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    Volume 4

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    Preceded by Green Lantern Volume 3, Continued in Green Lantern Volume 5.

    The fourth volume of Green Lantern began in 2005 in the aftermath of Green Lantern: Rebirth, which saw the return of fan favorite Hal Jordan. In the beginning of the series Hal tries to re-acclimate into society and life, both as Hal Jordan: Test Pilot and Hal Jordan: Green Lantern of Sector 2814. As critically acclaimed writer Geoff Johns reinvents Hal Jordan and reintroduces him into the DCU he comes across various problems and threats throughout the run. With Coast City being rebuilt Hal takes residence there, even if barely anyone else has. The Manhunter Androids, Cyborg-Superman, Shark, Hector Hammond and Black Hand cause serious problems for Hal. The Black Hand who becomes immensely important later on in the series.

    Hal Jordan, however, is not the prized possession of the Green Lantern Corps he once was. Having to deal with rookie Lanterns who know only of his destruction, returned Lanterns who were thought dead, and the Guardians, as always, disagreeing with some of his methods. Life isn’t easy for Hal on Earth either. Coast City has problems rebuilding and re-populating. Hal Jordan, during the One Year Later story arc, was a prisoner of war, stranded without his power ring, a plot that stuck around for a considerable amount of time as Hal felt guilt for not having it on him. The series then focuses on the Secret Origin of Hal Jordan, going into detail on key components that would propel the book forward, such as Abin Sur’s death, Hal's Fall out with his Family, Ferris Air, his relationship with the Air Force, The Blackest Night Prophecy, and Black Hand. Major Guest Stars include Batman, Green Arrow, Alan Scott, The Green Lantern Corps, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, The Flash, and many, many more.

    Major Story arcs include the Sinestro Corps War, Secret Origin, Rage of the Red Lanterns, Agent Orange and Blackest Night. These arcs are all connected to Blackest Night. Sinestro Coprs War follows Sinestro as he builds his own Corps in hopes of apparently strengthening the Green Lanterns, giving the Guardians a reason to re-write the Book of Oa. It also introduces the yellow power ring proper. The storyline also saw the conclusion to Coast City being repopulated and becoming the "City without Fear" in the aftermath of the war. The Sinestro Corps War also served as the prelude to the other five color corps being created through the actions of the war between the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps and the lead in to The Blackest Night. Shortly afterwards, the creation of the Alpha-Lanterns was established. As the Green Lantern Corps decided to police their own ranks with Green Lanterns that were turned into cyborgs similar to the Manhunters. The story saw fellow Green Lantern, Laira fall from grace, losing her status as a Green Lantern and becoming a Red Lantern before going into Green Lantern: Secret Origin. Secret Origin deals with Blackest Night as it is mentioned numerous times throughout the arc, also introduces a key player, Atrocitus, who later becomes the key antagonist in the Rage of the Red Lanterns. It also retells the origns of Hal's early days with the Corps, Sinestro and the origins of Black Hand before returning to the present. Rage introduces the Red and Blue Lantern Corps. Agent Orange introduces the single Orange Lantern, Larfleeze. Blackest Night introduces the Black Lantern Corps, Indigo Tribe, as well as the White Lantern Corps. Nekron raises the dead of the DCU in order to control the universe and bring about the end of Life, which is believed to be the only true "peace" known. At the end of Blackest Night, it is revealed that Earth is the center of Life in the Universe. During the arc, the Corps had a truce, focusing on destroying the threat of Nekron and the Black Rings. Afterwards, the leaders of the Corps have settled on Earth as the New Guardians arc is ongoing. During this ongoing arc, a new threat emergences in the form of an apparent prisoner, who is discovered to be Krona of the Green Lantern Corps, who is taking the Entities of each Corps for some sort of purpose yet to be determined.

    For Post Flashpoint volume 5, refer to Green Lantern.


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