Green Man

    Character » Green Man appears in 181 issues.

    Deceased Green Lantern of Space Sector 2828; one of the first Alpha Lanterns.

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    Green Lantern

    Status: Alpha Lantern

    Space Sector: 2828

    Sector Partner: Stel

    Homeworld: Uxor

    Predecessor: Unknown

    Successor: Inapplicable


    The Green Man was born on the planet Uxor, circling a star 52 light years from Earth in roughly the same direction as Vegan system. His race evolved on their water soaked world from amphibious ancestors, and they still possess small gills beneath the lower jaw that allow for breathing underwater.

    The Green Man's race has developed a communal society where group goals are stressed and individuality is scorned. The Uxorans take no personal possessions, not even a name. They are called by the life-task to which they are assigned, and identify each other by their distinctive skin patterns. The Green Man was a misfit who longed for personal identity, and when he was approached by the Guardians of the Universe he took the name of Green Lantern with pride.

    The Green Lantern successfully patrolled his space sector for a number of years, learning much from his encounters with evil. At length, his space sector was infiltrated by the notorious Spider Guild, and though he defeated individual attacks by them several times, they gained a foothold even with the help of the other Green Lantern Corps members could not dislodge. Seeing that the Spider Guild was continuing its incursions into the Vega system, the Green Man secretly traveled there to find allies, disobeying a non-interference pact between the Guardians of the Universe and the Psions of that region.

    Meeting Kalista and the Omega Men on the planet Rashashoon, the Green Man convinced them to return with him. Together, they destroyed the Spider Guild nest that seemed to be directing the Vegan attack.

    When the Guardians noted what he had done, they reprimanded the Green Man, ordering him not to reenter Vegan space. When the time came to part from his allies, they were in such peril that he could not in good conscience leave them. He decided to stay with the Omega Men and offered any help he could without using his power ring. Soon after, the group was captured by the Psions, and the Uxoran's ring and power battery were confiscated. These actions caused this Green Lantern to give up the name and he asked his friends to call him Green Man instead. This Green Man would die during Invasion. A new Green Man has joined the ranks of The Green Lantern Corps.

    The second Uxorian known as Green Man was the sector partner of the robotic Stel. The two assisted Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner on multiple occasions and they all became good friends and allies. Green Man was selected by the Guardians to become one of the first Alpha Lanterns. The now emotionless Uxorian has abandoned his former friendships to become a cold enforcer of the law.


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