Absorption: The ring can absorb and store other energies. Doing so does not replenish the normal store of energy the ring has. For example: a ring that needs recharging but contained a store of electricity could only discharge that electricity.
    • Superhuman Strength: While not super strength of the conventional sense, a Lantern, while using constructs created by the ring, becomes capable of lifting/moving tremendous weights far heavier than they would normally be able to with comparatively little effort.
    • Flight: By the manipulation of anti-gravitons and directed molecular movement, the ring allows the user to fly at incredible speeds. In atmosphere, a Green Lantern has been known to fly as fast as Mach 10 in atmosphere by creating an aerodynamic envelope around their body. In space, a Green Lantern's flying ability has been shown to reach velocities far exceeding light speed. In atmospheres, air friction is not a hindrance since heat is either absorbed or reflected by the ring's field.
    • Wormholes and Spacial Warps: The power ring grants its bearer access to wormholes in space, enabling a Green Lantern to rapidly cut the time and distance needed to respond to an emergency. Black holes can also be navigated by experienced ring wielders. A Green Lantern can travel through a black hole to be deposited outside a white hole in a far off sector of space.
    • Time Travel: Time travel is possible with the power ring, though the further forward in time a ring-bearer travels, the more willpower it takes.
    • Limited Cellular Regeneration: A Green Lantern can use their ring to heal physical injuries in their self or others.
    • Electromagnetic Scanning: The ring has a wide range of detection abilities based on the imagination of the user. If the ring-bearer can conceive of it, they can probably detect it. Most normal electromagnetic phenomena are within the range of the ring, including radio, radar, television, infrared, ultraviolet, microwave, and high frequency band communications.
    • Thought Relay: Otherwise known as a telepathic link, which can be used to coordinate tactics with other Green Lanterns or report of the status of an active mission to a sector partner or other Lantern. The links can also be established with non-Green Lanterns, though it requires more willpower.
    • Galactic Encyclopedia: The earlier rings worn by the Corps functioned as references for their bearers. Having the vast knowledge of the Book of Oa to draw upon, each ring functions as a ready reference on most peoples, stellar events and conditions that may have been seen by other rings or other Green Lanterns.
    • Universal Translator: The power ring can translate virtually any language in the universe, facilitating diplomatic encounters rather than violent confrontations. Complications arise when a frame of reference for translation is not available, as evidenced during Katma Tui's induction of Rot Lop Fan into the Green Lantern Corps. Katma Tui had the difficult assignment of explaining the concepts of "light" and "color" to the sightless Rot Lop Fan. She overcame this barrier by using sound rather than light as the basis of the ring's power. Some Green Lanterns, such as the planet form known as Mogo, have used the ring to create an intermediary "being" to expedite communication.
    • Material Alteration: The Green Lantern's uniform is not made out of fabric. It is created by the power ring whenever the ring-bearer wills to wear it. Most Green Lanterns wear similar uniforms that are programmed into the ring by default. However, each Green Lantern is able to adjust their uniform to fit their own needs, personalities, or whims. The green parts of the wearer's uniform are usually very warm or hot to those who touch it, while the black parts are very cold. The uniform also produces a "siren" taking on the form of the Green Lantern Corps' symbol, circling the Green Lantern when active. The symbol, or badge, will not appear on the uniform until after a newly inducted Lantern has completed training on Oa, leading to the term "White-Circle" to describe a rookie Lantern.
    • Ring Duplication: A power ring is capable of duplicating themselves. Each duplicate shares the qualities and capabilities of the original ring. The duplicate rings are subject to over-ride control by the original ring-bearer, and take a significant expenditure of energy to create.
    • Emergency Beacon: A Green Lantern in distress can use their power ring as an emergency beacon. The alert can be directed to a Green Lantern's neighboring sector, or it can be a Corps-wide alert.
    • Homing Beacon: A homing beacon in the power ring can lead one Green Lantern to another. Though a power ring can be ordered to disguise itself to elude power ring wielding trackers.
    • Mind Alteration: Though the ethics of mind tampering may be debatable, sometimes it is deemed necessary. As the power ring relies on thought and will to operate, mind tampering is not impossible. The real difficulty lies in properly applying the power. There lies a risk of severe damage to the mind where alterations are being attempted should mistakes be made. A ring-bearer can use the power ring to erase portions of an individual's memories. Green Lanterns have used mind techniques as part of training. New recruits may be subjected to mind scans by other Green Lanterns or the Guardians of the Universe. They are taught to build mental defenses to protect themselves from mental attack. The power ring can also be used to beam information from the ring wielder to another being. Green Lanterns have used this technique to share information regarding their enemies during combat situations.
    • Pocket Dimension: A ring-bearer can use their ring to create a small extra-dimensional holding space in which they can store their power battery for ease of retrieval. These pocket dimensions can be accessed from any location.
    • Security Protocol: The rings can be programmed. They are coded to the wearer to make them unusable if stolen. The ring will refuse to take an action that would kill a being unless they are on Oa or have obtained permission. The Guardians recently removed the lethal force prohibition, first to allow lethal force against members of the Sinestro Corps, then against all enemies of the Green Lantern Corps.
    • Preset Conditions: Commands can be stored in the ring to be executed at a later date even if the bearer is not wearing the ring.

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