Object » Sciencells appears in 31 issues.

    They are near impenetrable prison cells located on the planet Oa. They are created by the Guardians of the Universe to house prisoners of the Green Lantern Corps.

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    Green Lantern Voz is the warden of the Sciencells.

    After the events of Infinite Crisis, Superboy Prime is placed in a Sciencell orbiting a red star and is guarded by Green Lanterns at all times. He is later broken out at the start of the Sinestro Corps War.

    Sinestro and many members of the Sinestro Corps are captured and placed into Sciencells after they lose the war.

    In the lead up to Blackest Night, the scarred Guardian engineers a prison break within the Sciencells by allowing Red Lantern, Vice to break loose and cause destruction. He attacks Voz and destroys many of the Sciencells, allowing the Sinestro Corps members to escape and create a full scale prison riot. Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner lead the charge to put down the riot.

    Sciencell Prisoners:


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