Blue Beetle #20

    Blue Beetle » Blue Beetle #20 - Fear to Live released by DC Comics on December 1, 2007.

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    A "Sinestro Corps War" tie-in! The Lanterns' war hits home as a yellow ring appears in El Paso. But is it being offered to the Scarab or to Jaime Reyes? And whose will is stronger?

    The book opens with the destruction of the Sinestro Corps member of Sector 2. The ring scans for compatible users, and surprisingly, accepts Peacemaker. He resists the ring's attempt to take him over until the Reach arrive. They explain that there is a scarab on Peacemaker's spine, which the ring recognizes as a new host. They activate his scarab, which allows the two forces to make his mind dormant.

    Meanwhile, Jaime's scarab detects a strange energy signature nearby. The signature is the new Sinestro/Scarab Peacemaker, resembling a monstrous version of Jaime's armor. He attacks Jaime, and has the upper hand, until Green Lantern Brik steps in. She attacks Jaime initally, until she realizes that Peacemaker is the enemy. Peacemaker continues to insert "peace" into his sentences, confusing Jaime. He deduces that Peacemaker's mind is still slightly active.

    Jaime devises a plan, and asks the scarab to interfere with Peacemaker's scarab. They appear inside Peacemaker's mind, where Peacemaker, Jaime, and the Sinestro scarab are all shown as seperate minds. The Sinestro scarab attacks, but Jaime's scarab intervenes and kills it. This drives the ring away, and the armor recedes into Peacemker. Peacemaker slices off the scarab from his spine, and as he lies bleeding, asks only for peace.


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